Guards chief: Iran missiles can hit warships in Gulf
Published: 15.08.07, 21:17
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1. Trophy Active Shielding
tFighterPilot   (08.15.07)
2. To GCC people::What's your take on this?Still antiAmerican?
KMR ,   Middle East   (08.15.07)
3. I'm so scared now...!
enzo ,   london,uk   (08.15.07)
4. US - Iraq
Josh   (08.15.07)
My belief is: Every time the US blames Iraq on Iran, Iran threatens Israel. This time however they really think the US will attack, so they had Syria build up the border. Terroe states will unite but losse anyway.
5. offensive or defensive?
Gh-Reza Amouzadeh ,   Toronto-Canada   (08.15.07)
This army general from revolutionary guard(Mr.Safavi)is kind of people whom have big mouth and small brain without a heart in their chest. Some times in the past on the year of 1998 by hinting to the Islamic regime's opponents he said"we must broken some pens(whom they wrights' against regime) and cut off some tongues(whom they speak against the regime) and make beheaded some others(whom are working against the regime)" But he is a real moron. Within his today allegation versus the idea of banning revolutionary guard or quads branch propounded in the U.S.A, general Safavi said"revolutionary guard is a defending army". This expression shows First of all they are scared Secondly it is oxymoron's talk.How comes when that army defines it's security views over Lebanon and Israel borders and also all over the region, can be a defensively organization? They are full of offensively plans and doing attack against any kind of objection, internally and externally,but right now prefer to hide their hands. A defensively army has a clear definition of its mission and responsibility under the comprehensive and lawful thesis.This kind of organization has its legitimacy from international regulation with the most respect to civil people. Does these few items apply' revolutionary guard? Ask to general Safavi.
6. Strike While the Iron is Hot
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (08.15.07)
It is getting closer to the day that a joint US-Israeli armada of planes, ships and missiles will have to give the mad Pres. of Iran a good "whupping". 30 F-15s and F16s, and 300 US B1s, B2s, Stealth fighter planes, and over 1,000 smart bombs, should take out Iran's ambitions and threats once and for all. Waiting for the mushroom cloud is a big mistake..better to strike now while they are still making fissionable material (for peaceful purposes). Give me a break. Or, joint nuclear strike...maybe 5-6 bombs by Israel (or the US) will pluck some of Ahmad's feathers, or scorch them big time.
7. Iran is desperate and they are not the only ones with weapon
zionist forever   (08.15.07)
I am sure if you asked them Iran would say they have an arsnel that is more advanced than anybody in the world has. Yes they have anti ship missles - US ships are fitted with systems to block anti ship missles and air fighter jet can be used to find the launch sites and destroy them. US ships also have tomohawk cruise missles which can hit Iran and I imagine there are at least 2 -3 submarines which can fire missles of their own. Yes we all know Iran has the shihab its a problem but the Iranians wont win any fights they get into with shihabs. Israel has arrow & patriot defense system which can deal with most missles so the damage wouldnt be as high as Iran is claiming. Iran yes I am sure has missles that can pentrate the armour of merkavas and abrams tanks there are plenty of modern anti tank missles on the open market Iran isnt the only ones, but merkavas and abrams but US & Israel have anti tank missles as well and they can destroy Iranian tanks. Tank warfare has allways been about a compromise between armour, firepower and agility its about a balancing act. It also doesnt really matter what anti tank missles Iran has as any fighting is going to take place in the air there will be no armoured warfare\ Israel doesnt border Iran so no need to worry about defeating merkava armour and the US wont send in ground troops so no need to worry about the abrams. The Iranians are the ones trying to play phsycalogical warfare here not to because they want to show off their strengh but because they are terrified of the idea of getting into fight with the US. If the US or Israel decided they would only fight wars where the enemy had no superior weaponry then its only 3rd world puppet dictaitors who they would be willing to go up against. During the cold war the Soviets had all these shiny toys and much more but the US was still not afraid of getting into a fight. Iran is getting desperate and the closk is ticking if the Russians and Chineese dont allow any serious sanctions that will hurt Iran be placed onto it and if Iran tries to laugh off the sanctions and ignores them then as we get closer to the ellection with Bush & Cheyney somebody is going to say enough is enough diplomacy is going nowhere and we wont be the administartion that allowed Iran to get nukes.
