Former US Intelligence official: Israel will attack Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.12.07, 12:01
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61. Damn right
mac ,   usa   (12.21.07)
Damn right
62. Isreal will attack Iran
steadfast ,   London England   (12.21.07)
If Isreal cannot prevail against Hizbollah who have no air defence, how are they going to manage against Iran. Isreali supporter can gloat about the lack of response from Syria against the Isreali aggression. But discerning people will be aware that Isreal will be the ultimate loser as its violence and aggression become more difficult to spin away.
63. Steve #45 You might be right in many points.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (12.21.07)
It is ,at least,very strange some foreign to afirm something about Israel.Israel WILL atack??? I don't listen one word from Israel,I listen only their voices!!! So others can say what ever they want and manipulate public opinion in the direction of their own interests,which are very doubtable in the case of US.Most likely they want to draw the public opinion against Israel. You have another good point: "All Bushco needs is one "national emergency", and he and Darth Cheney can rule together, suspending the Constitution." I agree.I think Bush dont want to step out from power and very likely will create a situation making it possible.He already scares all the time american public opinion with many frightening statements,putting it incessantly in alert,with aparent manipulating intentions . Another point,this man,Riedel, afirms: "Israel is not going to allow its nuclear monopoly to be threatened," I have never heard about any nuclear monopoly of Israel.What kind of statement is that? And finally,it is very likely Iran is building a dangerous atomic structure,but how it will be dealt ,at least by Israel,we don't know.
64. #54 Antisemitic Guy
Chatich   (12.21.07)
You're absolutely right; irony is not dead. In fact, it gets redefined with every post that comes out of your hate-filled keyboard. None moreso than your jaw-dropping audacity in calling somebody "filth". High time you looked into the mirror, douchebag. (with my sincere apologies to douchebags everywhere)
you and others like u are ignorant fools. what the hell is wrong with you do u know muslims invented modern astrology, medicine algebra , numbers and lots of other fundamental concepts. if u belive in the crap u just said, then do not use either, because aparently your jewish ppl wasnt smart enought to come up with that. and before you talk **** back, i am jewish too, i just really dont like israel politics
66. Let's get out of there
Ken H ,   Harleysville, PA   (12.21.07)
It's time to let the Middle East resolve its own problems. Israel is more than capable of defending itself, and it costs us so much money to be there and be involved. I'm more interested in our funds and forces being used for our interests, such as manning and defending our borders.
67. WW3 has already begun:
Rance ,   Austin, USA   (12.21.07)
Russia has stated in no uncertain terms that an attack on Iran will be perceived as an attack against Russia. Bush has stated in no uncertain terms that the USA would defend Israel no matter what (even though there is not and never has been an official treaty). If none of these declarations are bluffs and Israel preemptively attacks Iran, WW3 has started and our sons and daughters will pay for our apathy. Israel will attack itself in good old false flag 9/11 style and blame it on Iran. It is their way.
68. Israel will WIN.
Rebecca ,   United States   (12.21.07)
Israel will attack Iran and utterly destroy Damascus Syria, which will force Russia with "hook and bait" to attack Israel. The Bible gives complete details on this war. Ezekiel 38-39. It also states clearly that Israel will be the winner. Israel will not win by her own strength. G-d will step in towards the end of the war and wipe out all non-jewish people who are in the land of Israel. A sign to the "apple of G-d's eye" Israel that G-d is still with them and will protect them from now on.
69. Danny, Israel can get to Iran
Rebecca ,   USA   (12.21.07)
Israel knows it should not violate international air treaties. So, that's why they just bought a bunch of war subs from us here in the USA.
70. #57, what armed forces heads?
Danny   (12.21.07)
The Iranians? Pur-lease. Rather than trying - and failing - to act superior you might try and point out the flaw rather like he did with your argument. The only additional item is that Iran might try and inflame the Shia in Iraq but even that is fairly limited and it is not like they haven't been doing so for over four years.
