Clinton supports Israeli 'strike' on Syria
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.09.07, 08:13
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1. Pleasing Israeli lobby is getting harder, Amearica waking up
Deon ,   Texas   (09.27.07)
and the losses and damage that we suffer in the mideast have no reason other than Israel and its lobby in Washington. Americans are taking note of how US mideast policy is favoring Israeli interests and is very damaging to US interest.
2. and yet, apart from a cryptic inference, not a single quote
Yogi ,   yellowstone   (09.27.07)
to confirm the story's tittle; "Clinton supports Israeli 'strike' on Syria" pathetic ynet, pathetic.
3. Against the Law
Johannes ,   Berlin, Germany   (09.27.07)
First of all, nobody really knows what happened on Sept. 6th. If the assumption that Israel took out a Syrian nuclear site is true, we have seen just another blatant violation of international law by Israel. I am not saying that Israel’s neighbours are better; however, Israel always claims to be an exception in the Middle East, a Western state surrounded by Arab Muslim states. If Israel wants to be treated like a Western state it should act like one. If Syria really had started to build a nuclear site, that would have been a violation of international law. Nevertheless, the fact that one state violates international law does not entitle any other state to violate it in retaliation. The UN Security Council has the monopoly on offensive military action against states when it acts under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Even the U.S. – the world’s only remaining super power that technically does not need to ask anyone for support – at least tried to get the approval of the Security Council before it went to Iraq. The Western world should start to realise that Israel does not really care about international law. Nor do Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and so on. Hence we should rather mention Israel in a row with those states and not with France, England and the U.S.
4. Clinton is paying lip service for the Jewish lobby
Election year   (09.27.07)
Hopefully she will not win.
5. As usual
Israel useing the American presidetial election time to do what it can not do in the normal time .... and all the A . lickers will support any action will Israel do now .... old dirty game .
6. Re #3
Dan ,   Australia   (09.27.07)
Israel is entitled to protect its borders and defend its people. Syria with the aid of Iran is plotting Israel's destruction, and Israel must do everything within its power to prevent this. If that means breaking international law, then so be it.
7. If Posters hate Jews+Israel so much-why do they read IL News
Alan ,   SA   (09.27.07)
8. Johannes, et al
Saul ,   Barcelona   (09.27.07)
Not only are your statements representative of the typical anti-Israeli rabble rousing, as in tb #1, 4 and 5: one-sided applications of some abstract notions (of which you certainly are no expert), lacking any sort of political and historic perspective, or understanding the simple reality on the ground, disguised as "even-handedness", but your views stink of the run-of-the mill Western man's superiority myopia. You seem to treat the term "Western" as a badge of honor and glory, implying that everyone non-Western is, by its nature, inferior and needs to strive to be accepted in the "Western", "civilized" world. It just goes to prove that people are born every day, since you appear to have been born yesterday. Apparently the irony of someone from Germany lecturing Jews on how to behave and become "Western" is entirely lost on you. If only we had this sort of deterrence in 1938...
9. I wouldnt trust Hilary Clinton as far as I
vicky ,   ashkelon israel   (09.27.07)
can throw her. Just remember how anti she was whilst her husband was running the U.S. (I still think she was the one doing all the work). Also, any Jew that votes democrat should bare in mind that they founded the kkk, AND fought against the abolishing of Slavery, The last one - Kerry wanted to give Iran the fuel for the nuke plant. I could name a lot more. But remember her aplauding Mrs Arafart and her so nice racial speach.