8. Iran Missiles
Major ,   Florida USA   (08.15.07)
It would not be prudent for Iran to even accidentally lose a missile on American forces. IMHO, of course.
9. Iran Can Hit Gulf Warships
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (08.15.07)
You would assume that the Mad Mullahs and Mighty Mouth are well aware that they would only get one chance to do this.
10. #1
thanks for the info! it makes me feel a little better after reading the iranian garbage gere. BUT, DO WE HAVE THIS TROPHY SYSTEM ON ALL OUR TANKS NOW?????? PLEASE RESPOND! BECAUSE THE YOUTUBE VIDEO SAID..."IN THE FUTURE".
11. #5
sir, are you iranian? you seem to know what you are talking about and seems to me you are probably a refugee from iran and know its systemps pretty well. please answer. tell us really how you come about your knowledge.
stude ham   (08.16.07)
13. #5 defensive/offensisve
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (08.16.07)
If the West i.e. leaves it's side of the world i.e. US/UKand attacks Iran, as it did to Iraq. IMHO it deserves more than a bloody nose. It would be stupid for the Iranians not to be putting up defensve hurdles after the repeated interference from the Us?UK and the last attack on their country.
14. #10. Allow me to butt in...
Persian CAT   (08.16.07)
if you have to watch it on YouTube, I guarantee it is what generally knows as "vaporware". I am not sure why people like you cling to every piece of "Iranian garbage" if it pisses you off! Can't you entertain yourself betterf by reading the new Harry Potter or something?
15. #5--great, interesting comments!
ny ,   usa   (08.16.07)
You made several fascinating points in your talkback, the most provocative of which is the notion that a country cannot define itself as having a defensive agenda if it seeks through rhetoric or outright underhanded actions to determine the borders and political agendas of sovereign nations like Israel, Lebanon, or Iraq.
16. OOOOOO, We Americans are so scared of a little monkey.
jan ,   usa   (08.16.07)
17. To # 11
Gh-Reza Amouzadeh ,   Toronto-Canada   (08.16.07)
Dear Sir' I am not a refugee. I had immigrated to Canada on my own, and yes I am an Iranian The main point I am trying to transfer to you , is to prove this fact, that what Islamic regime is doing and saying, is not the face value of Iranian people and their culture. Islamic regime is the biggest barrier across Iranian people to deprive them in touch with international communities and specifically with meaning of democracy and freedom. I do classified and ranking some points as following: 1-Most of Iranian people(around total) don't want this regime 2-Iranian people are not interested into Islamic regime , and any other kinds of religion state.It means they are trying for a secular system 3-Iranian people , want to enjoy of all rights came in human right charters 4-Iranian people don't like to meddle in the other countries affairs and system 5-Iranian people don't like to share with Islamic system views regarding Israel and U.S.A It means we want to have the best relationship with these two countries.Specifically we assume Israel as second Iran.She is just like ours.We are trying the future regime in Iran to keep strategic ties with Israel and U.S.A 6- we want to live with international community proudly and move up on international law and regularity. Iranian regime and also as you know it's president Ahmadinejad frankly is saying the international discipline and law and system are oppressive and tyrannically.It comes from the deep of their ideology and is theorized by their founder named Khomeyni.In total it can be verified as Khomeynisme.We suffered a lot because of this anger and schizophrenia and paranoid and fascist ideology. We want to have the most co-operation with international community and be an active member 7-Islamic regime neither believe to human right , nor even to a regular justice system. In their view everything can get justification only when it obeys with them. 8-Islamic regime has disturbed the function and basic powers of Iranian economic system. The nature of current economy if I want to categorize that, hardly to find a word to define it.So i have fabricated a word to explain this term.I am saying that DUBAYRIAN economy.Because they(SPECIFICALLY REVOLUTIONARY GUARD IS MANDATE) import everything to Dubai and the re-export it to Iran.Based on this unhealthy situation there formed a networking in region , whom they support Islamic regime, and getting a high lucrative with no tax paying. Iranian people want to change this situation. For your information Nasrollah and his terrorist networking in Iran have very active rule to suppress and torturing Iranian people in collaboration with revolutionary Guard. There is so many many other facts and stories which this page can not be enough to say that.Hopefully later we can talk more
18. The Bible says the Lord will put hooks in the jaws of
Rivkah   (08.16.07)
certain nations and cause them to attack Israel. Iran that the Bible calls Persia will be subdued, as was Iraq, called Media in the Bible. Damascus will cease to be a city. The invading armies led by Russia (Magog) will be destroyed by an earthquake in northern Israel as well as a plague that melts the eyes. Nostradamus, a French physician hundreds of years ago was given pretty accurate visions of future events, too. He saw ships sink in the Arabian Sea (Persian Gulf). All of this will help to bring about world governance and the mark of the beast on the forehead or right hand that is somehow connected to the number 666. People who take the mark will be eternally separated from God's favor. People who refuse the mark will not be able to buy or sell.
