Thousands of Palestinians apply for Israeli citizenship
Ronny Shaked
Published: 07.11.07, 10:22
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1. Good Life
Hate Isreal but enjoy her benefits?? Riiiight! Getting our bread buttered on both sides, are we?
2. Condition their citizenship by pledging allegiance to Israel
Tahl ,   Israel   (11.07.07)
as a democratic, Jewish state, where they must take on the citizens obligations as well as the rights. As well as pledging they would not travel to enemy states, identify with Israel's enemies, and incite against Israel. If they fail to abide by these promises - revoke their citizenship immediately and throw them back to to the PA. Getting $770 a month from Israel, plus medical care, human rights, due process, safe from the Palestinian anarchy - should not come for free. Either accept and respect our state for what it is, or not be a part of it.
3. No Citizen Applications Should Be Approved.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.07.07)
On the contrary, even residency permits should be cancelled. If the Minister of the Interior, Mr Sheetrit, wants to limit Jewish immigration, then I fail to see why he could favour Arab immigration. Or is his only interest buying votes no matter what the consequences to the country? By the way, that was a rhetorical question since we all know the answer.
4. This issue is being misrepresented
Jake T ,   Alaska   (11.07.07)
There is another agenda, aside from under Israeli rule, that should be mentioned: the quiet demographic war against the state of Israel. Arabs with Israeli citizenship deliberately choose non-Israeli wives. They are expected to do so by their own people. Then they take multiple wives. And so on. And eventually, they and their children get the vote. It's self evident, isn't it?
5. Speaks volumes.
6. A drowning man will catch a straw
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (11.07.07)
7.  . . just gettting back into my chair . . .
Baffled ,   Downunda   (11.07.07)
(laughed so hard, I fell off!) Sorry, it's actually quite a sad scene, but really, WTF is one to think?!?
8. i thought the zionist entity was the embodiment of evil?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.07.07)
it seems that the propaganda hasn't reached the very people it was meant to support. and that proves that israel is actually very good to palestinians and a great place for arabs to live. yes, life is pretty brutal living amongst jews. in fact, i'll take israeli brutality over islamic "freedom" any day.
9. this is whats known as "voting with your feet"
10. only 3000
antieveryone ,   Dubai - UAE   (11.07.07)
there are 5 million other who refuse israeli nationality . 3000 is not even 1 %. this article is irrelevant.
andrew ,   Miami,FL   (11.07.07)
12. #6...well said
A watcher ,   Canada   (11.07.07)
#6...well said
13. Finally something sensible from Mr. Atilla Karagözoğlu
Hoo Friken Ray! ,   Ahoy Out There   (11.07.07)
14. THIS IS OLD NEWS, 89% of all Palestians feel this way.....
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (11.07.07)
.....the other 11% are either affiliated with terror or make a fat living off the PA.
15. Very good remark, Atilla.
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (11.07.07)
They know they'll have a better life under Israeli rule than they would under the PA!!
16. MK David Rotem's bill should be put into affect for them
Joseph P. ,   Jerusalem   (11.07.07),7340,L-3468010,00.html
17. 6 - or...
Or is it the rats fleeing a doomed ship?
18. What if?
Sidney ,   USA   (11.07.07)
What if the Palestinian residents of the west bank in a fair election with a secret ballot were given three choices: 1) government by Fatah 2) government by Hamas 3) territorial status (like Puerto Rico) under Israeli sovereignty? Might the world be surprised and the Palestinian-Israeli dispute settled?
19. You better read Zechariah 12: 2-3, Ronny
Smooth ,   ma fish falastin   (11.07.07)
Calling the eastern part of Jerusalem the fabricated name, East Jerusalem , misrepresents Jerusalem by insinuating that it is already partitioned, which is what Jew-hating arabs want the international community to think. "East Jerusalem" does not exist as a separate entity from Jerusalem. In addition, the entity calling itself Palestine is also not real, and Arabists and Islamists who claim that the entity calling itself Palestine is real, is the root cause of all the problems in the Middle East and around the world. It is kleptomania in its most basic form.
20. you mean they actually prefer?...
oferdesade ,   israel   (11.07.07)
how dumb are these people! they prefer the israeli education system to the hamas'? or the un's? they prefer israeli health insurence? they prefer israeli politicans? they prefer olmert? have these locos ever in their abysmal history done something right?
21. #3 I sort of disagree
5th generation ,   Israel   (11.07.07)
The immigration Sheetrit is trying to curb is specifically that proven destructive to our culture (fake or destroyed Jews, etc.). In contrast, the Palestinian entity only made us stronger in the past.
22. #4 Israelis are quite aware of this Arab deceit
D ,   Israel   (11.07.07)
We KNOW very well what their (the Arab's) plans are. No Israeli citizenship should be granted to them. They should stay with the PA they are soooooo loyal to! Back in 2000 they were all throwing bombs at us and now they want to be our friends??? How interesting.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.07.07)
24. #10 from UAE - 5 Million arabs of East Jerusalem.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.07.07)
Just shows how little you know about this country. The entire city, East and West has less than 800,000 souls. Not to mention your reading comprehension - thousands of arab residents of East Jerusalem currently without Israeli passports, alone, is all this is about (not residents of Qalqilya, Tukarem or Jenin) willing to risk the scorn of their so-called Palestinian bretheren to admit they would rather continue to enjoy Israeli governance than be ruled by a bunch of incompetant, fanatical thugs is very significant. Your comment is irrelevant - so you should stick to something you know, like perhaps pumping oil. Trust me, these applications will be tossed in the trash where they belong.
25. #10 response
Paul ,   USA   (11.07.07)
I think the wealthy UAE should absorb the rest of the 5 million Palestinians and give them $750 a month.
26. the reason is
world ,   earth   (11.07.07)
israel is so aggressive welfared by the USA military that WHO in their right mind would want to get bombed by the jewish state. ? NO ONE. especially if you have kids. its safer on that side. the Palestinians are PENNED in by the jewish state. life would suck. no matter what your religion or the fact your land was taken by the jews. THIS ACT IS CALLED SURVIVAL. anbd self preservation.
27. #10: Reading comprehension
Igor ,   Germany   (11.07.07)
Which "5 million other [...] refuse israeli nationality"? Only the Jerusalem residents, 250,000 of them, are eligible. Compared to previous rate of 300 requests a year, 3000 in 4 months is a 3000% (in letters: three thousand percent) rise!
28. Palestinians want Israeli citizenship
I.Kemp ,   Naharia   (11.07.07)
So they can vote for a Palestinian state in srael ? No thanks
29. This is the Ultimate Indictment of Arab Countries
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (11.07.07)
30. No citizenship for palestinians!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (11.07.07)
Just the opposite must happen:they must have citinzenship stripped! They must feel HARD in the skin what they have lost by being the beasts they are against Jews and the Jewish state.A lesson is only effective when it trully and deeply hurts! Actually,we shouldn´t teach them anything else anymore-let them learn by themselves ,and lets keep us following our own way and fixing our own problems among ourselves. Let them live among their owns,far from us . It is a misery having this people among us! But the most important is:JERUSALEM CAN NOT BE DIVIDED!They must leave and go to live or in Jordan or in Saudi Arabia-their own place and where their roots are!
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