Palestinians: Limiting Gaza power supply a crime
Ali Waked
Published: 25.10.07, 18:15
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31. Let them rot.
harel ,   mivtachim   (10.25.07)
Israel should be responsible for NOTHING when it comes to the Hamas terrorist regime and their loyal "civilian" supporters. Let Egypt care for them...they wont. Then again, what Arab country does? None. Why don't they help them? Because then it remains OUR burden. Not one more volt or shekel for our enemy. Does that NOT make sense?
32. guess they'll be firing stupid lame qassams by flashlight!
33. Israel is no longer responsible for palestinians in gaza
what took so long? ,   usa   (10.25.07)
it is only responsible for the security of its own citizens ( which includes Arabs and other ethnic groups.) Let the people of Gaza decide if the way Hamas and its ilk are representing them is getting them positive results. They can have their resistance, but they cannot eat their cake too!
34. Pals mess on your patio&then knock on door asking for paper
Alan ,   SA   (10.25.07)
35. Firing Rockets at Jews is not a Crime
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (10.25.07)
According to these idiots, firing rockets at Jews is not a war crime. But it''s a crime for Jews to defend ourselves. Now Mrs Waldner of the EU will protest.
36. "The suffering of our people will be terrible!"
David Samson ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.25.07)
So stop firing rockets. Their choice. So simple. Yet so certain they'll make the wrong decision again.
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.25.07)
It's just not fair!
38. What took so long to do this?
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.25.07)
I can't understand why Israel took so long. the leaders are really stupid.
39. We're going to annihilate you. Now serve us electricity!
Mohamad ,   Gaza City   (10.25.07)
We said we wanted you out of gaza. We never said you could stop providing for us. Why can't you jews just accept you must serve us as we try to annihilate you?
40. Palestine - Cut Off Produce Sales During Shmita
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow Russia   (10.25.07)
In response to Israel's collective punishment of Palestinians, Palestine should not sell Israel any Kosher produce during shmita and let Israel import their Kosher veggies from elsewhere.
David ,   Raanana   (10.25.07)
42. Israel limiting power supply to Gaza
Mario ,   U. S. A.   (10.25.07)
Israel has test several ways to stop the daily qassams bombardements wiithout an efective achivement. Maybe the pals have better ideas to stop the qassams.and avoid the coming shortage o f power..etc..
43. #40 what? there are no farms in Israel that sell kosher?
what? ,   where's "palestine?"   (10.25.07)
44. No Electricity Just the Beginning
David Samson ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.25.07)
The electricity should be shut off now. If terrorist rockets don't fly for a week, they can have their electricity back until another rocket is shot. Then the electricity goes off until they stop firing rockets for a month. Etc. In addition to this, Israel should engage in a total military onslaught against Hamas, IJ, and all others who seek to annihilate the jews. This is war. Fight to win. Peace through Victory. When they want peace, you'll know.
45. Palestinians love the words WarCrime,Apartheid & Occupation
KMR ,   Middle East   (10.25.07)
46. Andy # 26 ..F them?
Ivri   (10.25.07)
shux Andy....just the thought of the smell under all these Burkas and Hijabs....ewww Not even if you pay me!
47. war crimes
Michael ,   Seattle, USA   (10.25.07)
Every single missile fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip into Israel is a war crime. Every missile is collective punishment of Jews in Israel for the perceived crime of being alive. The Palestinian position has always been: "The Jews are oppressing us because they won't let us kill them as we wish." This is of course absurd, but nothing new.
48. Islamist-Jihadist war crime
Brod ,   USA   (10.25.07)
Islamist-JIhadists commit war crime by shooting rockets at Israel and launching Demon-possessed suicide bombers to kill Israelis, including dancing in the streets of Ramallah when Demon-possessed Saudi thugs attacked America on 9/11. Hence, they should be punished for all the war crimes they committed since their emergence in the 7th century.
49. drop candles and matches...lets rub it in. END
50. EU refused to pay the bill to Israel, in advance
EU is now considering to pay directly to the Palestinians. British Gas is going to have natural gas exploitation deal with Palestinians, directly. Simply, it's all about interests. Even Barak has nationalistic-political interests!
51. How dare you Zionists cutting our energy off!
Mohammed ,   Gaza   (10.25.07)
you are the real terrorists! We only want to launch a few missles at your schools, residences, and hospitals that´s all. Talk about disproportionate retaliation! Now I won´t be able to watch my Farfur and my favorite terror programs on Hamas TV.....
52. No more Farfur on Hamas TV !
Barry ,   Tokyo   (10.25.07)
that really hurts - no more T-TV (terror t.v -Palestine´s top rated TV show).
53. You Gazan's are a wickedly stupid folk
Cameron ,   USA   (10.25.07)
Let your mighty Islamic warriors light your houses. The most foolish people on the planet.
andrew ,   miami,fl   (10.25.07)
55. Humanitarian Crisis Where?
Daniel ,   Israel   (10.25.07)
...........which may lead to a humanitarian crisis in the Strip...........What about humanitarian crisis in Stedrot created by your 'Kassams'? You want all comforts under name of humanitarian [so called] crises......... under cover you manufacture 'rockets' with our electricity to create crises in our country? And most loud noise you make about it! It is louder than exploding 'Kassam"!? It is better you stay in dark than to light our cities by your rockets.
56. Under what law?
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.25.07)
Electricity is a luxury, not a requirement for life. So is gas as well as diesel. People have survived for thousands of years without any of the above. So it is not a requirement. I challenge anybody to show us what international law states the opposite.
57. war crine
marcel   (10.25.07)
PLO tries to kill Olmert, Abbas says it wasnothing. Arab security forces involved in terror, Abbas says it was lack of training. Olmert says US conference is about getting the peace idea going, Abbas says he won't go unless he gets everything. This is the arab style, huff and puff and blow bull big time. Even rockets, suicide bombings, placing forces in civilian homes are cowardly acts and prevent the real deal from occuring-sit down, talk and build an honest arab country.
58. War Crime=Anything Israel does to assure its own survival
Alan ,   SA   (10.25.07)
59. Power supply
bachrach Andres ,   Kfar saba il   (10.25.07)
#38 You are stupid!What kind of jewish girl or women are you?Shame on you! andi miha kfar.
60. o the suffering
Jeffrey ,   U.S.A.   (10.25.07)
Then quit crying, go out and tell YOUR government that YOU elected, to put a end to the rocket fire,and suicide attacks,and weapons smuggling, and drug smuggling, and to accept Israel and that you lost and accept the outcome before the whole world washes their hands of you for good and lets you all die alone and in misery for your OWN actions.My country and many others gives YOUR government Millions and millions of dollars and they do nothing for you.Dont you get it. Someone needs to line you all up and slap each and everyone of you.Enough allready,join the world or fall
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