Report: Israel 'blinded' Syrian radar
Published: 05.10.07, 01:15
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61. there goes the arms race in the ME
george ,   usa   (10.05.07)
62. Russian weapons are good, but...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (10.05.07)
look at who's trying to operate them!!! During many wars, Israel did not have superior weaponry, but the Arabs were so stupid and did not use their Russian made weapons effectively. Thank God Israel is not fighting more inteligent people!!!
63. #59 fish
I just want to say that I enjoyed your post--especially the last 2 paragraphs. Yes, it is truly a shame the direction Putin has taken recently. I do not understand the paranoia because every country in the world respects Russia and was trying to accept Russia as a partner. I cannot imagine why anyone (except for a nut like Hitler) would want to threaten Russia. It seems that Putin is reversing all the progress that Russia had made. Very disappointing.
64. Made in Russia
Barry ,   Tokyo   (10.05.07)
Just shows how their tech sector thrives under dictatorial rule. In this sense, Israel will always have an advantage of their less democratic neighbors as education, merit, & honesty are respected as virtues unlike the nepotism, lawlessness, corruption, and violence that is so common with Arab "nations".
65. #17 / So What / David G.
Bill ,   Oregon, USA   (10.05.07)
You need to read post # 8 by Israeli and quit dreaming.
66. #1 DUMB
David ,   Los Angeles   (10.05.07)
Your posting has to be just about the dumbest, most childish thing I have read. It is your type, with your constant adversarial sniping and public policy lies and incompetence (led by the likes of Cheney and Rove) that are turning our great country into a corrupt third world dump. You probably think you are an American patriot. And that just shows how dumb you really are.
67. Pro and Con
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CAUSA   (10.05.07)
Assuming Israel let it out of the bag that it had this technology, by bombing the Syrian plant, it worked for and against Israel, the US and the non-commie (former) and Arab-Muslim worlds. What was gained by this revelation I ask? Certainly, the Muslims will take apart their failed systems. Was the raid intended to accomplish scaring the Iranians, or the No. Koreans with Israel's prowess? It's still secretative. Israel is playing for time..probing and testing. In the end, 25 nukes, WITH 100 F15 and F16is, will have to be used to take out Syrian and Iranian missiles sites, dams, infrastructure, army bases, etc. That's where this is all headed, I am sorry to say. The summit is a joke: the Arabs will want it all, and give nothing, not one iota in concessions. Hez, Iran and Hamas, will still have parades, "Next year in Jerusalem" and won't abide by any future (unenforceable) agreements.
68. #66 Yep and that do nothing, pass nothing except gas, weak
demo bunch u voted 4 ,   r stellar folk- #1   (10.05.07)
69. Bull Crap
Funny ,   In US   (10.06.07)
This is just a ploy to divert attention from the fact that Israel used Turkish air space to get so deep into Syrian territory. Claims of a top secret ability to take over enemy communications network is bull crap. This only means that the US and Israel are merely helping Turkey save face in the sight of the rest of the Arab world for providing its air space to Israel. So in effect now we are supposed to believe that Turkey was also unable to detect Israeli Jets that escaped in to Turkish air space after being fired upon. Turkey only claiming to find empty fuel tanks is bull crap. They had fore knowledge of the whole operation. GET REAL as far as I can tell from what the Syrians said the Russian Air Defense system did exactly what they were supposed to do they ran Israeli Jets into Turkish air space. I would never reveal such a technology if I had such a capability. This was a coordinated operation using US satellite technology to locate the Russian made air defense systems which intern provided a least cost route to the location. Those Israeli Jets came from Turkish air space thats why the Syrians did not see those jets until the last minute. Turkey says uhhh what are your empty fuel tanks doing on our territory as if they had no advance knowledge of the operation. Get real you people believe every thing the media says. The Arab nations are supposed to except this as the ultimate answer to the big question most smart people are asking. How did Israel enter Turkish air space with out being noticed? The turks should recognize what happened to the Iranian Turkish pipeline a few months ago.
70. To all bashing Russian system-->
joe stalin ,   oshawa, canada   (10.06.07)
didn't have patience to finish the article? Read the LAST SENTENCE again - "It is not confirmed that the Tor system was in fact the system guarding the Syrian site" So maybe Syrians now looking to buy the real thing
71. #39
Iamashamed ,   UK   (10.06.07)
Did your superior fire power prevent 9/11? Don't be so confident!
