Ron Lauder funding campaign against division of Jerusalem
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 25.11.07, 09:33
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1. Not only Juresalem but also all the country
Khalil Ishabib ,   Ein Karem, Alquds   (11.25.07)
This will not fly. The only solution that will end this forever is this: Set an international body (UN) to restore all property back to the real owners as it was before May 1948 ( use Jordan, UK and Turkey records as guidence) then allow all such people either to live in, sell or lease such property at thire choice. NEXT is free elections in historical Palestine from Jordan Rev to Midt SEA. Compensate the owners for the usage of such property for the last 60 years and do the same to the JEWS who left Arab countries at the same time. End of zoinizim and imperiallizim. There is no other way forward except living by the sward and ending also by sward for Jews or Arabs and Muslims. Say 16 millions as oppose to 1.5 billions, the result is well known. Make your choice befor it is too late.
2. Let us start with this one
Abo Mohamad ,   Juresalem, Palestine   (11.25.07)
Natan Sharansky go back to Russia
3. It's a lost cause
Secular Eagle   (11.25.07)
There is no realistic way we will be able to keep Jerusalem if we are to ever reach any kind of agreement with the Palestinians. Instead of squandering time and all this money (while a third of Israelis are living below the poverty line!!) building castles in the air, Sharansky and his deluded backers would do well to do something constructive in the direction of indeed attaining an agreement with the other side(s), which will benefit us all.
4. When you consider what fanatics in Gaza are doing
Rivkah   (11.25.07)
with missiles aimed at Sderot and Ashkelon, dividing Jerusalem would invite missile attacks on the Knesset. Mr. Lauder is putting his money where his mouth is in protecting Jerusalem. Good for him. If Jerusalem is divided and the borders of Israel are set at the Annapolis conference, look for the Messiah to come in seven years since a lot of other things have fallen into place. In 2007, Resolution 666 was CONFIRMED for SEVEN years which fits the description of Daniel of a Covenant with Death that is confirmed for seven years. By peace the little horn of Daniel who is not yet revealed, will destroy many. When he goes into the rebuilt Third Temple and says he is God when he is not, that will identify who he is. The slaughter of Jews will begin at the West Bank immediately after that. It will be too late to reverse the Covenant with Death at that point. The Jews are told to flee to the area of Petra. The Dead Sea is drying up and at that point cars will be able to transverse it into Jordan where God will protect them, as the antichrist (pretend christ) destroys profoundly and by peace kills two thirds of Israel before the Messiah comes.
5. the day the palestinians of east jerusalem are treated equel
dafer ,   jerusalem   (11.25.07)
is the day jerusalem will be undevided , and with people like kahana ( may he rot in hell ) and sharansky and liberman 'the zionists that are distroying israel ' not only jerusalem , but all of israel will stay devided . GO OLMERT , ABASS , BUSH GO...
6. Palestinians didn't ask for money to keep Jerusalem united
in their hands. However, it's okay if you insist on that.
7. # 5 ...but some are more equal .....
Hans ,   Markdorf, Germany   (11.25.07)
"Animal farm" by George Orwell
8. Move the dome of the rock to Mecca
Petra ,   usa   (11.25.07)
Then, no need for any muslim to come to Jerusalem. They want to lie, steal, cheat, murder anything and everything to stop the Israelites from having their own Promised land. It wont work, Israel and Jerusalem is for the Jews. The palestine they want is limited to their dreams.
9. When they divide Mecca and Medina we'll divide Jerusalem
Gidi ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.07)
Arabs and Muslims need to understand that not everything is theirs. Palestine/Israel/Judea whatever you call it belongs to the Jews. Arabia belongs to Arabs. It's that simple. Stay the **** out of our capital.
10. 7 Hans: And you know what happened to the most loyal, hard
Rivkah   (11.25.07)
woking animal on the farm when he got too old to work after he had soothed so many others and gotten them to work for the pigs who ran the farm: the mule was taken to the glue factory so his meat could be made into pet food and his hooves into glue. The pigs at Annapolis will sell the Jews of Israel down the river, but instead of being taken to glue factories, they will be made into lampshades like in Nazi Germany when the Jew haters got the upper hand.
