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Haredi school rejects 'Sephardi' child
Zvi Alush
Published: 02.09.07, 10:09
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61. Chaya #49
Y ,   Israel   (09.02.07)
One must observe G-d's Torah out of faith in the Creator, not because of the bahavior of some "religious" Jews. There are a great many good Jews who observe Torah; who's lives are exemplary - unfortunately they're not in the media. Don't let a single school administrator push you from our G-d given Torah.
62. If Jesus were born today I wonder if the same thing would
happen to him? ,   Xplain that 2 Hashem   (09.02.07)
63. #49 Their website is!!!!
jp ,   usa   (09.02.07)
64. school principal
har-zion ,   london   (09.02.07)
it is laughable that a principal in a religious school has these values. what is he teaching his pupils?
65. milton porush
milton ,   chicago   (09.02.07)
is it permissable for such shameless people to use the name of our holy writings as their party name?
66. a little surprising
yair ,   ta   (09.02.07)
does the school principal have no idea how he is perceived? to use words like "stain in their genes" and not to understand the horror of his words is an abomination.
67. israeli stupidity
avi ,   nyc   (09.02.07)
The only thing worse that discrimination amonst Jews is stupidity. Not all discrimination is "racism". Ashkenazi and sephardi ar bothj the same race. I suppose this concept may be too complex for the author and some of the dibbish talk backers.
68. re#23
woww ,   LA   (09.02.07)
Rambam himself would have been rejected. :( Stupidity has no bounderies.
69. What kind of story is this???
Laura J ,   USA   (09.02.07)
No names, no way to check any of the details, no way to know if this even happened. This is journalism? Throw some mud at the wall and maybe it will stick. It certainly seems to be working. Publish the names! If it's true, the principal deserves the shame. If not, Ynet should stop the anti-hareidi incitement.
70. I am pure Ashkenazi
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (09.02.07)
Married to a pure Sephardi. We are Jews, raising our children Jewish. Anything else is irrelevant.
71.  #6 Don't you get it?
mamalachti dati ,   best there is   (09.02.07)
Dati l'eumi isn't 'snobby' enough for this woman!! SHE won't want HER kids 'contaminated' by dati l'eumi kids so let her platz.. I think it's sad that she begs and pleads to be accepted to this creepy place. I'd take my kids OUT of there, not grovel in order to go in!
72. I am Ashkenazi
and I think this whining sefardia woman is pathetic. There are LOADs OF GREAT SEFARDI AND DATI SCHOOLS so she should stop griping, as her behaviour is the same as those she is protesting against.
73. this story MUST be a hoax
bob ,   potomac md usa   (09.02.07)
This story must be a hoax--no rabbi would behave in such a manner--and no mother would beg like that--and no ministry would behave as described in the article. The yeshiva wolrd is full of students who are "part" this and that--part Ashkenazi, part Sepahardi--whites, black, Asians--this story cannot be for real--and I am surprised that the other commentors have acted as if everything they see in the paper (especially this paper) is believable
74. #60 You WONT behave
a weisse yiddene ,   PT   (09.02.07)
like this stupid woman hopefully, and 'kriech' and 'toochos lek' and push yourself where you're not wanted. Run woman run! In the opposite direction. Ynet really shmeichels with this stuff tho'. They sheb nachas from these stories.
75. #57 I'll say it again
You shouldn't WANT a school like this for your child. You cna do so much better
76. Racism
Yehudit ,   Jerusalem Israel   (09.02.07)
Many, many of our people's ancestors were not Ashkenazim, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, their wives, their children, their grandchildren, etc., etc. Also the Ashkenazim of today with names like Horowitz, Hurwitz, Epstein, Blumental and others, were originally Sefaradim.
77. I implore
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.02.07)
the Minister of Education to publicly condemn this horrific decision and to threaten the school with closure unless they apologize and revert to normal ways of conducting their school.
78. #11 Hani
Jane   (09.02.07)
We are far from perfect. But we don't throw those we disagree with from rooftops. If I were you, I would stay out of this and shut up.
79. The principal
i ,   jerusalem   (09.02.07)
How about tar and feathers? He wouldnt look too different anyway
80. Racist
Sadi ,   brittany, France   (09.02.07)
This is clear selection on ethnic rules. Smels like some race purity laws some 60 year ago in Europe. What a shame to have this behavior in Israel ..or somewhere else..
81. #16 TMA
Shaka   (09.02.07)
You are an idiot! You don't even see that your racist remarks are primitive, ignorant and ugly. You sound more like an Arab terrorist or a Nazi than someone who has had any education. You are probably married to a relative, your parents where also relatives and you children will marry relatives as well. This is nothing to be proud of its called incest and it limits the gene pool which causes weaknesses in the mind and body. The story was about discrimination that was later denied by the Rabbi. But he will not get away with it for too long and your children might have a chance to meet people outside your immidiate family.
82. Weisse yidene
charles ,   petach tikva   (09.02.07)
It would be better if Ynet had not to report such facts . It would be better if this child would be accepted there . It would be better if you don't insult this woman . hob mer a gebenscht your , solts weren a mensch
83. Sorry folks Thiswoman is just as bigoted
as the school she wants
84. I sent the Educ. Dept. of Beit Shemesh this article!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (09.02.07)
But first I called and a guy I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about!
85. #51
Dave ,   sydney, asutralia   (09.02.07)
"European" - if i am not mistaken, Sefardi means spanish, which is part of Europe. moreover, a large portion of the ashkenazim ended up in germany after the spanish expulsion, and from france and italy. this categorisation has nothing to do with Israel, Hebrew or Judaism and is pure garbage
allen ,   tel aviv   (09.02.07)
87. #11 and your behind will never be chosen.
88. 85 Sefardi is used as the Generic Term
S Judah ,   London   (09.03.07)
for those who follow the halacha according to Maran. The Spanish actually make up only a very small portion of this community who include the Jews of North Africa, The Mizrah, The Dutch, Bulgarians, Italians, The Eastern USSR etc. Because of global travel , its quite difficult to catagorise by countries now, but if your family use a sidur that folows minhag Sefardi and Mizrahi then you are part of this group.
89. Every Jew is precious....
Schvach   (09.02.07)
.... a Lubavitch rabbi (not the Lubavitcher Rebbe) once told me, so please, tell me this story isn't true. Surely an error has been made, I hope.
90. Complete BS
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.03.07)
As usual, whatever YNet publishes, whether it is about Ashkenazi religious or Sephardi religious, is COMPLETE BS ME'ALEF AD TAV. YNet has one agenda: to destroy the religious Jews. This article is pure crap, with the usual anti-dati talkbackers sucking up every word. GET A BRAIN you stupid people.
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