Bush urges cabinet to keep Olmert in power
Roni Sofer
Published: 10.01.08, 23:08
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1. Bush keep olmert in power...
ME ,   Gaza, Palestine   (01.10.08)
....his wife is a good cook
2. Get Olmert out of power!
3. the sooner the better OUT OLMERDE
haim ,   mtl canada   (01.10.08)
AND BUSH OLMERDE IS NOT UR PROBLEM we will take care of him his time is up
4. lame birds of a feather stick together
Rawhiri   (01.10.08)
readers, let's have a discussion: which one is the more irrelevant, Bush or Olmert? My personal "favourite" is Clownmert, as he is a criminal whereas at least Bush has managed to stay on the right side of the law.
5. Kick Olmert out of power, Israel, if you want to survive!!!
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.10.08)
zionist forever   (01.11.08)
The United States has dictated Israeli foreign policy and much of its domestic policy for decades now because Israel leeaders have sold more and more soverignty for short term rewards but what Bush is saying here is a step to far even for the Americans. He is as good as telling the ellected politicians I want you to stay in Olmerts coalition and keep him in power and its what I want that matters not your political policies. If Bush wants to spread the word of democracy then he needs to stay out of domestic politics in Israel and if coalition partners want to quit and bring down Olmert that their right and Bush should just be ready to deal with the next government rather than trying to control things.
7. Bush Only One Drinking Red Wine?
Jeff ,   Canada   (01.11.08)
Look at the picture, only one idiot is drinking RED WINE. Bush is such a Moron he ordered the wrong type of Wine for the Meal. Hilarious.
8. revealing comments by the President of America
eddie ,   London UK   (01.11.08)
this plea by Bush to keep Olmerde in power is very very interesting, form a zionist perspective. a) it shows that the USA will not dictate Israeli policy,a nd isnt threatening to coerce eg by withholding financial/military aide. b) that Israel should not be intimdated even by the most powerful of nations, and not allow outsiders to dictate its policy. c) there is no danger to security in building settlements. The Likud of Begin + Shamir did it, and it can stil be done. All it means is a bit of nasty newspaper writing etc. d) in terms of military operations against terrorists, the only reason israel has not done a good job is becasue of the left wing government - it is notbeing prevented by outside powers. Be courageous, be strong Israel!
9. Bush to keep Olmert in power! Since when is he an Israeli!
David ,   Houston   (01.11.08)
10. Bush invades and dictates the future for Iraq, Afghanistan..
David ,   Houston   (01.11.08)
and now in Israel as well.
11. Note to President Bush
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.11.08)
Dear President Bush - STOP inferring in internal Israeli affairs. This is not acceptable in your country, it isn't done here either.
12. Bush / Interference
David ,   Petah Tikva   (01.11.08)
I'm a Republican, but this is pure U.S. interference in Israeli politics. Go home George Bush.
..............DACON9   (01.11.08)
14. Of course, why not?
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (01.11.08)
Bush knows that he's the puppeteer and Olmert's the marionette. As long as Olmert is spineless and gutless and sells out Israel Bush is happy.
15. No way Joe!
David   (01.11.08)
Alon Pinkas thinks President Bush is out of touch by expecting a peace deal by the end of 2008. I think Bush is out of touch with common sense and has been that way since he was born. Is that a reason for Jews to jump off a cliff?
16. Bush heres the NUMBER 3, yes three percent
freedom ,   canada   (01.11.08)
was the latest figure I could get my hands on. You are all welcome to update this number. The percentage of those supporting Olmert, you call that DEMOCRACY. Thinks again, and once again Im very open to anyone correcting me. In fact Im interested in a very recent number if anyone has it. GOD bless Israel.
17. death and taxes
Yisraeli   (01.11.08)
You know what they say are 2 most assured things in life Death and Taxes. But there is a 3rd assured fact of life and that is you can always trust the so called palestinians to screw it up. No matter what deal is in the making no matter how much territory Israel is willing to concede the most reliable factor you can ever count on is the arabs waging war on the Jews and Israel. So they can all talk till theyre blue in the face wont make one iota of difference, the palestinians will always torpedo any agreement and thus force us one day to vanquish them and transfer them outa Israel. The greatest irony is that you can never rely on Israeli or American leadership but you can always rely on the pales.
jeff ,   canada   (01.11.08)
19. Bush Wants Olmert In Power....
Dan ,   USA   (01.11.08)
So the two of them can give away Israel piece by piece to satisfy the Arabs.