11. 8 Petra: The rock under the dome of the rock is the stone
Rivkah   (11.26.07)
Abraham offered Isaac on to the Lord who stopped him and provided a ram as a sacrifice instead. So the rock should go to the Jews with the copper dome going to the Moslems. The pillow stone of Isaac is called the Stone of Scone and is under the throne of British Monarchs, the throne they are crowned on. That should belong to the Jews, too.
12. Let all Muslim Arabs live under PA rule...
Nannette ,   London   (11.26.07)
Then there will be peace INSIDE Israel. Let the Jews have their holiest of places and let the whole world know that Jerusalem has never been a holy place in Islam. The lie was politicised and fabricated in 1931 by Hitlers friend, the Mufti of Jerusalem, after he'd orchestrated the Hebron massacre.
13. #12 and nonsense
English guy ,   London, UK   (11.26.07)
"Jerusalem has never been a holy place in Islam" Well, keep repeating a pathetic canard long enough and perhaps you will believe it, but a couple of billion Moslems will need more convincing than the constant repetition of a piece of Zionist wishful thinking. Honestly - when you look at the reality of the world, when you look at the way Moslems react towards Jerusalem, do you really think that your pathetic whingy hoarse loan sad voice calling out in the wilderness "Jerusalem was never holy in Islam" has actually got a constituency of Moslems listening to you? "Oh, yeah, Nanette is right. Let's drop the whole idea". Doesn't there come a time when certain people get tired of writing absolutely fallacious pieces of crapola, time and time again? i.e. wishful thinking does not make political analysis
14. #13 There's plenty of documentation and analysis...
Nannette ,   London   (11.26.07)
There's the written words of the Mufti himself! There's also the arguments that ensued in the Islamic world in 1931 when Hajj Amin Al Husseini declared Jerusalem the place where Mohammed tethered his horse. Mohammed had never been to Jerusalem, a city of which the name has never changed under any occupation or rule. Show one place in the koran where the word Jerusalem is mentioned... you won't find any!
15. #14 and faux documentation
English guy ,   London   (11.26.07)
So - let's also say there's lots of documentation from Jewish leaders around Eastern Europe when the idea of political Zionism first arose - stating that it was an anathema to the religion... and yet here we are a hundred and thirty years later and mainstream Judaism has changed its mind. So by your crude and self-serving logic, the opinions of 98% of the members of a particular religion who believe something in 2007 can be discounted because someone in 1931 said something different. Why don't you give it a break. Just accept that the Islamic holy places in Jerusalem are just that - holy to Islam. You can wish it away, you can dream your pathetic little anti-Moslem dreams, but, ya habibti, you cannot change the reality of the beliefs of a few billion people. You are in essence paddling up a dirty creek without a paddle and thinking that you are on a Caribbean cruise. So sad. So self-deluding.
16. #1 #2
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.26.07)
Probably because arabs like you are so "politically correct", that the day right after the rummors started to spread about a possible (G-d forbid) division of Jerusalem, thousands of your arab brethen (thousands ,not tens or even hundreds) flocked to the ministry of the interior begging for Israeli citizenship. And what about "Palestinian citizenship"
17. Which Ron Lauder? What is his email?
Leslie ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (11.26.07)
there are two ron lauders, one that runs estee lauder and one that is head of JNF. Does anyone know who he is?
18. dividing Jerusalem
Rich ,   Pittsburgh, PA   (11.26.07)
Zechariah 14:2 says in the future when Jerusalem is attached, half the city goes into captivity. I suppose that's the Jewish sector. After its division, the Temple Mount will be divided as told in Ezekiel 13 and 43:8
19. English guy #15 -- I'll bet dollars to donuts English wasn't
your first language. Do you translate from Arabic with a dictionary for the talkbacks? You must get a lot of practice using the dictionary to translate for your parents -- or do they still live in Pakistan?
20. bottom line
Kat ,   Winston-Salem, USA   (11.27.07)
It's very interesting to read these comments. Bottom line is that God gave Israel to the Jews and He won't look favorably upon any that go against that. He WILL be exalted and glorified in the end. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord." Countdown to Armageddon, here. Maranatha.
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