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.27.07)
11. #1, #4, #5 - Pleasing Islamic Oil & terror blackmail is easy
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.27.07)
... give us a break. You are all parrotting the same used-up anti-Semite slogan. Yeah, yeah, yeah - "Jews rule the world" etc. It is interesting though why the West is so PRO-ARAB if Jews control it! Documented facts show that the western governments (and the US) are under terror and threats coming form Islamist direction - Denemark saw violent riots and political assasinations coming from their Muslim "refugees". Belgium the same. France has trouble controlling their Muslim BIG minority (Paris riots anyone?) and UK is practically dominated by Mosques and minarets from where their terror Immams preach murder and genocide of the UK system and democracy wherever it exists in public parks, squares and well publicized TV interviews and reports. Should I go on? In the US countless of Muslim "charities" steal taxpayer's money and funnel it to terror organizations AGAINST THE US and the free world while Arab moguls buy American property and control over critical US installations (the Harbors Deal comes to mind) while weakening the US economy with ruthless control of the Oil prices and production. All this while countless Muslim "human rights" and "islamic friendship" organizations challenge the US freedom of speech trying to shut up the voices against them, while using the same "freedom of speech" to brutally attack, demonize and disinform the US society and its values. So DON'T GIVE US THAT crap about the "Jewish Lobby" before you clean up your anti-patriotic (should I say "terrorist"?)Muslim Lobby in the US. You will not succeed in diverting the public attention from the dangerous penetration and control of the American and Western society by violent and subversive Muslim elements.
12. Candidates on Iran Issue
Brod ,   USA   (09.27.07)
Clinton is wrong on the Iran issue. The fact is sanctions and diplomacy do not work with religious fanatics that are obsessed with 72 virgins. Iran is hellbent on destroying Israel and dominating the region and the world. Hence, they are feverishly working on their nukes. Fanatics are not rational people. When fanatics and their terrorist tentacles get their hands on nukes, that would be the end of the world as we know it. Sanctions, talks, appeasements are NOT the solutions in dealing with religious fanatics that are tinkering on nukes and have announced repeatedly their intention to annihilate another country. Presidential candidates who cannot see the dots cannot be Commander-of-Chief. Bush would be in a better position to deal with this matter than leaving the task to a weaker President who will blink in the face of Islamist-Jihadist terrorism challenges. And America's Deterrence around the world will be eroded with a weak leader at the helm. Smart and strong candidates must stand strong on the Iran nuke issue. The answer is NO to Iran nuke.
13. Typical Pandering
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.27.07)
This woman, running for the most powerful job in the world, desperately wants to sit in the Oval Office and will say anything to get there. She is pandering to the American Jewish vote. Sadly, she will likely get it despite her intentions to betray Israel as soon as she gets power. I hope all Jews in the US examine her rhetorical evasions. Invading Iran a "hypothetical question?" Anything asked of a putative candidate for president is hypothetical. "Will you raise taxes on those you call 'rich' when president, Hillary" is a hypothetical question. "Will you pass Hillarycare (socialized health care) when you are president" is also a hypothetical. In either instance, this master of evasion, this scandalous liar, this ruthless avenger of those who cross either her or her husband's political paths of power aggrandizement would have easily been able to answer "YES!" That she evaded the question of action against Iran fully shows her ballet dance between factions of the hard left who insist she appease the Iranians and all terrorists and Hillary's desperate attempt to appear 'moderate' to pander for centrist American votes, without which she hasn't a chance. This woman is dangerous for the security of Israel and the whole world. Remember...she kissed Sura Arafat and was heard by several witnesses saying "those f*****g" Jews" while first lady of the State of Arkansas. Most thinking persons see through it. Will Jews in the US begin thinking before it's too late?
14. # 8
Johannes ,   Berlin, Germany   (09.27.07)
Well, Mr. Saul, your statement appears to be very pathetic from my point of view. Do you have actually any arguments? I made a statement, you may agree or you may not. If you don’t, give me counter-arguments but don’t resort to personal insults. That is more than pathetic. Apart from that, coincidentally I happen to be an expert on international law. I am teaching it. Israel is a member of the UN and accepted as such the UN Charter. In the UN Charter there is no such thing as pre-emptive defence. The Security Council has the monopoly for the use of force (see Chapter VII of the Charter). The attack on Syria is a violation of Art. 2 para 3 and 4 of the Charter. Israel clearly violated international law with its action. I criticise that it is not held to the same standards as other countries since other states often have to face military retaliation or at least some sort of sanctions if they violate international law. I used the term “Western world” for a community of states that essentially share the same values, have the same political system (secular democracy), whose history is somehow linked together and whose people share a more or less similar mentality. I did not say that countries that are not Western are not civilised. However, there is a clear difference between the ways, a Western country treats e.g. China, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia and the ways two Western countries interact since they feel they are natural allies. Israel’s reputation as a Western state is deteriorating and it is perceived more and more as a pariah-state. That is a matter of fact and very dangerous for Israel, too. Let me end with a personal statement. The fact that I am German does not change anything about my ability to criticise Israel. Thanks to the U.S. and England, I have been born more than forty years after the end of WW II in a free, democratic and secular country. If I feel I have to say anything against Israel I will do it as easily as I criticise other countries. Like it or not, I don’t care.