71. 47 Zionist nomore
Shir   (12.21.07)
Why are you calling yourself a Zionist? You are nothing like the True Zionists who fought in 1948 war. Jews were a small minority in the region during the time and this small minority, about 30 000 men (and even less fought in the actual war) fought against FIVE Arab countries. US retracted support to partition plan. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY believed in Israel at the time. Unlike you, those men had courage to defend their land against an enemy, who everyone thought was superior and invinsible. Do you think they did it so that cowards like you who don´t believe in Israel would come to Israel and reside there? Israel need FEARLESS TOUGH MEN, not people of your kind, who think it is best to wait and allow Iranians to develope nuclear weapon. Israelis should not underestimate Iranian military force, but these people here are largely overestimating it. And they provide no proof to back up their claims that are based on their own fears. In their minds it would be nothing as horrible as dying for your own country.
72. Israeli Warmongering Endanger The Entire World
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (12.21.07)
Israel’s sordid history of using violence and acts of terrorism to force its will upon sovereign nations in the region is threatening to plunge the region into a war, a war that will certainly result in Israel’s own destruction, but also risks starting a world war in the region as well. Israelis would like nothing more than to watch more US soldiers die fighting their wars while they send their boys off to attend college in the US, so I hope the people of America realize that Israeli aggression is the biggest threat to the US today, and not the Iranians, who would like nothing more than to restore the once great friendship between the two countries. Iran, even if it did develop nuclear weapons, is no threat to the security of others as Iran is, and always has been, a peaceful country, who unlike Israel, has never attacked any other country, has signed the NPT, allows inspections of its nuclear reactors, supports a nuclear free Middle East and did not develop nuclear weapons in secret, so the only threat they pose is as a deterrent to the one bellicose bully in the region. As the second largest oil producer in the world and the supplier of much of Europe’s energy resources, it is time for Russia to get back into the frey and put a stop to Zionist aggression in the region of good . So I hope that President Putin and Russia will step up and form a mutual defense pact with Iran to ensure that any attack by Israel on our friends in Iran will be considered an attack upon Russia, and that all of Russia’s military might will be brought to bear upon Israel if they choose violence over peace. I think that Israelis know that their little nation could be turned to molten glass 10 times over by just one Russian submarine and they would stop their reckless aggression for good. But if not, which Israeli town should go first?
73. "In your dreams" ???
Bill ,   Salisbury USA   (12.21.07)
And how many times has Israel lost a war? Remember in the '60's? I wonder if Arab tanks have back-up lights?
74. Israel will attack Iran
Roxy ,   Israel   (12.21.07)
Of course it will, it has no choice because if Iran develops nuke weapons it will use them to threaten their Arab neighbors both here in the Middle East as well as the Gulf States. Iran will use the threat of the Nukes to blackmail Egypt and Jordan to breaking the treaties they have signed with Israel,and then threaten to Attack their neighbors unless they declare war on Israel. The Iranian regime will not stop until Israel is no longer in existance, then it wil go after the USa and Europe! Iran must be stopped now without wasting any more time because otherwise the world will be changed for the worse!
75. expert strategist 47
Shir ,   Finland   (12.21.07)
Has it occurred in your mind that Israel can actually attack many facilities at the same time, not just one? Israeli Government and the specialists there are very well aware of the structure and location of Iranian nuclear facilities and they have planned and prepared attack for years taking into consideration that USA may not act (but since you´re such an "expert" you should know this) The fact that you rage about Palestinians and constantly try to make Israelis focus on them and say Israel can´t confront USA tells me that you are a spineless coward who doesn´t deserve to be called a Zionist.
76. 44 I can take the criticism
Shir   (12.21.07)
Yes many Israelis probably do feel that I don´t have a right to say anything about the situation, because of my location and they damn well have a right to feel that way. If I had lived in Israel my whole life, I´d probably feel that way too.
77. IRAN
Rick ,   Las Vegas, USA   (12.21.07)
It is a SHAME that the wonderful REAL citizens (the Iranian Public) may suffer but this situation re: these MAD MULLAHS and their 'blackmailing and LIES, SImply can no longer STAND! Too much is at stake. The leadership in IRAN are a DEATH-CULT and have GOT TO GO!
78. Re#74, Roxy..."Israel Will Attack Iran"...If They have Any
Astasheiks ,   Texas, USA   (12.21.07)
"The Iranian regime will not stop until Israel is no longer in existance, then it wil go after the USa and Europe!" Amen, Amen, and Amen! If Israel have any Sense they will; unless they prefer to be wiped out!
