Former US Intelligence official: Israel will attack Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.12.07, 12:01
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1. don´t attack IRAN
attack the Ahmadinejad gang on a foreign trip !!!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (12.21.07)
We all know the limitation on trying to strike Iran.We,as readers,fully appreciate the fact that Israel is capable to pre-empt air raids,probably in waves.My only question is.......'Does Israel realise the repurcussion of such an act?I am sure,we as readers are naive about what strategy Israel will follow but one thing is for certain.The entire Middle East could be in flames for a very very long time.Just imagine and express yourselves in what could happen to this unimaginable situation.Would love to read what the readers feel.............
3. Mahmood
Barry ,   Tokyo   (12.21.07)
The question, Mahmood, is not whether the mid-east would be up in flames if Israel neutralized Iran´s nuclear weapons infrastructure but what woulod happen if Iran, like pre-war Nazi Germany begins to threaten or attack its neighbors with its newly acquired weapons. In case you didn´t realize, the mid-east is already full of strife in Lebanon, Iraq, Afganistan, Gaza, Chechniya each with significant Iranian participation. So the real questions is, who is the real threat here?
4. Mahmood - #2
Solly ,   los angeles   (12.21.07)
If only YNet would publish my talkback, I would say that I share your opinion. I also do not like the idea of nuclear clouds hanging around the world. I asked many many times of our readers why attack Iran? Why not Pakistan, China, India, Russia and so many others around that neighborhood? Today or tomorrow they may also have an Ahminedjad as a leader. Then what? I also agree with #1
5. Israel WILL attack
Shir ,   Finland   (12.21.07)
and I couldn´t be happier about it. In fact I am so happy about it, that when it happens, I will take the first plane to Israel, fly there and stay there for a longer period of time. I will come there to support and encourage Israeli soldiers including some of my relatives who will probably be sent there. It is time to show not only to the government but all those arrogant radical Muslim men who have vowed the destruction of Israel for decades, those Muslim men who kidnapped and humiliated Americans in 1979. FEEL NO PITY AND SHOW NO MERCY, it is time to get back at them, in a big way.
6. MAHMOOD-the baffoon
Shir ,   Finland   (12.21.07)
"Does Israel realise the repurcussion of such an act?" I can sense the fear in your message. Why is it that Iranians try to cover their fear in baseless boasting.
7. To Mahmood #2
Concerned Israeli   (12.21.07)
Don't you understand? The Middle East already IS in flames! On a social level, the fire is raging and has been for decades. The only reason you don't see it is because of the efforts by secular regimes to keep the fire under control by repression. Just look at the Islamist movement all over the region gaining power and support. Yes my friend, the Middle East has been burning for quite some time now and the pot is about to boil over. A nuclear Iran will just be like pouring gasoline on the fire, giving more strength, motivation and capabilities to Islamists and terrorists. Iran must not get the bomb. If it does, then you will see your fire, but not if Israel puts it out first.
8. Attack Iran
Hilda ,   US   (12.21.07)
This pronouncement is just another way to hassle and debase Israel. If Israel has so many nucleur bombs as reported, why hasn't she used one or more before this? Simple answer, Jews believe in the sanctity of life while Muslims worship a death loving diety..Jews are not about killing for the sake of killing. This is just another article proving that US is abandoning Israel.
9. Jeez, what a warmonger
tFighterPilot ,   Rishon   (12.21.07)
Is this ex CIA guy trying to rise the tensions? Because the CIA has a history in that.
10. Israel should have a monopoly on nuclear weapons
Shir ,   Finland   (12.21.07)
After all, "the father of atomic bomb" and leader of the Manhattan project Robert Oppenheimer was a Jew as were most other physicists working in the project that resulted in inventing atomic bomb. He didn´t mean his invention to land in the hands of Iranian Muslims. Just like Alfred Nobel didn´t want his invention to end up in the hands of Hamas. Israel as a civilized Jewish land has the right to possess something that was invented and developed by Jews, Muslim countries don´t.
11. Iran
Carlos ,   Venezuela   (12.21.07)
it will be a folly to attack Iran however GW will have no other choice but to render the middle east in flames and push Israel to his disappearance. it disappeared before ages ago, this will be its second trip to oblivion .
