Report: Israel 'blinded' Syrian radar
Published: 05.10.07, 01:15
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1. Leave it to the US to blab away it's secrets. Probably a
democrat idiot ,   official.   (10.05.07)
2. Iran's vulnerability to attack sure helps US in negotiations
3. america/russia
bri ,   phil usa   (10.05.07)
does this mean russia supplied syria and iran with faulty equipment? what about their own??
4. HeHeHe...
KenA   (10.05.07)
I wonder of Thugo Chavez bought any of this Russian crap.
5. You all guberment people need to shut up!
Bill Bahooey ,   Anytown, WLD   (10.05.07)
7. #6 You mean the way u send YOUR women out with bombs so you
can sit @ your ,   coffee shops daily?   (10.05.07)
8. to #6
israeli   (10.05.07)
If by victory you mean: A destroyed economy, Countless dead hezbollah militants, Destroyed infrastructure, Certain cities in southern lebanon still operating with no running water or electricity And a government who cannot control its own borders/sovereignty.... then yes, hezbollah has won by far... Please take a close look at israel today.. one might even think that the war never happened.. with all damaged infrastructure rebuilt and an economy which is now even stronger then before the war.. Dont feed us your lies about only 70 dead hezbollah militants or rebuilt houses via iranian funding.. We fight like women, which is why nasrallah is forced to sleep in bunkers and travel in underground tunnels dug up by starved lebanese children using spoons, while our leaders roam freely..
9. 6# The truth is you won't see the bomb
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.05.07)
go off until it explodes over your head. You have no way to stop the planes from destroying your country.
10. LOL! Those Russians!!
Lady Gatta ,   NYC USA   (10.05.07)
I still say that Putin sold piece of shit to both Iran and Syria! And I am so very happy!!!
11. if it was a democrat
j ,   j   (10.05.07)
so what? democrats pay most of the taxes anyway (cal/new york) and probably invented it anyway (since republicans are marrying their cousins and sisters)
12. Concerned
Philip ,   Mathis, U.S.A.   (10.05.07)
I'm very concerned that Iran, Syria and other Islamofascists might produce atomic weapons. If Islamofascists cut throats, they would not be afraid to use the dreaded atomic weapons. I say: bomb now; destroy their atomic technology!!!
13. Phone Rings at the Kremlin
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (10.05.07)
Assad: Hey Putin, can we get a refund on the Tors after the 30 day trial period? Putin: Go give 'em back to Ahmadinejad. You got what you paid for! Assad: But I didn't pay anything! Putin: Precisely! Hey Bashir...lemme give you a suggestion. You can always get something for them on eBay. They make great Roman candles. sell them to the highest bidder on eBay!
AJ ,   America   (10.05.07)
I bet those Iranians and Syrians are piiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssed. Billion bucks for an obsolete missile defense system....hahahahaha And people say that Iran is building a nuclear weapon for "peaceful" purposes? When the time comes when we have to face Iran...things will be off the hook! History repeats itself! Same parallels to the COld War... Russians used Nuclear power as a bargaining chip to get what they wanted through intimidation....then set up shop in Cuba to get position on us........... Iran/Venezuela sounds familiar.... The biggest, scariest difference is that Iran and Venezuela have lots of Petro dollars to burn on destroying us.........and in todays New media, world, propaganda spreads like wildfire........
15. #6 then
i am so proud of our "israeli women" because they sure as hell won all the wars against the arabs. collectively 7 arab countries to 1 israeli country. and they still didn't beat us. og, god, when will the arabs learn you can never beat israel. never. you tried and you failed. how can one be more stupid. don't you people learn from making the same mistakes again and again without changing the results?
16. smart
A watcher ,   Canada   (10.05.07) smart, I'm very impressed...but why IDF didn't use this high tech in Lebanon last year???
17. So what?
David G.   (10.05.07)
Hezbollah won against the IDF last summer without radars.
18. Nice Job
Byron ,   Hilo Hawaii USA   (10.05.07)
Keep the Syrians and Iranians in fear.
19. Money back Guarentee
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.05.07)
I wonder if the the Syrians and Iranians can ask for their money back?
20. Raptors anyone?
Scott ,   Los Angeles USA   (10.05.07)
Sounds like a fancy cover up for Israel using f-22's
21. objectives of Israel's psychological war
Deterrence is the declared aim. But, most importantly, it is the appeasement of the other party; the Israeli people.
22. Kudos
GD Christensen ,   Camdenton, USA   (10.05.07)
I had to laugh thinking about all of the money Syria and Iran paid to Russia for an air defense system that doesn't work. Ha ha ha.
23. #20
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.05.07)
Maybe even testing the F35?
24. To #20
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.05.07)
No F22's or F35's. Those are stealth fighters.
25. Republican designers
most defense workers (designers) are republican!
26. who said that Syria air defense system didn't work?
Syrians were the first to disclose the strike. But, Turkey air defense system didn't report any. I don't think Turkey is using Russian made air defense system.
27. lol! no wonder!
tl   (10.05.07)
when these anti-aircraft missiles were delivered to syria, there was great pride displayed by the syrians about getting such an advanced system. at the same time there were questions about why syria is getting such an advanced weapon system that hasn't even been deployed with the russian military yet. i guess now we know why. maybe the russian system was sabotaged.
28. to #16 - In lebanon no need for these high tech equipments
Arul   (10.05.07)
29. Bushehr Reactor Also Russian Made
Bart ,   Manassas, USA   (10.05.07)
I wish the Iranians would wise up before the Persian Gulf becomes one big Chernobyl.
30. Russian's are in the wrong line of work.
Dennis hamblin ,   San Diego, CA USA   (10.05.07)
Instead of exporting radar systems, fighter jets, and tanks perhaps they would better serve their customers if they sold them bullseyes instead.
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