Olmert: Immediate goal is Palestinian state
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 07.08.07, 01:04
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1.  there's no such thing!
oded   (08.06.07)
as a """palestininan state""" where were their """national aspirations under the jordainan/egyptian rules?? none. anyone stupid and naive enough not to realize what the arabs reaaly want, is... olmert and the small!!!
2. Where is the outrage on the right?
BJL ,   usa   (08.06.07)
Bring Olmerts gov down now! Before it is too late. Nothing has changed, they are still inciting, still brainwashing their children, still planning to destroy Israel. You want Hamastan in your midst? Fatahstan? Are you all nuts? Come on Liberman, Bibi show some backbone if you have it!
3. HA HA HA! good luck! The PaLIES don't want a state
-=0=- ,   World   (08.06.07)
They want to destroy Israel and the Jews! If they wanted a state they passed up plenty of opportunities. plus their "elected" Hamas govt. charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Dense ALL-Merde just a piece of merde.
4. One sided
Nemesis   (08.06.07)
Abbas seems to be doing a lot of "demanding" on issues,and Olmert(the only human ever able to stand upright without a spine),seems to be about to cave in to them. Israel should be negotiating from the position of strength,not Fatah,but it seems it's the other way around. I sure hope someone kicks Kadima the hell out of there before Olmert and his little band of idiots give the country away.
5. Israel is becoming a joke
Alex ,   LA, USA   (08.06.07)
"Bush vision of road map". What is it all abou? Who pats these 2 guys and how much?
6. Olmet - the biggest Loser in life!
Edmond ,   London UK   (08.06.07)
What a loser - his own disengagemnt fails, now h has no idea, so is trying to be Bush's poodle, and fulfill Bush's looney vision. In any case, a Ftah state will soon be a hamas state, and the illusion of peace will be short lived, as it was in Gaza.
7. Immediate goal for Abbas is "to prove he rules WestBank"!
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.06.07)
8. My vision is that Olmert & Co. should go home, NOW!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (08.06.07)
This dangerous pro arab government must be brought down now!
9. Is P. Minister Olmert Bush's court Jew?
Allen ,   US   (08.06.07)
According to Wikipedia: "In return for their services, court Jews gained social privileges - sometimes even titles - and could live outside the Jewish ghettoes. .....because they were under noble protection, they were exempted from rabbinical jurisdiction. Some court Jews, unlike the majority of the other Jews, amassed large personal fortunes and gained political and social influence.
10. It's not a done deal yet
Canadian Otter   (08.06.07)
"In the past two weeks alone, Yesha activists have turned Ariel and Homesh in the Shomron, HaEitam Hill near Efrat, Hevron, and Nisanit in northern Gaza into flashpoints of idealism - resulting in clashes with the security forces. This past Sabbath, over 100 people camped out in Homesh, one of the four Jewish communities destroyed in 2005 by then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the Disengagement expulsion/evacuation plan." (INN) Now is when the future of Israel is being defined. You either fight for what is yours, or you resign yourselves to a little shrunken ghetto in what once was the land of Israel. And now is when the nature of being an Israeli Jew is being defined as well. Many Jews are resisting. Others are passively accepting what they consider inevitable. This is a time to choose. Not tomorrow, but today.
11. Are You Happy YNET?
Akiva ,   Maaleh Adumim   (08.06.07)
He is your man. Your philosophy. We are our own enemy.
12. there are already two states....gaza and Israel
jack bauer ,   usa   (08.06.07)
even though gaza is technically part of the land of Israel and was expropriated by decievers
13. What is with "Former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh?"
Allen ,   US   (08.06.07)
This article calls Haniyeh the former prime minister. Isn't Haniyeh the elected prime minister of the Palestinian people in what Bush and Rice (even Jimmy Carter) called a free and fair election? Hamas is Palestinian's choice. Why report that Haniyeh is former prime minister? Why is Hamas the former government? Who says? Rice insisted the elections were open, free and fair. Bush administration insisted Hamas take part in the elections even though Jerusalem protested. Didn't Hamas win fair and square?
