Shas minister: Americans' attitude to report reminiscent of Auschwitz
Roni Sofer
Published: 09.12.07, 14:30
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61. NIE report reminiscent of Auschwitz
lawence langner ,   san antonio, texas   (12.10.07)
the Minister and others quoted in this article would do WELL to read the recent interview which the reclusive, secretive, Dick Cheney gave a couple of days after the NIE was published. reading BETWEEN THE LINES, he is saying that while he accepts the NIE at face value, "they may not know everything" (that is to be known, that probably IS known by Cheney & cohorts). this is classic Washingtonese CYA (cover your A**) doublespeak, meaning, "we DO know data contrary to this report, but will not produce it or protest the report, and will allow whatever is to happen to occur, because it will strengthen our Republican political hand nationally in implementing more repressive civil rights incursions legislation" and there is the attendant aspect of enabling U.S. economic engagement with the Iranians through non-confrontational SILENCE. So when is a sin of OMISSION a sin of COMMISSION? When Israel has been brought to its knees? GDENK, my brothers in the Spirit. GDENK. lest we ALL die. I am only a quarter Jewish by blood, but what is about to come forth upon Life's stage is fearful. As Disraeli once said, "who does not know the past is condemned to repeat it". Never forget!! Never ALLOW the Evil to proceed! Silence IS Consent.
62. Bush not Blind
Elmer ,   USA   (12.10.07)
That phony Intel Report is as phony as the 3 Clinton holdovers who wrote it. Bush knows the truth!
63. When Will We Learn
Ben K. ,   New Orleans, LA, USA   (12.10.07)
... not to let our foreign policy be dictated to us by the "Hitler of the Month Club"?
64. I have an idea about Iran!
Tom ,   NYC   (12.10.07)
How about you dudes fight your OWN war next time, k?
65. Israel & USA
Michael ,   USA   (12.10.07)
I regret that the USA has gone wobbly in it's support of Israel and the condemnation of Iran. Ahmadinjihad has told us all he wants to "wipe Israel off the map". Past US administrations would have put the onus on Iran to prove they did not intend to "wipe Israel off the map". I hope Israel has a plan to defend itself, because it looks like it is going to be up to Israel to take on Iran. All the best to my Israeli friends.
66. Americans attitude
annsue2 ,   Chicago. USA   (12.10.07)
STFU Israel. Learn to fight your own battles, and stop trying to leech off of America!
sue2 ,   Chicago, USA   (12.10.07)
Your post #13 is absolutely correct... Just read some of the posts on here to get the real picture... Pathetic.............................
decietful politician ,   nv   (12.10.07)
majority of American politicians are all bought and paid for by the LOBBIES....question is....who is currently the most powerful lobby In Congress?DUH! and it is'nt the Iranian oil bourse.
69. oh give it a break - guilt account overdrawn
Georgann Marks ,   As;en   (12.10.07)
enough already... you have the US by the cajones - and your grip is slipping.... but Stop with the holocaust crap.... nobody cares anymore... specifically the Cambodians, Russians, Armenians and every other group who has endured the killing fields of an adversary.
70. US Intelligence Report
Joseph W. Schultz ,   Mesa, USA   (12.10.07)
OK, We give up. Send us a list of all the countries you want destroyed. We have plenty of missiles and depleted uranium, so you wont have to waste yours. JWS
71. What is the motivation for Bush to be a "false friend"?
Tim ,   New York City, USA   (12.10.07)
Bush is very pro-Israel, as is most of America; much more than Europe or the rest of the world. He does not have the political capital to send American troops into Iran however due to Iraq and Afghanistan. American soldiers' lives may be expendible to you, but we the people are tired of foreign wars in the desert. I have great sympathy for the Israelis and the danger they are in, and definitely support them over terrorist groups. However calling your American allies anti-semites, false friends and the like is not a good way to engender support.
72. Poll this!
Bob Winters ,   Las Vegas, NV USA   (12.10.07)
In a last ditch effort for emotional appeal - Auschwitz is invoked. This is getting really old. 6 million jews were killed by hitler, 60 million christians were killed by stalin. What is your point again? You don't hear Christians complain when we don't get our way. What poll says Americans all support the Israeli government? I wasn't polled. I would say that I don't care either way what Israel does or what happens to it. I do care that the US gets dragged into situations like Iraq - clearly only for Israel's sake. You have nukes... If you think Iran is a threat, use them. You can deal with the rest of the countries of the world turning Israel into a radioactive wasteland for it's evil agression. Call me anti-Semite if it makes you feel superior, I write the truth and you know I am right.
