Rice concerned over Syrian nukes
Published: 14.09.07, 11:39
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61. Stacie and sk
Sagi ,   Israel   (09.15.07)
Stacie you are the pits. sk you outshine youself today. Sophisticated, well, I am too, so Stacie don't start with me, because what you have been getting from sk will look like a picnic in comparison.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (09.15.07)
Full of hatred.................that is what your talk-back is.However,some new developments in the region will give you a clearer picture of what I have written.What are your stooges waiting for,then?
63. Propaganda Alert
anzar ,   Isbiliyah Al-Andalus   (09.15.07)
Nearly laughed my ass off reading the the title and subtitle. They just don't get the irony do they? 'We have to have policies that prevent the world's most dangerous people from having the world's most dangerous weapons' is absolutely correct, except the worlds most dangerous countries are the US and Israel...
64. #62 I'LL LEAVE THE HATRED TO YOU ...mahmood.
Scott   (09.15.07)
Your pals wrote the book on hate..especially making sure your kids get a good dose of it too. You're right about one thing though hot shot. I'd hate the world you want it to be.
65. sk - Welcome back!
Another right winger   (09.15.07)
The TB sections are always swarming with you-know-who during the Jewish holidays, so we need true secular Jewish patriots as reinforcements. Keep on posting, buddy.
66. carry a big stick.
Mike ,   NJ, US   (09.15.07)
She is only good about the shtick! Just like Maddy Alldark. It's what they learned from their mentor Josef Korbel.
67. Stop the anti semitic accusations
Jack, ,   NJ, USA   (09.16.07)
Ok here is the deal most of the israels living in Israel are not even semitic they are jewish people from Europe so stop shutting people up every time they talk about an issue with the anti semitic comment, I am sick and tired of it, by the way Israel terrorized more people than , you remember Sabra & Shatila? GWB calls Sharon man of peace sure because he supervised that Massacre. See back here in the US people are waking up finally and no body is watching FOX news anymore. Now you can attack me with the anti semitic nonsense
68. To #67
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (09.16.07)
Jack, the Jewish people from Europe are of Hebrew/Israeli ancestry, therefore, semitic ancestry. That is a well documented, historical fact. After the Assyrians, Greeks, and Romans captured Jerusalem, and took the Jews into slavery- (with the exception of 2 tribes- Jueda- from Judea, and Benjamin), ( this is known as the "Diaspora"), the Jews migrated into Europe, and other places in the world. But they are indeed Hebrews- semitic peoples. And, if you know anything about world history, they certainly were persecuted as such, too. However, there were always plenty of Jews in Israel ( named "Palestine" by the Romans, hence the name). That too, is a fact. The majority of Israeli Jews are Sephardim- Jews that fled from Moslem countries, and there are well over 800,000 of them. These Jews were thrown out, had their property confiscated, or they were murdered- because they were Jews. That too, is a fact. My family is among them. That practice still goes on today in Moslem countries against their non- Moslem populations. Ask a member of the Bahai faith about what happened to them when the "Palestinians" tried to steal their homes. And while you are at it, do some research and see how many Moslem countries threw out the "Palestinians" and "why." Also, read why Abbas and his cohorts were thrown out of Tunisia. As for Jews terrorizing people, the folks who are committing acts of terror - hijackings, bombing public places, airports, train stations, and market places, across the globe, are Moslems- and that too, is also a fact. People in the US, regardless of CNN, see that , too. So, do us all a favor. If you are going to post information here, get the facts straight, read some history books, and stop trying to make your ignorance a virtue. And, save your "deals" for the used car and junk lots that permeate NJ.
69. Thanks for the kind words, #65 & Sagi.
sk ,   USA   (09.16.07)
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