14. Allen #13
GZLives   (08.06.07)
Well Allen, perhaps now you know what the rest of us know ... sometimes life's just not fair. Jeesh are you really unhappy that the fascist Jew hating Hamas are being systematically eliminated from the planet by all concerned?
15. GZLives #14: Yes in a way I am unhappy.
Steve ,   US   (08.06.07)
You ask if I am really unhappy that the fascist Jew hating Hamas are being systematically eliminated. Yes. Quite honestly I don't trust the Jew-hater in the White House who is pushing the Fatah terrorists on Israel over the Hamas terrorists. The Fatah terrorists are equally fascist Jew-haters, are they not? At least the Hamas fascist Jew-haters are honest and forthright about their goals to annihilate me and my people. Mr. Bush's fascist Jew-haters, Holocaust deniers, etc., wear suites and ties and cloak their Jew-hatred in soothing phrases like, "turn your weapons against the occupation," and so on and so forth. Do you think President Bush's Fatah Jew-hating fascists love the Jews? Do you think Mr. Bush loves the Jews?
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.06.07)
Since Abbas wears a jacket, white shirt, and tie he was able to seduce the unstable rulers with whom he has to deal so that their people's expulsion or death can be guaranteed. Abass's only goal is to slowly take back all of the land promised to our forefathers, but the seculars can easily give up sacred land because their is nothing sacred to them. Their political Zionism will only bring about another holocaust, another pogrom, because of their lack of ideology and promotion of corruption in this society. The citizens can do nothing but sit back helplessly as the secularists gi ve away land to an enemy, the children of Ishmael, who have stolen artifacts from the Temple mount to erase the presence of the Children of Israel's Temple. These leaders have already erased their identity so Bethlehem means nothing. Jericho means nothing. Har Greezim and Har Ayval mean nothing. The past has no meaning so why have they come here? They have not saved the Jewish people from anything as they have not saved themselves from spiritual assimilation into the modern day corruptive world. What will it take for them to realize that they are doing the wrong thing. They have no ideology, no plan. They run after the nations of the world for protection because there is no longer any belief of protection coming from a higher source. So will we all be killed again as a price for their ignorance, denial, and rejection of the Promised Land.
17. "bush's vision"?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.06.07)
hajj bush is blind! How about giving Texas,New Mexico,California and Arizona back to the Mexicans. History will show bush to be a hypocrite.He wants to make a war on some terrorists and award or ignore others. olmert is not the prime minister of Israel.We do not want him He will turn out to be a prime suspect.
18. Isn´t it a positvie sign?
Monika ,   Germany   (08.06.07)
Why so many frustrated comments regarding the event that both sides (regrettably without Hamas) accept each other and starting to talk about a (possibly) better future. I know that many commentators thinking that this is left-wing and therefore naive. But what is your solution? Most people on both sides, which are not shown in the media, having a common ground, the same interests. There is no need anymore for demonise the other side ...
19. "Tie Diplomacy"
Observer   (08.06.07)
Notice that Olmert's tie is red and Abbas' tie is blue. Doubtful this was an accident. If only the peace could go beyond wearing the colors of the enemy's flag.
20. Well, Jews of Israel, you've been warned what's coming
Ralph ,   Boston   (08.07.07)
This time you have the power to stop it. You have the power to fight back. You have the power to keep your land, your home, your dignity. You have your chance NOW to stop this plan from taking effect. Don't complain to the world later on. Don't play the victim role anymore. You are not victims. You are acquiescing, with your silence and your passivity, to the greatest land swindle in the history of Modern Israel. You may have lost land in wars before, or maybe they caught you unawares during the Gaza expulsions. I'll grant you that. But this time YOU KNOW WHAT'S COMING ... And you're doing nothing to stop it.
21. do not give up olmert
yared ,   piacenza italy   (08.07.07)
if Olmert allow them to declare the palastaine sate, the jewish peopls and me eritrea guy we will remmber him as unforgetabe evild deeder for the Era or Genration in our mind.