79. the day is coming
listen to prophets ,   Zion   (12.21.07)
ahh, Israel should just go ahead and do it so they can be even more afraid since they angered much of the world - what goes around comes around.
80. Israel needs to surrender and create Isratine
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NY   (12.21.07)
81. Is Israel need to attack, it better attack Teheran instead
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NY   (12.21.07)
of Iran. I would much prefer to create a big country out of Iran Syria Egypt and Morocco. Israel can be free only if Arabs become more moderative. Salam
82. #64 try reading
English guy ,   London   (12.21.07)
Try reading the posts to which I responded - particularly Terry who is just orgasming himself over the thought of a coming war. You might have noticed that I am against war, against death. Not so with many other here, including yourself, who seems to take every single comment as a personal insult. I use the word "filth" to describe someone who calls for war all the time. Perhaps it includes you.
83. #72, yeah Russia is going to risk a nuclear exchange
Danny   (12.21.07)
over Iran's nuke programme. You think the US will let Israel get nuked? You think Putin wants to bet HIS life on it? Not a chance. Russia had a far, far, far closer relationship with Syria - didn't do anything when Israel bombed her - and with Iraq - didn't do anything when US invaded her. But for some reason Russia will pull out the stops to save Iran's nuclear programme? Are you really that dumb?
84. #65, ignorance apparently is bliss
Danny   (12.21.07)
Muslims didn't "invent" numbers. I assume what really mean is they came up with arabic counting system with zeros rather the roman counting system. Even then you'd be wrong, it was the Hindus who came up with and the arabs were the conduit to the West. Ditto Medicine from ancient greeks. The key original concepts the muslims came up with where Algorithms and Algebra. This was of course in the 12th century, a while back....
85. in message number 75 I meant to say
Shir   (12.21.07)
...that "Israel can´t confront Iran, not USA obviously.
86. 65 If you are Jewish, which I doubt
Shir   (12.21.07)
then I can only say I am familiar with your kind. Some Jews outside Israel are jealous of the toughness, persistence, stamina and power of Israeli people, because they themselves lack these qualities. In your case I can add intelligence to the list. They like anti-Israeli people generally mask their jealousy as resistance to Israeli politics. So what Im saying is that you´re pretty much a pathetic creature.
87. the head of the snake
tom ,   toronto, canada   (12.21.07)
it's too bad the cia (and its political masters) have decided to bow out of the "iranian problem". the cia would have been better able to overthrow the theocracy running iran, and establish a normal state, than israel can. and that's what is needed - a normal government not bent on "mahdaviat" (roughly translated as "national suicide"). without regime change, they will simply replace the destroyed equipment and try again. the only way to stop a snake is to cut off its head. but i guess this "former us intelligence official" is telling israel, very publicly, to go ahead and do it the old-fashioned way, with planes and bombs.
Dan ,   USA   (12.21.07)
I don't believe Israel's current leaders have the nerve to attack Irans nuclear facilities without explicit approval from Bush. Unfortunatly the Bush presidency is so weak that he can not give such approval. It will play itself out until Iran states they have the bomb and the delivery systems to easily hit Israel and the blackmail will start with Israel being forced to give in at every turn. All because of a lack of Israeli leadership today.
89. For #13 Raymond (also in DC area)
Sadhasiv ,   Washington DC, USA   (12.21.07)
You wrote "The international community has abdicated its responsibilities". Sorry to have to give you a history lesson. "International Community" aka "League of Nations" from 1918 to 1945 and "United Nations" since 1945 has ALWAYS skyved! But you are correct that a mullah is trustable under only one circumstance--SEVEN FEET UNDER!
90. Israel Will Win!
Dave ,   Louisville, USA   (12.21.07)
I have been waiting for when Israel will have to go it alone. But, when Israel takes out Iran, Russia will come down and attack Israel. Big mistake - God will deal with Russia - then when Chinia attacks with 200 million - God will deal with them. The remaining Jews will then believe that Jesus was the one they were waiting for and the one who will return to save them. God does not do this for the sake of Israel but for his sake. He said that he would do it! Any nation that takes part in giving away the land that he gave the Jews will pay the price. God wins! Game Over
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