73. You're all so alarmist...
Jeff ,   Los Angeles, CA   (12.10.07)
but I think I would be too if I didn't have two oceans separating me from potential enemies. The way this NIE report played here in the USA to the left was interesting. It was like a giant breath of fresh air. Thank God we're not going to be bombing Iran anytime soon. The last thing we need is another dreadful Middle East war. To us, it's all a bit like the fall of 2002, except this time, something sane has happened. To the right in America, this played out predictably. The right loves to cite intelligence reports about Iran, but now they are claiming it was the state department who did this and that the intelligence is obviously incorrect. To others, it vindicates Bush's invasion of Iraq. If the report is true, Iran dropped its program because of the speed and success the US had in toppling Saddam. As far as A-Jad's words: need I remind you Israelis that Krushchev pounded his shoe on the table at the UN and promised to "bury" the Americans. He was quite capable of carrying out that threat, moreso than A-Jad is capable of wiping Israel off the map. I won't pretend to understand your insecurities since I'm not a Jew, but I appreciate your history. I'm just left to wonder how you think a pre-emptive strike on Iran or increasingly bellicose statements towards Tehran would make you feel safer at home.
74. Mean Americans
Dave ,   Florida, USA   (12.10.07)
Israel has spies in the US, has attacked our warships, and this newspaper constantly talks about what Americans should be doing. You even tell American Christians what terms we should be allowed to use in OUR RELIGION. Then you go encourage us to all vote for democrats who would LOVE IT if you were wiped off the map. You people make no sense. G-d loves you. I love you. But you make no sense. For sure America should let you fight whomever you wish, imprison criminals, and do whatever you want in terms of your policy. I believe in the absolute sovreignty of any nation. But you know what? It was real convenient for you when our Iraq intelligence was wrong. But now that you think our Iran intelligence is wrong it's all an Anti-Israel conspiracy. Please.
75. US ignoring Iran like it did Auschwitz
israel sux ,   jerusalem PALESTINE   (12.10.07)
This guy is out of his mind saying an outrageous remark like that, if anything he should be thanking and bowing down to the US who SAVED YOU, if we had ignored you, you would have been burned and your country would have never been created. And most likely israel is the country that would start war over something that can be handled diplomatically.
76. Iran Report
Johnn Schroeder ,   Wayzata MN. USA   (12.10.07)
I am not Jewish, I am an American Christian, a Minister, and an old veteran. This report is one of the saddest documents crafted to project a view of those who refuse to see the true danger of Iran. I believe that Israel is in true danger, and if America's government is this easily mislead, then Israel must stand and defend their rights and lives as a free people, a deserving people. The American left, in supporting Islamic terrorism with this report shows why they are neither the friends of Israel, or of America. I, like a lot of Americans, understand that Israel has the right to defend herself from those who have promised for years to destroy her. My prayers are with you.
77. American Citizens Support Israel
Dan ,   Houston, Texas USA   (12.10.07)
Please understand that the U.S. has a growing population of materialistic, secular, atheistic, liberal socialists. Our forefather statesmen have been replaced by greedy and corrupt politicians. But, the hearts of the rest of us are with Israel. In this crisis, man is not the solution, but rather the problem. Please have faith that God will protect His holy land,
78. Oh American, True American
Harry ,   Chatsworth, USA   (12.10.07)
So nice to have you speaking for all of us #13. What a blow-hard. The problem is always the Jews, isn't it. Such a tiny population in the world, but look at what they've done! Do you go to the doctor when you're sick #13? Ever get medicines for that sick body and mind of yours? Much of modern-day medicine owes its advances to 'The Jew." Idiot. Look at the other countries in the Middle East. Name one advancement - JUST ONE - that ANY of them have contributed to the wellbeing of humanity in the past 2 centuries. JUST ONE. They didn't even figure out their own stupid oil game till Americans and Europeans showed them how. This American - and I'm not the only one - would watch Israel's back. I'm ashamed that I have the same nationality as one such as you. Harry
79. US attitude remeiniscent of auschwitz
ralph ,   alamogordo USA   (12.10.07)
I am convinced- from the valerie plame incident, among others, that the CIA is an entity unto itself- and has been trying to embarrass the president since 9/11's humiliating kick int he CIA's face... Or else, they have been fully infiltrated by one worlders- UN types... in either case- the USA and civilization will suffer for their treachery.
80. You've got to be kidding?
Edric ,   Vancouver WA   (12.10.07)
You're kidding right? How many American boys and girls have died in Israel's interests? This man is playing the "We poor Jews are so hated" tripe again. Trying to use guilt so even more American blood is shed for Israel. Not one more American life for Israel I say.
81. Israel whinning at the US
Bub ,   Durham US   (12.10.07)
What the hell's going on in Israel. They're complaining the US does not want to believe Iran and their nuke development. The damn Israeli government is giving away all their land to terrorist Muslim's, so what are they complaining about. Iran's missles cannot be accurate enough to hit the pinhead - soon to be what's left of their country. Israel's being srurrounded by people that hate them by giving away the land and location. So, stop your whinning!
82. Cohen Comments
Wesley ,   Newnan, USA   (12.10.07)
If Cohen feels this way towards us, maybe we should let the Isralies fend for themselves in the future. They have been mooching off us too long.
