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Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US
Neta Sela
Published: 06.11.07, 19:57
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1. The American Taxpayer's dollars at work
Noah ,   New York, NY   (11.06.07)
So this is where our money is going? To fund a government and military that subsidizes and protects these people? Hello?
2. Here is an idea
Avi ,   Israel   (11.06.07)
Why dont the God of this lunatic rabbis punish the actual people that harm Israel and the Jews, ie the arabs If your God is so good, why then dont he bring hurricane to the Palis or fire to Hizbalaah or flooding to the Syrians or whatever to the Iranians, why dose you cleaver God punishes the Americans? Your way of thinking is so stupid it is beyond belief, especially rabbi Gedalia and rabbi Yekutiel Thank you ynet
3. A fringe group?
Canadian Otter   (11.06.07)
Wouldn't it be great if all the Jews of America were to stand with Israel at this moment of crisis? Many American Jews turned their backs on the desperate Jews of Europe during the Nazi years because they didn't want to jeopardize their privileges in the US. American Jews are now about to repeat that mistake by either siding with Bush or by staying on the sidelines just as Israel is about to be deprived of much of its land and placed in a situation of extreme danger. All this while the PA Arabs are trained and armed by the US and the Gazans and Hizbullah gain strength every day. Please, do not let such a shameful chapter in Jewish American history as that of so many American Jews' inaction in face of the Holocaust repeat itself. The very survival of the Jewish state is at stake right now. Do not underestimate the capacity of the Bush administration to force or trick Israel into a situation of no return, no matter what the odds. Please contact the White House, organize with synagogues or Jewish organizations and demonstrate. Write letters to the editor. Mobilize. Let the Bush administration know that you care. Please.
4. Inconsistent?
Yitzchak ,   Minneapolis   (11.06.07)
I wonder why these Rabbis think that their own leaders should get a pass on judgement? For example, they blame the Katrina disaster for US support of disengagement from Gaza, yet it was Ariel Sharon who made that happen. Why don't they be consistent and warn the secularists in power about the judgment that will come to Israel's secular leaders?
David ,   Los Angeles   (11.06.07)
Not only do these IDIOTS make fools of themselves, they also bring ridicule and scorn upon Israel and Torah with their childish, ignorant and offensive comments: "There is no doubt the New Orleans flood from the Katrina hurricane was God's punishment for evicting the settlements." No doubt huh? What there's no doubt of is that Meir Druckman is a nasty moron.
6. Nutcase
David ,   Yerushalayim   (11.06.07)
Druckman is a nutcase. G-d spoke to him and told him the reasons for Katrina and the Califonia fires? Christian and Islamist extremists also "adopted" Katrina for their own ideologies. These guys need a psychiatrist. Please don't call them "Rabbis", it is embarrassing to all of us.
7. how wrong sighted !!!
avi   (11.06.07)
Bush will hurry because all he wants is a broken America.
8. Warning to Bush about upcoming converence
C Basye ,   Boise, Idaho, USA   (11.06.07)
I am a Christian, and I totally agree with the rabbis. The USA should never encourage Israel to give up it's land. That action will not bring peace to Israel or to the USA. Israel should never bow the knee to terrorists.
9. Dividing the land of Israel
Mary Ekchoff ,   Lake Dallas, USA   (11.06.07)
Oh how I pray that Bush would grasp this truth. God is very clear in His word that the land of Israel is not to be divided. I have always been a Bush supporter, but he has been a disappointment on this issue. With the growing denial of God's sovereignty I don't doubt that we will suffer much to come.
10. why not send letter to olmert?
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (11.06.07)
why don't these rabbi's send the letter to ehud olmert,this criminaly insane,traitorous,pathetic incompotent ,delusional idiot,he is the one that cannot wait to give away our heartland to these murderous terorists so why blame bush?,if the prime minister of israel wants to give away our land,why should bush be a bigger zionist then our own p.m?
11. And why Not?
Ephraim ,   Diaspora   (11.06.07)
These Rabbi's are more likely correct than not. I know I am watching closely and I am not a fanatical fool. I do believe scripture and these warnings are there. If all Israel would pay more attention to Torah and the Prophets they would be in better shape. Israel, get rid of the incompetent government and find yourself a David. Do teshuva and turn away from your secular idols. Then the Father will reveal your Moshiach to you and will fight for you and the whole world will know that there is an Elohim in Yisrael!
12. These are leading religioius figures? Leading whom?
Karen R ,   USA   (11.06.07)
"Rabbis" has such an official sound in the headline - and then you give a list of right-wing fringe rabbis who represent only their own hyper-nationalist clique. If you had quoted Shas or UTJ, maybe it would have been accurate. But these people?
13. Rabbis warn Bush
Cindy ,   Bensalem Pa USA   (11.06.07)
From this story it looks to me like the Almighty has His remnant in place. Did this Rabbi read ''Eye to Eye'',By Bill Koenig?...he is absolutely right about Bush provoking the Almighty. However, I am hopeful that the Almighty will remove His children here ,before pouring out His wrath on the USA..
14. Rabbi's Warn Bush
Heatherross ,   Clarksville, USA   (11.06.07)
I don't believe a loving God will by His Hand harm us, but I believe by our sins He will remove His protection from us. Doesn't matter what Bush does. God is still in control is He not? Do you think Bush can stop what God has written? NO. If God wrote to build a Temple On The Temple Mount, guess what, no one is going to stop Him, He will find someone to do His Will in such a time as this, NO MAN CAN OVERCOME OR DEFEAT GOD OR CHANGE HIS PLANS. TO GOD ALONE IS THE VICTORY. He doesn't even need Rabbi's to speak up, He WILL do what HE says He Will, and HE is the last WORD!
