Shas minister: Americans' attitude to report reminiscent of Auschwitz
Roni Sofer
Published: 09.12.07, 14:30
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1. The West is not confused ...
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.09.07)
They know the truth. But they won't be the first target. We will. Our gov't. is confused. They still think the world gives a rat's ass about us. Don't be confused - no one really cares if we get hit. After Tel Aviv goes up in a mushroom cloud, our friends & allies will tell us to "exercise restraint" .... If Ahmadinejad made speeches about wiping London of the map or wiping Paris off the map, they would have bombed him already. What do you think would happen if the Iranian crazies threatened Russia or China?
2. Shas Ministers the usual hypocracy
Simon ,   TA Israel   (12.09.07)
Shas Ministers attitudes towards the gay population of Israel is reminiscent to that of the Nazis, so somehow i think they are last people to be making such comments.
3. Article and #1 partially correct...
Mark Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (12.09.07)
Fortunately though there are many more of us Americans, including the President, that don't accept such an apparently faulty or misleading intelligence report.
4. "Never Again" should have a practical meaning for us!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (12.09.07)
5. Cohen is right! And BTW: Apples = Oranges
Saneity ,   Israel   (12.09.07)
6. A man of truth
Yohanan   (12.09.07)
Finnaly, an Israeli MK has the courage to say the truth: American state department is traditionally acting to sacrifice Jews on the altar of American political interests.
7. reports
gil ,   ashkelon   (12.09.07)
Iranians had never told the UN or the Us,they had a military nuclear program prior of 2003.Nobody seems surprised,nevertheless everybody trust a report assessing the suspension of that deadly threat.Iranians are liars and remain liars till their end.
8. US policy
jerry ,   USA   (12.09.07)
The policy of obfuscation is a win-win situation for US politicians. It removes the need to take action that could disrupt the oil markets. Apparently, the American economy is verging on recession and no one wants to be the historical reason for pushing it over the edge. If Israel takes the lead, then whatever happens is the fault of the Jews, but leaves US and Europe squeaky clean. If Israel goes under, then relations between the West and Europe can flourish without regard to the moral questions surrounding Jewish blood. US policy makers have relieved themselves of a Hobson's choice dilemma.
9. Now Shas knows something the US doesn't know?
Mike   (12.09.07)
The answer is no, they don't. I doubt Yitzhak Cohen even knows where Teheran is, let alone criticize the American intelligence sources.
10. Duh ? ,You thought they changed ?
marcel ,   florida   (12.09.07)
Israel's major mistake of placing so much trust in the US and their failed failed,failed agneda since olso 93' reveals serious sin within the Jewish camp. You forget Hashem and bow to the demands of a bully empire and you expect the outcome to be good ?
11. Shas remaining in Olmert cabinet
eddie ,   london UK   (12.09.07)
They talk about America in the Holocaust, but they remain complacent to bolster Olmert's govt , while he is destroying the Jewish presence In Judea.
12. obsessed
nelly ,   Israel   (12.09.07)
Simon, you are so obsessed whith gay's issues that you'll not even feel when Iranians nuke you. Most Israleis are so provincial and ignorant in terms of geopolitics they could only bother themselfes whith minor and marginal.
Iran DOEsnt have nukes get it? and USA isnt go to send their young in to die for you . we ARE SICK OF IT. go in there yourself if you want to BUT USA wants to take care of its own for once- if jews want their own jew state- leave USA out of it. we are made of all races and religions- not just one. Most Americans think ISRAEL is a BURDEN- bad for the USA foreign p[oliucy-financial situation and racist to boot. CIAO!!!