22. I have to admit steve has a valid point
jack bauer ,   usa   (08.07.07)
23. #18 there is a way out
jack bauer ,   usa   (08.07.07)
Making one state from the med to the jordan river make it for jews only, all others are guests or tresspassers that is the only way to solve this mess kick arabs out if they dont like it if you love them so much, you can take them in with you in germany, since the two peoples get along so well.....remember munich? maybe the arabs thought it was ok to do there since it was a nazi stronghold. The olympics are a treaty games, where everyone lays down weapons. Since that day, there was no hope for peace with these terrorists....any realist knows it
24. A loser's promise to an idiot
Gazan ,   Gaza, Palestine   (08.07.07)
25. Olmert and friends are tripping
art ,   jersey city usa   (08.07.07)
Israel keeps painting itself into a corner. Israel has uneqivocably committe itself to a "Palestinian"state and already concded most of Judah and Samaria and Jerusalem. All this before the PA has even ratified Oslo let alone abide by ANY f the terms of it. First Olmert should read the Oslo agreement which provides for secure borders negotited borders and actually allows "settlements" What additional concessions will it make if the PA actually starts to do its part? Safed,Tel Aviv, Acco ashkelon? arethey the next concessions.
26. G-D Given Jewish Holy Land is Not Yours to give away Olmert
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.07.07)
Olmert despises G-D and G-D's gracious gift to every Jew for All eternity. Israel is the inheritance of ALL Jews and cannot be given away. In Islam, all countries - Israel, US Europe, UK, Australia, etc. are regarded as Dar al-Harb - the House of War - to be conquered for Islam. Has Israel's pro-Islam government decided to convert to Islam? It is a wicked act of TREASON to offer up half of Israel to implacable enemies bent on Jewish annihilation. Where are IDF leaders to save Israel from this horror? IDF soldiers - don't bow to Islam Remain LOYAL to Israel DON'T MAKE WAR ON JEWS Don't ethnically cleanse your brothers from Hebron, Judea, Samaria or from anywhere in Israel!
27. #18 Even positive signs can be misleading
Saul ,   Barcelona   (08.07.07)
I would venture to say that the reason for so many frustrated comments here is that anyone who has been following the events in the ME have seen this before, only to have their hopes crushed by renewed Arab hostilities. After so many failed announcements of imminent peace, politicians on both sides have lost all credibility. Monika, the people on this chatroom are the very ones you refer to as "not shown in the media" And you are absolutely right, both sides have a common ground and the same interests: raise families in peace and prosperity, and die at home of natural causes. Maybe with one exception: Arabs idea of peace and prosperity involves the annihilation of Israel. That is the ten-ton fly in the ointment here. You are right, there is no need to demonise each other. Now tell this to the Arab newspaper publishers, TV producers and school book authors. Some Europeans could use this reminder, as well.
28. #18, Monika- Why a Palestinian State isn't a positive sign.
Janus ,   Göteborg, Sweden   (08.07.07)
The frustrated comments posted on this site stem largely from the facts that a Palestinian state has never existed and, up to 50 years ago, neither has a Palestinian people. Also, when considering the fact that 80% of historical Palestine (which was what the Romans named the province after they occupied Judea and Samaria) is currently occupied by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with a mixed population of Christians and Muslims, the need to create a separate "Palestinian" state seems superfluous from even a Leftist perspective and a security threat to the State of Israel from a Rightist perspective. However, the very fact that the world media, the United Nations, and even the Israeli Left have bought wholeheartedly into the existence of a "Palestinian" people with a right to a homeland and a right to "resist" occupiers (even though they themselves have been occupying the region and supressing its native inhabitants, the Jews, for 1400 years) is the most disturbing. It flies in the face of history, archaeology, logic, and the current political situation in which "Palestinians" are far more repressed and mistreated in the surrounding Arab countries to which they fled largely of their own free will in 1948. I suppose we're going to have to wait and see what happens...
29. #17 Just make sure u turn ur words into action on voting day
jp ,   usa   (08.07.07)
David P. ,   Central Coast, USA   (08.07.07)
maybe its my fault for not being there, for no doing my part to make it work better.
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