83. contradictory statements
Jon ,   Laguna Beach, CA   (12.10.07)
If the Israeli government has proof of a clandestine weapons program and the "world explicitly knows" this as Minister Cohen states in this article, why does the unnamed "senior security source" contradict the Minister's statement a few paragraphs down saying, "Even if the world lacks clear evidence, the agenda is clear?" It is obvious the rest of the world, including the United States, doesn't agree with the evidence and conclusions provided by the Israel. The "senior security official" is clearly stating that Israel's evidence is merely conjecture based on what Iran "should" be doing strategically (ie: creating a nuclear deterrence against future invasion), not what they are doing in reality, building power plants.
84. re: "Israel should be wiped off the map."
Jon ,   Laguna Beach   (12.10.07)
The actual translation of this speech was, "Israel will fade into the sands of time" on it's own because it is an illegitimate construction, not that Iran will try to hasten this militarily even if they could, which they cannot without assuring the complete destruction of their own society. Remember that Israel has quite a large nuclear arsenal with multiple (land, air & sea) means for delivery. How can the world take seriously any intelligence information when the source continues to push this obviously false line of propaganda?
85. Real American
Kelly ,   Decatur Illinois   (12.10.07)
All of the true Americans are locked up on reservations. Funny how Israel has never addressed the American Holocaust when taking American money.
86. Israel, please get out of our foreign policy...
E Finley ,   Boca Raton, FL   (12.10.07)
Dear Israel, I realize that you wanted to start a country in the middle of an Arab region in the desert, and you have done a darn good job at it so far. Now, please continue to do so with your own weapons and your own money. Best of luck! Love, United States of America
87. Iran doesn't have nukes?
Planet Bob ,   Charleston, US   (12.10.07)
No one says that they do. Also, the US hasn't had any plans to invade Iran but to bomb their nuke plants back to the stone age. If you actually read the Intel report, the first line stating that Nuke development was halted is challenged by much of the rest of the report. We know that commercial grade (at least) nuke material continues to be made and the Chinese missles that are designed for nukes are being readied. We just don't have proof of the weaponized grade material being around. But it will be done, either now or later. Just imagine how hard it will be to contain Iran if they ever get them. They will never need to use them, only have them and sell them if necessary.
88. Minister Cohen's remarks
Starz59 ,   Cleveland USA   (12.10.07)
Playing the Holocaust card again?? Please stop because you cheapen the memory. US foreign policy is not made for Israel's convenience, nor should it ever be. Strident Likudniks or Zionists will no longer dictate US foreign policy. Our troops will not die for Israel hegemony.
89. speaking of the truth... (re #1)
Dave from NY ,   New York, NY, USA   (12.10.07)
... the way we hear it, Ahmadinejad's comment was closer to "There should be regime change in Israel" than "Israel should be annihilated". Granted, either statement is provocative and neither should have passed the lips of a head of state, but given the findings of the NIE, it would stand to reason thar Iran is not calling for the nuking of Tel Aviv. If Israel has evidence that contradicts the NIE, then by all means, show it to America and the world. Given the presidential election cycle in the US, that evidence would make every single candidate stand up and take notice, as well as the current occupant of the White House. But as it stands right now, most of America and pretty much all the rest of the world believes that Iran is no threat, and are acting accordingly, Ahmadinejad's statements notwithstanding. There is an undercurrent of opinion in America that the US military is being used to fight Israel's battles and weaken Israel's enemies, and that it may or may not be in the best interests of America to do so. It's not that we don't care if you get hit. Many Americans have friends and relatives in Israel. It's just that we were just dragged into one endless, pointless war on the other side of the world and are not looking to repeat the same mistake all over again.
90. What Some Americans Are Thinking (re #29)
Dave from NY ,   New York, NY, USA   (12.10.07)
Many Americans complain quite loudly about Bush and his wars. We want out of Iraq, and the Middle East in general. Some Americans view you as an obstacle, as a weight around our neck. Others see you as a friend to be defended at all costs. No, we mainly don't see you as not worth supporting or not worth preserving. Most of us back you. Some of us are disgusted with the amount of money we spend to support you and believe that money should stay here in the US. None of us - except the true Jew-haters - think that you (or anybody else) should be 'wiped off the map'. Some of us actually love you. But more of us are starting to believe that the war in Iraq was fought because Israel wanted Iraq weakened, that thousands of Americans have died in Iraq for Israel already, and that the fight against Iran is only going to happen because Israel wants to weaken Iran. Almost all Americans are tired of war now, and are not willing to die by the thousands to weaken Iran on behalf of Israel or anybody else. Bush is probably the best friend Israel has had. Remember, his team included Wolfowitz, Perle, Rumsfeld, Doug Feith and other Jewish people in high-ranking positions. They and Bush put the American military into the mess in Iraq. Because of that, most Americans can't stand Bush, let alone side with him. #13 does echo a growing sentiment among Americans that if Israel wants Iran attacked, she should do so herself. This is probably due to America's war fatigue, and nothing personal against Israel or Israelis. There is still a lot of love for Israel here in America, and there will probably always be some love for you here. But going after Iran when Iraq and Afghanistan are not done yet might be pushing that love just a bit.
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