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Chief Rabbinate ordains substitute kashrut supervisors
Neta Sela
Published: 04.11.07, 13:29
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1. ???
datit   (11.04.07)
I don't quite understand Heter Mehira to be practized nowadays that Israel is doing so well I don't like the minhag of hareidim who buy from Arabs either May be Otzar beit Hadin should be more in parctice , or buying from FRIENDLY countries some of their produce
2. Chief Rabbinate
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (11.04.07)
Unelected, politically appointed, and represents only a small minority of the Jewish population. THEOCRACY ! It is a major institution that prevent a mass aliyah from countries where the Jews are not Orthodox, or modern Orthodox.
3. Leon #2
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (11.04.07)
Based on what are you saying such a thing? All Jews are very welcome to Israel and the Chief Rabinate welcome Jews the same way. I feel very happy that they take care of matters so important to all Jews. Sooner or later,all of us will obey G'od and His commandments!
4. Keren # 3
Charles ,   petach tikva   (11.05.07)
Don't you understand on what Leon is referring ? He's not talking about Jews as you probably are and i certainly am , but conservative and reform converts . I don't share your hope expressed in your last sentence . If this will happen , bye bye to a free and democratic country
5. Charles #4
Ezra   (11.05.07)
Most of the Reform or Conservative Jews in America don't feel any connection to Israel. For example, less than a fourth of them will visit the country in their lifetime. Most of these people won't ever consider alyah... whoever the great rabbi is ! So the "mass alyah" of Leon is just a dream...
6. Ezra [ haguer? ]
charles ,   petach tikva   (11.06.07)
where did you take your numbers ? please give references , i like numbers , but also their sources
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