15. Photo of Hillary kissing Arafat's Wife
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.27.07) says it all about Hillary: hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG
16. Riiiiight
Steve from Raleigh   (09.27.07)
this infinitely powerful 'lobby' that can what it wants in total complete secrecy. Except of course everyone knows about it and it rarely if ever successfully gets what it wants? What next? We own all the banks too?
17. #1, do you know how stupid you sound?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
How old is this notion that Israel and the Jews somehow control the US government? What an absolute pile of crap. If you trully believe this nonsense, you should probably move to another country where Jews don't control everything.
18. who cares ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.27.07)
Who cares if Ameirca or Clinton approves . Quit loooking for help from Egypt (U.S).and look for the approval of Hashem you bunch of Idol worshipers. You are in the mess you are in because you followed the faqiled agenda of the US.. road map and still you seek worthless approval. May God heal your spiritual sickness soon before it is too late.
19. Johannes, the 21 year old Intl. Law professor?
Saul ,   Barcelona   (09.27.07)
20. Israel's aggresion
DR ,   Florida, USA   (09.27.07)
cannot be compared to those other countries in the rgion for one reason. Israel's survival is at stake. As history shows us, Israel must and will do whatever it takes to defend itself regardless of what half-witted people on this website say. To compare Israel's actions with Syria and Iran's nuclear ambitions is not only ridiculous, but shows a fundemental flaw in the person making the argument. The US has always made the ritght decision when it comes to Isarel and it does so out of moral obligation not appeasement of the Jewish lobby.
21. American Interest Claptrap
Jerry Sussman ,   Alexandria, USA   (09.27.07)
Every time I read the dribble about how "Jews" are manipulating the true "American interest" in the Middle East in a nefarious effort to favor Israel, I am torn between competing emotions. Shall I be envious of those with the intellect to divine the true American interest? Or shall I instead be disappointed with educational systems that produced so many persons lacking in the ability to reason? Neither, for when the thin veneer of supposed logic is removed, all that is left is the same old antisemitic filth. Where is this so-called "American interest"? Can it be read? Can it be touched? Can it be heard? Hardly. It does not exist in the abstract. It is not not omniscient, brooding presence in the sky. The American interest is nothing more, and nothing less, than the expressed views of its citizens. American citizens, Jew and gentile alike, have an equal right to petition their government and to influence American policy, foreign and domestic. That American foreign policy now may be favorable to Israel is as much in the American interest as was American support for the Allied Powers during both world wars. That some may disagree with American foreign policy does not render that foreign policy illigetimate. I ofttimes reflect upon the comment made by the late Senator Alan Cranston of California: In responding to similar charges leveled decades ago, he observed: If all the Jews in America voted to cede the State of California to Israel, it would be within their Constitutional right to do so. Senator Cranston has the distinction of having been sued by Adolph Hitler for copyright infrigement. Seems that Der Fuhrer didn't approve of the Senator's publication of the unexpurgated version of Mein Kampf. Insofar as I am aware, AIPAC does not accept contributions from Israel or from any foreign source. Its views are those of its American members and supporters. They have every right to ask, indeed to demand, that a future President share their views on whatever policies they value.
22. Robert #15
Brod ,   USA   (09.27.07)
Kissing Arafat's wife is nothing compared with Arab Heads of States kissing each other, and Bush holding hands with the Wahhabhist Saudi King whose thugs murdered more than 3000 Americans on 9/11.
23. Thanks # 15 my point entirely
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (09.27.07)
For all you americans out there, remember the democrates are also responsible for the china treaty resulting in a floot of chinese shmatter and large unemployment. The also began the erosion of your medical programme. Killing thousands because they could not pay the premiums. If you think any of them most of all witch clinton you are seriously in need of an education.
24. #19
Johannes ,   Berlin, Germany   (09.27.07)
You are right. Fortnately I am a lawyer, not a Maths teacher. I was of course born thrity years after WW II. And I am not a professor, only a teaching assistant.