12. Realistically, it's the only option.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (12.21.07)
To hell with world opinion & damn the consequences.
13. A pity if it comes to this, but ....
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (12.21.07)
The international community has abdicated its responsibilities. Russia is intent on rehabilitating its "major power" status. China wants to guarantee its energy supplies. The EU just wants to make money. The UN doesn't want to upset the Islamic membership. And the US? It's still tied up in Iraq, fearful of being charged with "warring on Islam". So it's ready to try a little appeasement, "engage" with Syria and Iran, and throw Israel to the wolves. But as long as the mullahs and their radical agents are in charge, not just Israel is at risk. Iran covets control of the Gulf and seeks major power status. Driven by an apocalyptic theology, they're a major threat to us all. It should not be Israel's responsibility to "save the world", given its limited resources and the shortcomings of its current leadership. If it succeeds or fails, Israel will be blamed for the consequences. But the real responsibility lies elsewhere.
14. More Warmongeing from Washington
Mark ,   USA   (12.21.07)
The Bush Administration wants Iranian oil and will do anything to get into Iran. It is using Israel as a way to get into Iran. The USA could care less if Israel gets destroyed in the process as long as they get the Oil. Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL) and Now Operation Iraqi Liberation. It is all about OIL.
15. Bush wants World War 3
Mark ,   USA   (12.21.07)
These statements are very dangerous and provoke wars.
16. In your dreams..
Ahmed   (12.21.07)
Haha! Attack Iran?? Israel couldnt beat a small guerrilla force of a couple of thousand men in south lebanon. So what do you think will happen when they attack the country that trained hezbollah, and instead of 3000 fighters, there are 200,000 ? they wouldnt dare.
17. Victory and peace can only come from just that - victory
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (12.21.07)
Irans dicatorship / mullahs / nuclear program needs to be annihilated. For the love of humankid..
18. monopoly?
michel ,   paris   (12.21.07)
well, I see, the reason to prevent iran to get the bomb is a mather of "monopoly" and not the announced intention to destroy Israel? How many idiots would buy this?
19. #12 "damn the consequences"
English guy ,   London   (12.21.07)
What a stupid little person's statement you wrote in your talkback. You suggest bombing Iran, "to hellwith world opinion & damn the consequences". Obviously you do not care one whit about the huge loss of of life that would take place on the Iranian side and on the Israeli side. Your call for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of Israelis is the greatest piece of anti-Semitism I have read in a long time. Not many people call for the deaths of their countrymen and then say "damn the consequences". You are, daily, more and more retrograde, more and more murderous in your crude Islamophobia, and now, the truth is out - you also want to see thousands of Israelis killed. Patent ugly ignorance.
20. Israel is the only threat in the region
Rafi ,   UK   (12.21.07)
21. #12, Surely you live out of Israel, in US or Europe?
Shalom ,   UK   (12.21.07)
So you feel comfort of consequences!! but what about Israelis who lives in Israel? Sorry for your opinion
22. israels actions
Yisraeli   (12.21.07)
Contrary to this articles view I for one dont think this government of Israel will have the balls to do it. This government would sooner make war on Jews and side with terrorists against jews then do what has to be done to protect the nation. Just look at the govs behaviour and attitude towards Sderot and Shalit let alone Pollard. This gov only looks to the path of least resistance and appeasement. Just look at front page article with Chaim Ramon this so called deputy PM. Look at his picture very closely you will see the face of a born coward it is his ilk that is governing. So simply they dont have the cahoonas or brawn to do this. So what will be the result? all leading to the biggest confrontation of the middle east, only a question of when.