72. Israel used Turkish air space part 2
Funny ,   In US   (10.06.07)
I you really think about it Israeli jets flying near the Turkish Syrian boarder would appear as Turkish fighters to the Syrians and thus would not be considered a threat. All they needed then was a hole in Syrian air defenses not some UBER communications system that blinded Syrian defenses. Israel will pay for playing the harlot with the US. She needs to be cleansed as promised. She has not heeded the words of he who is. And when they trick that whore and send her to her destruction they will not come to her aid. What do you think is more valuable to the US interest. Israel OR the Straight of Hormuz? Oil is the biggest necessity for the US to maintain its global economic dominance. With out economic dominance military dominance is worthless, ask the USSR. 17 percent of US oil comes from the Straight of Hormuz. Israel doesn't carry this kind of value to the US. The US relies on the Arab threat to manipulate Israel. You people act as if the US really gives a damn about Israel. And its funny that people around the world thinks American Jews maintain some powerful lobby that manipulates US interests. Its pure insanity to attack Iran Because the US says so and continues to push this Iranian NUKE threat. If Israel has a nuclear capability of its own ( doubt it ) ( otherwise make your own uranium depleted bunker buster war head.) And Iran also has a nuclear capability then its a stale mate. But its not Israel that is threatened here its US oil interests. To fool your people into thinking you have some strategic advantage through some false technology is truly diabolical. Just 100 Iranian missiles concentrated on Jerusalem would destroy the Israeli economy in 2 hours. Iran doesn't have to send a single person across its border to touch Israel in a real nasty way. Since Israels God has become the USA she will have no help. It would be almost suicide for the US to get involved in this because there is more than just Iran at stake here. But that shows the real despair of those that Control the US. Its a all or nothing game for them. They will cast down millions for their own personal gain. This is a 30 year plan from the 9/11 scam that would get the people of the US to approve the strategic occupation of two nations Afghanistan and Iraq needed in order to contain Iran and slow down China. This is about the threat of a 20 mile straight of water that the US controls by the skin of its teeth. 17 percent is a huge amount of the US oil consumption. Israel your god (USA) will send you into damnation.
73. So, is Bush a democrat? Wake up.
Petra ,   usa   (10.06.07)
Come on, gimme a break. Bush and co. releases all info to the press to suit their needs. Dems are too busy running for office. Gotta love Larry Craig, and the toilet tootsies tho. GOP now stands for Gays on Parade, lol.
74. Current 'izdeliye' for protection such an installation
Damir ,   Russia   (10.06.07)
is S-400. It is not for sale. Neither Syria nor Iran have got even S-300PMU. So IDF/AF is relatively at freedom over Syria.
75. the world is burning and # 74 is worried
about gays in public ,   toilets,pathetic   (10.06.07)
76. if we wanted to, how could it be done
publius ,   USofA   (10.06.07)
All the this hoop'al about wanting to know the scoop about sept 6, the answer is so simple "we did it" so Fill in them holes and things start adding up, these conjectures are all part of being lead by the nose, the truth is far to simple for acceptance. So things and events are attributed to this and that because it adds up and makes sense satisfing a need to know. true genius is not in the outcome it is in the ruse
77. Where is number 6???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (10.06.07)
I see 5 and 7 - but not 6!!
78. Syria blindsided
bones   (10.06.07)
The west thinks Syria is really dumb. They knew when and where the Israelies were attacking. Why turn on all of your expensive equipment for a few fighters? Such a small amount of airplanes will do nothing to the overall fighting force of Syria. Remember the Chinese and the Russians regularly penetrate our radar and fly right next to our largest carriers. More recently, the Iranians penetrated our fleet's radar for about 30 minutes or so before leaving unmolested... All that "Independence Day" movie crap about entering the computer systems is just that, CRAP! The Syrian Generals are just as professional as their western counterparts.
79. #62, Arabs dumb?
bones   (10.06.07)
DR, you are in need of mental supervison. History does not always tell the truth. For example, in the '73 war, did you know IAF lost 8 aircraft to Pakistan's 0? The Syrians are not dumb, just not represented by the western media in a fair manner. Of course, the same applies conversely, westerners are dumb.. In any case your are an ignorant person.
80. Israeli attack on Syria
Dave Kimble ,   Australia   (10.07.07)
A much simpler explanation for how the Israeli jets penetrated Syrian air-space is that they flew around Syria, through Turkey, and came across the border by the shortest route. Likewise when the defenses released their ground-to-air missiles, the Israelis ran back over the border, dropping their long-range tanks for greater speed and maneuverability. The tanks landed on Turkish territory and were photographed, and these are available on the net. This article is just more disinformation, designed to make the US public think an attack on Iran and its allies will go well. Now who would want to pitch a spin like that ? Has anyone considered that Iran might actually have bought some nukes from former soviet caches ? Much easier than building your own from scratch. If they did, what would they likely do with them ? Position them ready to launch a retaliatory strike if attacked with nukes, I would say. So all this war talk by Israel and US is forgetting that there are surprises out there. The unknown unknowns.