15. Fascist rabbis
Jonathan ,   Ramat Gan   (11.06.07)
Yep - the usual gobbldygook claptrap from the obscurantists This is orthodox Judaism ? What a pathetic apology for a religion.
16. christians more loyal to israel then our own p.m
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (11.06.07)
reading the comments on this article. i see something amazing and the same time very disturbing, all the commentators with jewish names,are very critical of these rabbi's,on the other hand the ones with the christian names,all of them absolutely agree with the rabbi's,and they themselves beg mr.bush not to give away parts of israel to these murderous arabs
17. Re# 8
Mike ,   USA   (11.06.07)
I am sad that you are brainwashed by the Israeli media. Imagine if some body kick you out of your house.I do not need your answer but keep it for your self (are you gonna do -no thing to get your property). It is one of the simplest human rights.
18. Rabbi Meir Druckman
Dennis ,   San Jose, USA   (11.06.07)
Any misguided Christians out there who doubt this Rabbi. He is correct. The God who created the universe is the God of Abraham, His name is NOT allah, He will prove this soon. Read Obadiah 1-21 & Ezekial (chptrs) 38 & 39. Arab nations that have & will again harm Israel, have been punished & yet again shall be badly beaten. Please, George Bush listen to the Christian God you have said you believe in. Israel owns the Land because the God of Abraham says so.
19. How Patriotic those Rabbis are
George ,   USA   (11.06.07)
God will punich America for Annapolis according to both Bin Laden and the those Rabbis. That's a good sign
20. Agree
Natan   (11.07.07)
I agree with the fact that Israel should not give up any land because it will never get any thing in return. But punishment by God?? Give me a break!!!
21. Why not appeal to Satan himself?
Daniel ben Adam ,   SF USA   (11.06.07)
Bush is acting on orders from his dark lord satan. Bush only cloaks himself in Christianity to deceive! To appeal to him is foolish. Appeal to the Holy One, only He has the power to save. From a messianic Jewish believer in Yeshua. Daniel
22. That's Right #16
David ,   Los Angeles   (11.06.07)
Indeed it is VERY disturbing that a group of extremist rabbis who cannot get Jews to support their views, are able to receive support from Christians. But not all Christians. Just Christians who believe that we are at the "End of Days" when there will be a world war followed by the return of Jesus the son of G-d and the conversion of the Jews to Christianity. These rabbis have proven themselves NOT loyal to Israel. They elsewhere have advocated, among other things, the killing of innocent civilians, refusal by Israeli soldiers to obey orders they don't like, that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the Messiah soon to rise from the grave etc. And now that Hurricane Katrina is a punishment from G-d for supporting the disengagement from Gaza!
23. Otter #3: Why the term fringe?
Steve ,   US   (11.07.07)
Perhaps you are aware, during Abraham Lincoln's day, Republican abolitionists were considered "radicals" and pro-slavery Republicans were the "conservatives." Today all Republicans would be abolitionists. The point is, the term "fringe" is meaningless! Would that folks like Pastor John Hagee -- Christians United For Israel -- send a letter to Mr. Bush like this letter instead of the cringing, fawning letter they did send to Bush last July, essentially saying, 'go ahead, like King Solomon, divide the baby in two'!
24. crazy people
John   (11.06.07)
25. "fringe group", "right wing"
John3:16 ,   Hotlanta, USA   (11.06.07)
Pejorartives, like "Fringe" and "Right Wing", are also used by the socalled "objective" news outlets, here in America, when describing those who would petition the US President to support Israel and not attempt to divide her.. AND who would also dare to "warn" him of dire consequences if he follows such a path.. The difference being, it's the evangelical Christian supporters of Israel who are thus labeled "fringe" and "right wing"... Ps 122:6
26. #15 Jonathan, #19 George: Two ignoramuses!
Steve ,   US   (11.07.07)
Neither of you two know what you are talking about. You are both ignorant.
27. In response to #6
Melech ,   Israel   (11.07.07)
You may call our Rabbi's anything you want but the facts speak for themselves, anyone and any nation that has supported terrorism, hatred of Israel, giving away of land of Israel, etc has been punished in one way or another. Any G-d fearing individual would think twice about writing your response let alone believing it!
28. Rabbis to Bush
Paul ,   NewYork USA.   (11.07.07)
I totally agree with the open letter, I suggest to Mr.Bush to read the book by WILLIAM KOENIG [not jewish]:EYE TO EYE. Facing The Conseqennces Of Dividing Israel. Before he takes a further step to cause God/s anger against our beloved America think and stop!
29. Hallo! Is this Rabbi?
Larry ,   LA   (11.07.07)
Katrina hurricane, California fires the hand of God? Now let me ask you something rabbi. You know Kupat Holim? you surely know the long queues for medicines at the pharmacy? So let me tell you something rabbi; An angel, that is my father, has been disturbed for years by his neighbourhood residents wanting medicines, without going to the pharmacy. So, often we have had our dinner interrupted by people bringing their prescription in the evening, so that my dad will bring the medicines with him after work and spare them the queuing. And guess what rabbi? my dad, the pharmacist, will go and knock on the doors after work to supply these people. He referred to this act as a ‘Mitzvah’. Did he deserve to die in excruciating pain from cancer at 68 years of age? I truly believed in you guys and God before he passed away. Katrina is work of nature and California is a work of criminal arsonists. Leave God alone. He lost interested in you and me and the rest of the world. He surely didn’t care about my father. Why would I care?
30. Rabbis warn Bush
Joy B. ,   Houston, TX USA   (11.07.07)
To #4 Bush and Rice were the ones to strong arm Israel into forcibly removing their own people in Aug. 2005. As for Sharon, he had a stroke and went into a coma 4 months later, never to recover. God was shaking his fist and saying, "Leave my people alone"!
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