20. Yes Bush, take Olmert back to the US
Evan ,   Milwaukee, US   (01.11.08)
Keep him in power there!
21. #7
don't you know that bush is a REFORMED ALCOHOLIC????? it is a known fact which he admits to. bush is a DRY DRUNK, which means that he was an alcoholic, but now is sober. after he sobered, he found religion. bush, the vilest most incompetent president next to carter that the world has ever seen and israel, do not let him create his legacy out of his failure internationally by sucking your country dry and giving half of it to the imagined "palestinian arabs"
22. #8 and to all of you talkbackers
look at the last paragraph of his speech. read it and think about it. yes, he said that "occupation -shmocupation" must end. but read on to the last of his sentences. what bush is basically stating is that there will never ever be a palestinian state if terror continues, if abas cannot reign in terror and if hamas is viable in gaza. what he says additionally is that america, himself and the americans are COMMITTED to a secure israel, a state of the jewish people, as he says. what this means is that america is still very very pro israel, pro its security and most importantly, this president called israel the homeland of the jews. israel, a jewish country. that means that the right of return is not an option for abas to negotiate on. it is dead in the water. now, israel will go ahead and compensate those displaced "palestinian refugees ONLY WHEN THE ARAB COUNTRIES GO AHEAD AND PUT A MONETARY FIGURE OF COMPENSATION FOR THE ENTIRE MILLION JEWS THAT ALL ARAB NATIONS KICKED OUT, TORTURED, KILLED AND WHOSE PROPERTIES THEY STOLE AND CONFISCATED UPO THEM LEAVING. i must beg israel to not tarnish the suffering and memory of these million innocent jewish victims that paid a terrible price at tghe hands of arab nations, all 21 of them, because of the land of israel and zionism according to the arabs' excuses. israel must DEMAND their compensation if it is required to compensate the arab "refugees" fair is fair. the nazis and germany compensated and so does the arab world have to compensate for treating and expelling jewish citizens that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS CONFLICT. and i would also like to mention that the jewish citizenry that was expelled from arabv lands amounted to nearly one million people as opposed to the nearly 250,000 arabs that chose to run away in 1948 at the insistance of their oh so loving brethren so that they can come in, kill all the jews and pave a road full of jewish blood for those "refugees" to come back and steal and again confiscate the entire progress and lands the jews worked so hard to cultivate and make the desert bloom, increasing arab populations, creating better medical care and trippling birth rates in arab communities, etc... anwra has considered all the descendats of these arabs as refugees, so, israel must consider ALL THE DESCENDANTS OF ALL THE MILLION OF JEWS EXPELLED FROM ARAB LANDS ALSO AS RFEFUGEES ENTITLED TO COMPENSATION. TIT FOR TAT....ONLY FAIR!
23. OK to keep Olmert in power but ...
Frank ,   Canada   (01.11.08)
I'm OK to keep Olmert in power in the US. Bush must offer him a job in his administration.
24. 7...Bush is an alchoholic... he shouldn't be drinking at all
truth strikes again   (01.11.08)
25. Where is MRS. Bush at the banquet table? Ohhhh.
Rivkah   (01.11.08)
Next to Mr. Bush. Can't hide love. The tabloids say Laura Bush had to be paid off to stay in the marriage until the end of Mr. Bush's term. The other woman in the opinion of the tabloids is sitting next to Mr. Bush at the banquet table in the photo.
26. One idiot praising another idiot
David ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.11.08)
President Bush once told students at a graduation ceremony at Yale that "If you get straight C's then you too can be President." Mediocre morons. Olmert and Georgie deserve each other.
28. Compared to Olmert, Bush is competent
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.11.08)
29. interesting picture
dov ,   uk   (01.11.08)
Only Bush is drinking red wine, very interesting indeed.
30. What a joke!
freejay ,   Israel   (01.11.08)
Bush pretends to be fighting terror while propping up Fatah, another terrorist group! What a joke. Bush 's only concern is Saudi oil.....he is only trying to help the Saudies destroy Israel through supporting the bogus contention that there is a Palastinian people..
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