14. Shas aids US / Iran making Israel weak
David ,   Shilo Israel   (12.09.07)
I appeal to 'all' Jews...we need common ground in face of dedicated enemies. Yes, I live in the so called W. Bank, but does any Jew in their right (or left) mind think that my family & friends living in Shilo (the first capital of Israel with archeological proof) are the obstacle to true peace? Do you really believe that Jewish lives in TA & the airport would be safer if our houses overlooking 'lower Israel' found their way to Hamas? Is the Negev, Sderot, Ashkelon etc., safer after thousands of Jews were uprooted without compensation to appease the 'then' PA controlled strip? I'm sick of being called right-wing, settler, knitted kippur & anything else that separates me from other Jews who are really not much different from me when we meet as simple Jews. I'm also sick of other Jews thinking that their political or religious block alone holds all the answers, & that includes Shas. Bottom line is that Jews everywhere face the gravest threat. Look at the rise of neo-nazism in your 'home' country if you think you're an exception. We need strong leadership that places Jewish interest first & serves to strengthen our small embattled country. We can then worry about important social issues facing non-Jews, which do exist! Going back to WW2 lines in Israel, also invites a return to conditions that gave rise to the holocaust. Jews, let's not see our strength as a burden, it is a gift worthy of caring for! The world does cares for the downtrodden Jew, but at what price do we satisfy creating this negative image? Each Jew is a special chosen being. Please G-d each Jew will discover their true roots, meanwhile don't be so quick to overturn them.
15. simon,2#, can't you stick to the subject at hand?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.09.07)
Why use this as another opportunity to attack Shas? For once the Shas are saying something that makes sense. If Iran does drop an atomic bomb on Tel Aviv then all of its citizens will be killed including its homosexual citizens. You should be just as worried about Iran as the Shas are.
16. yes, but
Shir ,   Finland   (12.09.07)
Israelis act like ghetto Jews too, they just sit and wait for Iran to build the nuclear weapon and attack. I wonder if you understand that it is your responsibility to handle the situation. Lives will be lost if Israel attacks Iran, but that is nothing compared to what will happen if Iran is allowed to continue the program. I can´t understand those wimpy cowards who say Israel should not attack Iran. I understand that Israel needs some time to be well prepared, but do those idiots really think there won´t be consequences if Iran is allowed to continue with the program?? If the possibility of war makes these wimps shiver with fear then how does an idea of Israel getting nuked feel??
17. #9
I hate to tell you, but British intelligence has already criticized the report and they're basically saying we've been snookered by the Iranians. Also, I wouldn't be too sure that Yitzhak Cohen doesn't know where Teheran is. In fact, I doubt there's a single Israeli with any functioning brain cells who doesn't.
18. David #14; Shilo, Israel: I'm with you.
Steve ,   Fla.   (12.09.07)
19. let´s talk seriously
oscar ,   buenos aires   (12.09.07)
You are right: Iran is trying to get the bomb. BUT... you already got the bomb. Same right and obligations for everyone. Israel must sign and fulfill the nonproliferation treaty.
20. Iran isn't Iraq....
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.09.07)
You have to know that The last American intelligence report on Iran has been changed the whole Equation....Don't believe Condoleeza rice....the last US report means USA don't want to attack Iran... sovereign nation of more than 70-million people....The global economy is going towards the China and Russia according to the international economics study centers and Think Tanks....China and Russia will overtake the United States as the largest economy in the world. ....and USA has a lot of internal problems ...e.g health , unemployment, a serious debt problem for world bank, wars in different locations of the world, New Orleans catastrophe, fires burn in California parks and I see the USA problem is pure economic loss...and USA don't want to lose much more financially in war against Iran that will be easy to start but hard to end that may include many countries....especially Iran is strategic allies with China and don't really blame Livni...Israel is alone...anyone who is ultra newbie like me or expert will say the same...