23. what a joke
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (12.21.07)
what a joke,under the leadership,of this criminaly insane,traitorous,clueless,pathetic bafoon,ehud olmert,this once powerful IDF could not defeat,5000 rag tag hezbollah terorists,last summer,and now cannot defend sderot,from a few thousand terorists in you are telling us,that they will take on a power like iran,which is 2000 miles away,and win a war with them,what a sick joke. this leftist,bolshevik,traitorous,cabal that has ruled israel for the last year,has completely,emasculated,and defanged,and utterly destroyed,the once proud and powerfull IDF, citizens of israel,its all over,the criminal leftists,have detroyed your beautifull country,you might as well start packing
24. #19, I didn't know you cared
Danny   (12.21.07)
How exactly are "thousands of Israelis" going to die if Israel hits Iran? Unless of course they get nukes and even then they need to be able to get them from Iran to Israel. But I am deeply touched by your concern for my fellow country men. I'll have to remember that next time you are condemning the IDF attacking Hamas "militants".
25. #14 and more mentally retarded nonsense
Danny   (12.21.07)
The US want Iranian oil? If the US wanted oil why does it need to go to the other side of the world, it could attack Venuzuela or Brazil. Apparently the US went for oil in Iraq, well guess what, oil production in Iraq only now is reaching pre-war levels - so the US is getting LESS oil as a result of the war and because of all the rampant corruption surrounding the UN oil for food programme, there isn't even cheap "Syrian" - ie smuggled Iraqi - oil on the market anymore. How exactly is a conventionally armed Iran going to "destroy Israel"? Please answer me that.
26. stupid Ahmed
Shir ,   Finland   (12.21.07)
Israel did not use full force in the Lebanon war, Israel wasn´t prepared at all. It was a quick reaction to the kidnappings of soldiers and Israel also had to, completely unprepared fight in two front lines. Israel sent only a few thousand soldiers to fight. What do you think will happen when Israel uses full military capacity and nuclear warheads? Iranians have NO chance against Israel. Even with this little contribution and NO preparation Israel was able to drive Hizbollah away, how many rockets do you think have been launched from Southern Lebanon after the war? Iran fought TEN YEARS against Iraq and nearly lost. Iraq is a weak country, if they barely made it against Iraq, they have no chance against Israel.
27. Israel has Rights of Self-Defense
Brod ,   USA   (12.21.07)
Against such an existential threat with a fanatical Islamist-Jihadist regime that is hellbent on the destruction of Israel and is feverishly working on its nukes to accomplish its evil intention on Israel, Israel has all the rights of Self-Defense. The ex-President Rafsanjani told the crowd at Tehran Stadium shortly after 9/11 that a single nuke would do the job of annihilating Israel. Current President Ahmedinajad has repeatedly threatened to wipe off Israel of the Map in his speeches in Tehran, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. All the current charades in the Middle East including Annapolis, NIE report, Bush ME trip, and the other craps are just tactics to fool, trick and distract Israel from focusing on this existential threat and preparing to defend the nation. It is also a distraction to enable Iran to have ample time to complete their nukes. The Bush Administration has been manipulated by Antisemite Baker in minimizing the Ayatollahs' threats and nukes, and in trying to dismember Israel. Like wolves ravaging their prey, the Antisemites and Islamist-Jihadists are in cahoots in trying to pressure and dismember Israel and reduce Israel into a tiny indefensible enclave in their biblical and historic homeland. It is time Israel has Churchills to be at the helm. Strong leadership will protect the nation from external manipulations, pressures, intrusions, threats and aggressions. In its defense against the existential threat from Iran, only Israel has the capability to protect itself.
28. US will wait till bomb in hands of terros who'll sail up Hud
Alan ,   SA   (12.21.07)
son or into some USA port and go BANG!! Then go work out if Iran gave them that bomb
29. #16, yeah because Israel got the worst of 2006 war
Danny   (12.21.07)
Israel's infrastructure destroyed. Econonmy demolished. Tourists fled. hundreds of soldiers dead. bunkers blown up. Equipment captured and in the end Israel had to put with Hizbollah soldiers demolishing Israeli posts deep inside Israel for three months after the ceasefire. Wait a minute.... maybe thats the wrong way round. As for worrying about Iranian fighters, the last time they won a war was in the 15th century under the Safavids. Maybe we should worry about Italy because the Romans were so hard.
30. #21, do you have difficulty with english?
Danny   (12.21.07)
Terry, Eilat, Israel. I would assume the consequences are exactly what he is thinking about.
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