19. #2 neither antiamerican, nor pro-israeli
20. Merkava, a nightmare for the mullahs
Hansje   (08.16.07)
It seems that the wonderful performance of the Merkava tanks during the second Lebanon war and their resistance to the newest russian anti-tank missiles (only two old Merkava's lost), is a real nigtmare for mullahs and terrorist!
21. #20 LMAO: Merkava = Hezbollah Favorite Snack
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (08.16.07)
22. Iran may be stronger, but cannot escape without great dammag
Daniel ,   Israel   (08.16.07)
23. #17
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (08.16.07)
Congratulations, you made new friends!!! "Islamic regime is the biggest barrier across Iranian people to deprive them in touch with international communities and specifically with meaning of democracy and freedom. " And because you are against that regime, you turn to "Israeli's" because they are full of democracy and freedom, what a joke!!! don't use words that you cant comprehend, "Israel" is the biggest example of what you ran away to canada for. Silly man!
24. F16I will end the Mullah's misery
john ,   nz   (08.16.07)
Iran was only referring to slow moving targets like warships and tanks. Try shooting something sub-sonic and don't forget about morals too. Remember Saddam's army? Other than the well fed Revolutionary Guards, other's will be ready to wave the white flag.
25. Safavi - A personality disorder
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (08.16.07)
Its quite staggering how such lunatics have come to power! A case of lunatics running the asylum. We have a mentally disturbed AhMADinejad a megalomaniac and now our friend Safavi being wheeled out into the limelight and for those who may not know this is the man who is a self effacing narcissist who even his top military officers say takes vanity and self love to new heights. And this is a bunch of lunatics who want to acquire nuclear weapons?
26. to #23
freejay ,   Israel   (08.16.07)
Wissam, have you ever been to Israel? I doubt it. You dont know what democracy even means coming from hezbollah controlled Lebanon. There is plenty of democracy and freedom here in Israel. You dont get hung in the street for saying anything against the state, you have freedom to wear, eat and do what you want. Sounds like you are worried that he tells the truth!
27. #20 corruption in selling junk
observer   (08.16.07)
52 merkava tanks were damaged in this war from about 400 used. 50 tanks were hit by anti-tank missiles and two were damaged by roadside bombs, according to the Ministry of Defense Merkava tank program administration. According to Merkava tank program administration figures, missiles penetrated 22 tanks, killing 23 crewmen. 18 of the damaged tanks were the most modern Merkava Mark IV. Eight of the tanks were still serviceable, despite being hit. five of the damaged tanks cannot be returned to service, including two Merkava Mark II and one Mark III. The two tanks damaged by roadside bombs were a Mark II and Mark IV, which will not be returned to operational use. 18 of the 23 crewmen killed were in five tanks hit, half of them in clashes in Wadi Salouki.
28. #21, really?
Danny   (08.16.07)
So why were they unable to destroy that many? Why were the ones that were destroyed not destroyed by their anti-tank weapons but rather landmines? You know how may tank soldiers died in the last war, how do you reconcil that with "dozens of Merkeva tanks destroyed"? Or is it all fantasy with you?
29. #26
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (08.16.07)
i suppose you came and visited Lebanon!? i mean come on, give me a break, at least send a post that makes sense and has some credibility!!! what you mentioned in your post is available in Lebanon even more than your imagination can handle, of coarse excluding getting hung on the street!! sounds like a movie you watched recently.And on top of what you blabbed about, we have 18 sects and religions in Lebanon, that are treated fairly and each of them has a certain percentage in the government and parliament, now tell me, what is the percentage of non-JEWS in your so called state, and how are the Palestinians treated? Hmmm? Another silly man!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (08.16.07)
As expresses in my earlier talk-back,nothing emanating from Iran is going to sound good to you since you have a crooked mind.Shah's era came to an end long time back,Amouzadeh.Dont dwell on history.Be where you are.
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