81. Iranian Nuke Threat
Funny ,   In US   (10.07.07)
If you look at the rest of the world regarding Nuclear capability you see stale mates. Iran claims its rights to nuclear energy the west says no its a covert weapons program. Its all bull crap Iran doesn't need a nuke to send Israel into a fiery hell. Israel is so small that rockets from the north and missiles from the east would be devastating. Its to small to defend with todays weaponry. Only God can defend Israel. Iraq fired scuds at Israel which are not accurate. Iran has better systems. If Israel shut its mouth and stopped oppressing its fellow man they might just receive help. If they would stop letting the US use the Arab threat to pump fear in the hearts of all of Israel then they might survive.If the stopped whoring with the US they might live. The US can in no way Protect Israel. Russia and China are in position to poke a very long finger in the eye of the US. Who thinks China and Russia will sit back and let the US take total control of Middle eastern oil? Energy is the ultimate deterrent not nukes. Look at India and Pakistan. The US and Russia. Even if Iran develops a nuclear weapon It would be suicide to use it. If the US loses control of its share of the straight it will lose its uber power domination. These people are desperate dogs. I suggest the people of Israel force its government to be accountable. They are seeking to bring about the biggest blunder the people have ever faced. The Israeli attitude is we did it. Take heed from Judah Maccabee and give God the Glory. God has done it and he has determined it. Such a small land and army and people. When the odds have been against you God has provide protection. But your hearts are full of folly. Full of US folly. Folly that says the US has all power and can defeat anyone. Folly that says we have won several wars against an enemy that surrounds you from all angles so who can defeat us. Little nation and little people see who has given you the upper hand when you were clearly the under dogs. Take heed from the messengers who have said it again and again. It is God who protects a man not man.
82. Iran nuclear threat
bones ,   usa   (10.07.07)
I agree with "Funny" , minus the religious part. That was a cop out. But I say let's get this war on so we can get it over and start living as one world government. I relish the idea of traveling to other planets and advaning our civilization.
83. Israel 'blinded' Syrian radar
Ed McQueen ,   Westminster, USA   (10.08.07)
Good for the Israeli's, how about we dump some biggies on Iran's nuke sites as well.
85. God Bless America!
AJ ,   USA   (10.18.07)
86. #81 - Funny - Israel oppressing its fellow man?
William ,   Israel   (11.02.09)
Let me remind you that while Pals were sending women and children with bombs to kill Israeli civilians, it was Israeli doctors that worked to patch them all back up, in the same hospital, without concern for race or creed. When you consider this and compare it to our neighbors who demand a Jew-free entity and call killing of Jews as a religious right....who is really oppressing who? jack*ss
87. #11 - my guess is that it wasn't developed by democrats
William ,   Israel   (11.02.09)
First, Democrats are against military machinery and would just sit around making long winded speeches and blow hot air while their demise is guaranteed. Remember they always believed it was best to negotiate with fascists and war mongers....and so far I haven't seen it work in history. Then again, consider the naive Dems (an oxymoron?) who are very violent at WTO meetings and burning an occasional Starbuck's because they "hate the establishment". I got a great idea. Let's all get the pussy Dems irate by telling them the Islamic terrorists are really corporate bankers, wear fur, and are against Gay Pride Parades. Imagine, a plethora of pierced, half-naked, angry, self-righteous liberals descending on Tehran in protest. Atleast, the naked PETA protesters sitting in a cage should go over well in the Arab world.
88. #47 - Israel is in a crisis
William ,   Israel   (11.02.09)
Yeah, I remember hearing those words uttered (briefly) from Arabs who believed in certain victory over Israel. Then I heard them again post-1948 saying Israel is afraid and immigrants will soon leave. I remember the Arabs uttering those same words just before and just after the 6-day war. Arafat claimed Israel was in its death-pains in 2000 at the hands of the "mighty" hordes of "pals". Nasrallah claimed that Hizbullah is doing such damage to Israel in 2006 that even new immigrants will run back to their birth countries (when infact, new immigrants were the fiercest fighters). The Mullahs declare Israel is dying, and now apparently twit#47 is as well. Yet - Israel continues to grow, thrive, kick ass, win Nobel prizes, save lives, help victims of terrorism and natural disasters, and generally foster an open society with 20% of its citizens being racists anti-semites. In contrast, the EU sees more mosques and Arab violence than ever before. Arab countries still refuse to contend with their baby boomers and soon-to-be depleted natural resources, and homegrown terrorism. If this is failure - I look forward to years of it.
89. #62 - a funny 6-day war story, or "Stupid Arabs"
William ,   Israel   (11.02.09)
As you mentioned, the real issue here may be the operators and not the equipment by itself. In 1967 during the war, Russia flooded the Middle East with weapons and radar units to defeat Israel, and give the US a black eye. The Arabs didn't operate them effectively to stop the IAF who did countless sorties. In addition, it was Israeli commandos who snuck into Egypt, dismantled a radar station, took it back to Israel to study, then gave it to the US as a gift. One often wonders why it took 6 whole days with an adversary like this.
90. #71 - Despite superior fire power, compacency still damaging
William ,   Israel   (11.03.09)
Good question - why didn't 9/11 get prevented. Well, two things - being lulled into complacency that it could never happen to the US caused people to remain blind and lazy. Much like we're seeing today with Dems back in power. The next is failing to see and accept the brutal and raw hatred that emanates from the Muslim world - enough to kill scores of innocent civilians (after honor killing their own daughters) and claim it a divine victory. Powerful defenses are not the West's weak point, not being able to see reality for what it is and being brutally honest with themselves IS their weak point.
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