ADI, Reform Movement launch 'book of life' project
Published: 20.09.07, 17:13
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1. THE TWO BABES IN THE.........................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (09.20.07)
2. #1 Poster
Petra ,   USA   (09.21.07)
what the holy hell are you talking about? Neither your spelling or thought is readable. Try and make more sense, would you? Scheech..
3. Reform-Adi
Miriam S. ,   Haifa   (09.23.07)
For once, I agree with something the Reform movement is doing!
4. Organ donation
Yossi ,   Levittown, PA, USA   (09.23.07)
Suggest that to reach the most people possible -- i.e., the entire population, Jewish and non-Jewish -- tie the effort to either Driver License renewal, as we do in the US, or to income tax reporting. With our dirver licenses, the agreement to be an organ donor is hidden in the holographic coding of the license. This doesn't guarantee greater willingness, but it does target the entire driving public, not just a small segment.
5. Organ donation problematic
SL ,   New York   (09.30.07)
Organ donation from someone whose heart is beating is highly problematic from the point of view of traditional Jewish law--most authorities deem it akin to murder. [There are some who hold that complete brain death suffices to render a person 'dead' in terms of Jewish law, and enable organ donation from such a person, but the criteria to establish complete brain death, including cessation of function of the hypothalamus and other vital parts of the brain, are often not followed by those eager to transplant these organs.] Caveat emptor for those who wish to follow Jewish law and do not wish to possibly be involved in an act that borders on murder.
6. Beware of agreeing to organ donation before death...
Rivkah   (10.04.07)
There is time enough for the person who is given medical power of attorney to agree to organ donation AFTER the death of the person or at the point of death WITHOUT any documentation of agreeing to organ donation before that. Signing an organ donor card or having organ donation on a driver's license or tax form is close to signing your own death certificate. Hospitals make about $300,000. per person on organ donations for the service of providing organs. It is more than slightly tempting to triage a person for death or let a person die, telling the family there is no hope when that is a lie. Dr. Bill Deagle spoke for the Prophecy Club of Topeka, Kansas, and he works as a US Federal Government physician in environmental health in Ft. Collins, Colorado, last I heard. When he was a physician in Canada, a patient was brought into the ER after falling and hitting his head on a coffee table which caused a simple concussion. He would have come to, but the physician on duty told the family there was no hope and asked for them to allow organ donation transplants. That 40 year old father was then murdered so the hospital could make about $300,000. Not bad for a night's work if you are into murder and orphaning children and are a widow-maker. Dr. Deagle left Canada after that, in disgust. My mother had organ donor on her driver's license and was murdered in a hospital for body parts after a car accident. Infecting her with pneumonia did not finish her off, so her gastric food tube was ripped out and the surgery to repair that did not inclued suturing an eleven inch incision. Ariel Sharon signed an organ donor card a week before he suffered a TIA that Barry Chamish believes was caused by a blood thinner put into a glass of wine he had in a toast an hour before with some other politicians. Then he was given a wrongful medication to induce a stroke. He is such a strong man, the draculas in the medical profession are still waiting for his organs. Infecting him with pneumonia did not kill him, so now they have to wait. It is very dangerous to have an organ donor card. That is the cause of a lot of medical malpractise and medical murders. An old organ in an old person regenerates when transplanted into a young person into a younger don't think age will prevent the vultures from attacking and killing for organs in what amounts to canibalism.
7. Saving a life
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (06.14.11)
is not a murder. Not helping another Jew is a murder.
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