Official symbol for Israel's 60th anniversary chosen
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.09.07, 09:44
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1. 2008 The end of the Zionist era.
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (09.05.07)
With anti-Israel, pro-Arab ministers and judges, Olmert, Peres, Barak, Livni, Tamir, Beinish, etc. etc. etc. Israel's Zionist rule is coming to an end. An obvious fact that cannot be denied.
2. wow! that sucks!
rpc ,   modiin, israel   (09.05.07)
a 60 year old child? this is the symbol of a nation? what happened to our menorah? why oh why must we suffer with a bad government that in addition to being run by corrupt idiots decides on such an ugly, ridiculous symbol for our 60 year old nation of strong, independent Jews?
3. #1 Nonsense babble
Aharon   (09.05.07)
Zionism was never about grabbing as much land as we possibly could - that might be YOUR dream, but it isn't the Zionist dream.
4. Like the "kid next door"
Hamburger ,   Hamburg   (09.05.07)
Where should this door be - in Bnei Brak?
5. why is this kid not wearing a fur hat !?!?!
rebbe sectarianvitch   (09.05.07)
6. kish-kush-balabush
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (09.05.07)
my18 month old grandkid made something like that last time she got a hold of some crayons. This only adds to the material which has made us the laughing stock of the world. Great job Kadima, you have set Israel Achora 60 years
SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (09.05.07)
8. He has a point, but he put it badly
Bucky ,   Modiin   (09.05.07)
The fact is, with such a fragmented society, there is no "kid next door". Bnei Brak kids-next-door look different from those in other parts of the country, but they are all parts of the nation. Rather, a stylized child, which can't be readily identified as belonging (or not belonging) to anyu sector should have been used.
9. what's the difference?
tma   (09.05.07)
Obviously, the child represents the future. It even says – Israel, today and tomorrow. What difference does it make how the child looks? What difference does it make if it's a boy or a girl? If you're a hassid, just pretend the long hair are sidelocks. If you're female, pretend it's a girl, If you're Ethiopian, Yemenite, Russian, Ashkenazi or sefaradi, pretend the child represents your own group. Why can'to people see a child and just see a child???
10. I agree w/ u #9!
I Love the official symbol chosen. very clear and to the point. Kol lekovod!
11. #3- Joseph was not talking about settling The Land
LEE ,   NY, USA   (09.05.07)
He could have been referring to many other vices that Zionism contains, but its interesting how your knee-jerk reaction reflects how Zionism is now devoid of the concept of settling and building. Zionism no longer encourages settling the Land; it ethnically cleanses Jews from it.
12. To #9
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (09.05.07)
I agree with you whole-heartedly. Now, if we could only get ynet to change "sheet" to "streamer." :-)
13. #1 Joseph P you must be a lot of fun
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (09.05.07)
at a party. Geez dude!!
14. Frum(py)
David ,   Haifa   (09.05.07)
This Shasnik probably wanted to use some Yiddish, a language that he obviously and understandably is not familiar with, so he said frumpy instead of frum. ;-)
15. #4 & #5 miss the point
Shlomo Silverstein ,   Maale Adumim, Israel   (09.05.07)
This is not about the boy wearing a fur hat. It's about a symbol that the entire population of Israel can identify with. However, this boy is clearly dressed like a secular boy from Tel Aviv or from a kibbutz. That is, from one elite segment of the population. The symbol is designed to exclude those who do not fit into the secular left dream. That's what Cohen was complaining about and I think he has a very valid point.
16. I like the birthday logo
stanley milner ,   tel aviv   (09.05.07)
i like the symbol (logo) and i think that people are making too much of a big deal about it. unfortunatley there will never be a symbol that everybody will be happy with which is sad because we are all jews in one country.
stude ham   (09.05.07)
It's highly expressive of history and of the future! Very well done! Excellent work!
18. #15
Hamburger   (09.05.07)
Shlomo, YOU are making a good point! But it's not the same point the minister was making. His point was the one in #4 and #5: the kid next door he was talking about is the kid next to his door.
19. no matter what, some will always find something to criticize
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (09.05.07)
people like this need to be voted out of office since they obviously have nothing better to do.
20. I think it looks just fine..
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (09.05.07)
21. Bad
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA, USA   (09.05.07)
A bad symbolic representation. Get rid of the kid and put a menorah on the design, either behind or in front of the "60." The symbol of Israel is the menorah, not a dumpy kid with an Afro!
22. a company advertising logo not a national symbol
zionost forever   (09.05.07)
It looks like the kind of newspaper add for an airline company .. I could see this looking great if it was advert for ELAL but this is supposed to be the symbol of the JEWISH states 60th aniversry, This thing says nothing about Israel closest thing to saying its the jewish state is the tiny Magen David. Where are the symbols of state menorah, flag have the politcly correct politicans who want to be more arab friendly decided that its time to get rid of jewish symbols so the arabs can feel at home here as well? This is Israels version of the deformed swastika that the British have chosen for their olympic logo it says nothing about Israel or what its meant to be.
23. A few first reactions
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (09.05.07)
I'm wondering about the Hebrew logo. I'm translating it as "Today and THE tomorrow". It's that extra "hey" that looks extraneous. Am I mistranslating? The nation's name is "split" by the streamer, and there's more spacing between alef and lamed of Ysrael than should be the case. That could have been done better. In this day of political correctness and "inclusion", I'm glad they remembered to add the magen david. To me, the generic child looks like a slob. Unkempt, poorly dressed. The rest of the logo looks clean. The kid looks like it was done by someone who can't draw!
24. shrulik
peter ,   amsterdam   (09.05.07)
I think cartoonist Dosh would've agreed with the kid depicted: young. enthousiastic, confident. Only without kova tembel, which is more the 50's style. Fine logo, mr Yitzchak Cohen from Shas should look around him(further than his kid next door)more.
25. I think it's great!
Michael   (09.05.07)
26. LAME!!!
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (09.05.07)
This is the best they could come up with? Who designed it, the bureaucrat's 8-year-old kid? The only thing I have to say about this logo, at least it doesn't cause people to go into projectile vomiting convulsions like the London 2012 Olympics logo.
27. The symbol should be a white flag of surrendor waved by our
leaders. ,   Israel   (09.05.07)
28. It reminds me of the unravelling of Israel taking
Kevin G ,   Oregon, USA   (09.05.07)
that's been taking place since the surrender of Sinai. Israelis will be left holding a thread of the once beautiful Israel, with some land surrendered and the rest simply lost to Sderot-style relentless attacks.
King of Israel   (09.05.07)
Poeple know me. Mostly I am too honest. last year I seen a dream. Tens of thousands of rockets on Israel. NIGHT TIME. and I heard a sound A MAN told STOP. than THE LIGHT WENT TO DARK AGAIN. what is my point ? Atilla Karagözoğlu King of Israel
30. I'm willing to bet that 'kid' is simply a young.............
Cameron ,   USA   (09.05.07)
Progressive Israeli running his brave fanny down the road as fast as he can, away from his military duty & responsibility. Imagery to fit the times!
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