25. Comparisons
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (09.27.07)
Not that I condone holding hands with terrorists, but If you want to use an example where President Bush was being a gentleman as suggesting he is in collusion with a terrorist, you undermine your very argument. The old Saudi fart is nearly blind and can barely walk. Bush was merely 'giving him a helping hand.'
26. #7.
Ypip ,   Vancouver, Cda   (09.27.07)
They have this innate desire to spread their wings after filling their heads over the years with so much Mickey Mouse.
27. nuclear
darwich ,   paris france   (09.27.07)
I'm a lebanese si very angry against Syria actions in Lebanon; it's sure that they are under the killing. But even if it seems strange I hope for the peace in middle east that arabs quickly get the bomb. Because it's only when an arab country will get the bomb that Israel will withdraw according to UN resolution. So it's just a matter of time!!
28. #1
in your antisemetic blabbering and in your anti israel mental frame, HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDERED THAT AMERICA'S INTERESTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST IS THEIR PROTECTION OF THE OIL SUPPLY RATHER THAN AN INTEREST IN PROTECTING ISRAEL??? then again, why shouldn't this tiny jewish country, WHICH HAS NO OIL!, and doesn't serve these american oil interests, sahould not be bashed by you? is tiny israel to be blamed for all the ills in the middle east? ills in this region span generations and generations way way before the birth of israel. let's face it, just the existance of a jewish state rubs the arabs and jew haters in such a wrong manner. israel IS NOT THE CAUSE of the wars and ills of this region and for you to blame this tiny country on all the major ills in the arab societies and governments shows ignorance, to say the least. how is this tiny nation to be blamed for african jenocide? muslim vrsus muslim atrocities? muslim killng muslims in every major part of the world. what you are seeing in the middle east is a history of hate for jews; a hate that spans generations. the formation of the jewish state in the middle east has just inflamed this hate further, substituting jew hate for zionist hate. all semantics and doesn't mean anything at all since most if not all jews in israel and all over the world are zionists at heart and in complete support of a viable jewish israeli state. "hating the zionist regime, but not the jewish people" is the new quote of the 21st century. a war of semantics. let's face it....if arabs were tollerant and accepting of jews in their midst as not dihimis and independent people, if they accepted a partition before they attacked in 1948, all this that you see happening today would not have happened. when jordan, lebanon, syria were created as nations in the mid east no one complained because they were arab and muslim. however, when jews after coming out of the ashes needed to have a peaceful nation where they can exercise self determination, it became a problem for the arabs. you are basically finding a shallow anti jewish reason to blame israel for the ills of the middle east without reference to history and the right of jews around the world to this biblical holy land on which they have lived for generations and on which their race and history is based.
29. #14
from one teacher to another. the fact that you "imply" you teach international affairs has no merit and doesn't reflect the poor grammatical errors and sentence structure you employ in your talk back. your analusis is shallow and i would contend that the only place you teach this subject is in the bathroom of your yourself in your mirror. most intelligent professors on the subject see a lot more deeply into this issue. for you to claim you teach international affairs and come up with these talkbacks of yours is an insult not only to yourself, but to the general public itself. first, learn how to spell and pay attention to content and correct sentence structure prior to claiming that you engage in "teaching" on the other hand, i do! i am a professor at ut in austin and, reading the content of your talkback reflects in no way on your "teaching expertise". you, are neither a teacher, nor a scholar. you are simply here as a simple man venting your opinion which is basically not based on scholarly research or understanding, even in rudimentary terms, the situation in the middle east, the supposed influence of the jewish lobby on ellections, etc... you may read and read about what is happening in the middle east and the usa, but your response shows a teremenduous lack of comprehension, deep analysis and deductive thinking regarding the issues at hand. in my class at ut, you may have gotten a c at most, not as a teacher, but as a simple student. i suggest you go back to teaching elementary school level subjects where your comprehention and analytic ability of the situation fits.
30. Ever notice how...
Jed ,   definately not Haifa   (09.27.07)
...the pro-Israeli camp here always insults and demeans folks who can at least make a point? They call 'em stupid and idiotic, and just as they put them down I'm waiting for the rebuttal that never comes. Shame, really.
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