21. Trouble Coming
GZLives   (12.09.07)
If you read the post by "True American" you will see an example of the rise of the new Jew hatred sentiment in the US thanks to the Left's exploiting the failure of Bush and pinning much of the blame on the evil neocons which like the word "Zionist" is yet another codeword for "the Jews". Bush hasn't the political capital to do anything militarily with Iran and so instead of looking weak, they've opted to create an intelligence report that will be used to justify taking no action. At the same time, the US has armed the Saudis and essentially given the Israelis their marching orders regarding the Palestinians. It appears that Bush is throwing his lot in with the Saudis and the Jews are once again expendable. In the UK we see similar problems given the Labour Party scandals and the subsequent whispers of "Jewish Conspiracies" which renders any action supporting Israel virtually impossible. In France its a similar problem with Sarkozy being accused of being a pawn of a "Jewish Lobby". The handwriting on the wall. We are alone and things are going to get worse if we continue to depend on the US and the US plan which will put Israel at the mercy of a US General who will answer to US politicians who will likely be from the Democrat Party's left. The Left's far left flank is leading the charge against us having bonded up with the "Free Palestine" crowd and also accepting much of a revised history written by the Islamist and pro Arabs which has been most responsible for the anti semitic sentiment growing by leaps and bounds all over the West. Any new terror attack will immediately be blamed on Israel's Mossad and a Jewish cabal. Israel must elect a strong leader now more then ever or it will find itself more isolated and threatened then it's ever been in its entire short history.
22. #13 Arrogant American
Marcel ,   Florida   (12.09.07)
You think nothing of interfering in Israel's sovereign affairs ,stealing her land and giving it to Islamic terrorists . You pressure Israel to release terrorist killers and restrain israel from defeating her enemies . You trample Israels sovereignty with great impunity and you treacherously betray Israel for gain with your Saudi whores. May the evil you have inflicted on Israel under your deviious lie of peace come back on yourselves.
23. NO MATTER WHAT................
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.09.07)
Someone,somewhere wants to keep the issue of so called 'Iranians are going for the bomb',alive. No matter who has the intelligenge sources,at the end of the day it is made to look that Iran is going for Nuclear bomb.However, let us also understand that should pressure be applied on Iran,there is more likelihood of Iran going for the bomb even if they are not doing it now.They may withdraw from the NPT to start with.Military action against Iran should also not be underestimated knowing fairly well by now that Iran's retaliation is going to be several pronged and not confined to try and shoot down incoming aircrafts and missiles.It has gradually fortified its strategic installation which are KNOWN to its adversaries and is rapidly developing offensive means to negate one-way possible action by USA or Israel.All these factors have to be taken into account and not simply put as if it is going to be an easy ride over the Iranian airspace.
24. 13#, are you a native American Indian?
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (12.09.07)
Somehow I doubt it. You are not a "true American" but you are a true anti-semite. By the way, polls have consistently shown that the majority of Americans support Israel.
25. US vs UK.
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.09.07)
US intelligence says NO.....British intelligence MI6 says YES....this means NO real intelligence information...this contradiction can be used by the iranians if they are talent enough...just a small project that aims to increase the gap between the British and USA...the European Union....some sort of splitting that lead to the possible consequences of success for Iranians...Savak Can you do that if not..just email me -:)
26. US vs UK.
Ibrahim ,   Egypt   (12.09.07)
US intelligence says NO.....British intelligence MI6 says YES....this means NO real intelligence information...this contradiction can be used by the iranians if they are talent enough...just a small project that aims to increase the gap between the British and US...therefore..European Union....some sort of splitting that lead to the possible consequences of success for Iranians...Savak Can you do that if not..just email me!!!!
27. Shas, Mind your own business
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (12.09.07)
If Israel has slam dunk intel on Iran's nuke program, then let the United States in on it. It's not like we have a tough audience with George W. But if the intel does not exist, butt out. This is a US internal matter.
28. #13
Lecram ,   US   (12.09.07)
As a Jew and an American from Brooklyn ( Bay Ridge ) you are correct!!!
29. Marcel #22: #13 probably is a "True American"
Steve ,   Fla.   (12.09.07)
My guess is, #13 speaks for most Americans. Why aren't Americans complaining about President Bush's immoral policies toward the Holy Land? #13 is probably right. Most Americans view Israel as an obstacle, a stumbling stone and a burden. Israel is a heavy burden. A heavy stone. Most Americans agree with Bush: Israel is not worth supporting or preserving. Most Americans probably agree with Iran's president. "Israel should be wiped off the map." Bush is a false friend of the Jews. Most Americans side with Mr. Bush. #13 is a great American. A true American.
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