Palestinians: Mother and son killed in Israeli strike
Ali Waked
Published: 17.01.08, 20:31
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1. Cry me a river, will ya.
Al   (01.17.08)
2. Darn
Korem ,   New York, USA   (01.17.08)
I really hate having to read when the IDF misses a target and civilians die. Death to Qassam cells everywhere in Gaza, they are ultimately responsible for this.
3. Wow...pretty impressive...
B.A. ,   Berlin, Germany   (01.17.08)
Missiles against donkey cars killing civilians, rockets on Sderot killing civilians. Do you see any difference? I do not. Terrorists on both sides. And now: let the slamming begin. However, please note that I am not German, though I live in Berlin. My ancestors weren't German. I have nothing to do with the Germans apart from the fact that I coincidentally live here.
4. This is News?
GZLives   (01.17.08)
Tragic as is all of this and completely unnecessary if only the Arabs would crush the ski masked thugs who continue to cause this by firing rockets into Sderot. Until the Palestinians stop the rockets, this sort of thing will happen again and again.
5. #1 your a dirty guy
ayman ,   jersey   (01.17.08)
hope you burn in hell while the arab woman and her son may they rest in peace are in heaven.
6. my, my, my
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (01.17.08)
another 'accident' and a 'miss' with some of the most accurate weapons in the world? EAT ROCKetS! LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE!
7. these talkbacks
USA ,   USAUSAUSAUSA   (01.17.08)
say ALOT about jews. they are NASTY. an innocnet mother and son were KILLED by the IDF and you jews cheer? no wonder the world is turning against you.
8. To apeman in Jersey
Al   (01.17.08)
I rest my case ragger!
9. get out of the way
rockets coming! guess who to thank? haaamaaaass, riiiight, u guessed it. 100 points.
10. #5
trust me dude, none of us will see "hell"... islam is the religion of death, not judaism... ;-)
11. #3 Well, Thank God you're not German!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.08)
Your imbecile conclusion would be yet another stain on the German intellect. But it seems that you do have a racist slant as you make sure not be percieved as a German but you do say you're from Germany. and in addition you sign with initials although you could have invented anything. Well, pretty convoluted if you ask me. So tell us if you don't mind: who are you? And if you don't want to tell us, that's fine too, but please don't use lame and irrelevant identity claims. So why don't you say it mister Islamo-Leftist: it is OK to fire into Jewish towns with the INTENT to kill as many civilians as possible but it is wrong if civilians on the other side are killed BY MISTAKE because it just happens that the terrorists use them as human shields or fire from civilian areas (in direct oposition to the Geneva convention which you so conveniently forgot to mention). So why is Israel to blame in BOTH cases? So mister "no German but born in Germany so I am not a Nazi" - there is a BIG diffrence between terrorists who target and kill civilians and the IDF who tagets those terrorists who fire and hide behind women skirts. But I guess that this nuance conveniently escapes your observation which is already clouded by racism and hatred against Jews and Israel.
12. #6 my, my, my on YOU!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.08)
Well, the "resistance" is lucky we are using accurate weapons which only very rarely miss. So what is YOUR excuse for their INTENTIONAL targeting of civilians, EH? Is THAT what "resistance" is supposed to do? TARGET and MURDER civilians in schools, buses and supermarkets? If THAT is your "resistance" than is really stains the names of real resistance heros like Che and Tito! Shame on YOU and YOUR "resistance". Yes, EAT MISSILES - LONG LIVE ISRAEL!
13. #5 - You are dirty too... and also hypocrite!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.08)
I didn't see you shed tears when Sderot or other JEWISH civilians were killed by rabid Islamist terrorists. So yes, you may go to hell too!
14. #7 - first you read and then talk... "USA" my foot!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.08)
If you have read these talkbacks you sould notice that most of teh posters are Islamo-Leftisis impersonating Germans, Americans and "Zionists". I suspect that you Sirl, are one and the same person. It's easy to see. So nobody is cheering at this end, and this is the big difference. We behave differently than YOUR kind who jumps on rooftops and distributes cookies and cheer when Jews die in a terrorist attack, when the Twin Towers were attacked and when Iraqi missiles were pouring into Israel in '91. It is YOUR kind who behaves like barbaric hypocrites and then, have the nerve to accuse US for YOUR crimes and primitive behavior. Better go back to your Islamist forums that you love so much. Here we detect your foul stench quite easily.
15. #5 Those who sacrifice children go to hell
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (01.17.08)
People who sacrifice their children to die for islam are the ones who go straight to "hell". Apologists like you who twist the facts for some strange sexual perversion may also be candidates for hell.
16. #7
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (01.17.08)
I agree with you, but I'd caution you on how SOME PEOPLE will respond. They will complain, as always, that this is all because of the rockets; however this THEY KNOW is false in its entirety and an excuse. The resistance offered a truce, fearing another invasion would tear up Gaza like it did last year (if you recall the Prime Minister's office, the power plants and bridges were annihilated in July) but Israel refused. Last year, when they accepted a truce (after being humiliated by their massacre of 18 civilians, 8 of them children) they turned their forces to tyrannize the West Bank. In the 'truce' period in 45 Palestinians were killed. What is the resistance to do? The ongoing massacres are not because the resistance 'endangers Israelis' nor that it does not 'recognise Israel, renounce violence' and other hypocritical demands aimed at its submission; it is because the Resistance represents the voice, the will, and the spirit of Palestinians, however suppressed it may be; destroying the resistance will ultimately dehumanize the Palestinians. Why then are the Israelis pursuing Abu Mazen? It is simply this: he is SILENT. Feel free to comment, any of you Zionist thugs.
17. Rockets Don't Matter?
GZLives   (01.17.08)
This so called "resistance" are a bunch of miscreant sexually frustrated thugs who have no place in the world and so pretend they are some sort of resistance fighter despite everyone knowing they are the very reason the violence and bloodshed continues. "Zionist America" who of course is actually some pretend left winger who ignores the fact that those he's supporting stone to death gays for being gay, perform honor killing on their own children because our friend here hates Jews so much he can't resist the urge to bash using the most ridiculous reasoning ie "The rockets don't matter" .. well how would you know? Your ski masked thug friends have never stopped to find out. Cease fires to allow your friends to rearm and recruit are not every going to happen. We are going to kill every last one of your friends and you better believe it. If some civilians get hurt well that's terrible but war is war and your side seems to wallow in it. So keep an eye above because you never know when that next smart bomb is heading straight for the car you're in.
18. The Doc = #12, 13 14
Marcel ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.17.08)
I agree totally with you and everything you say. I could not have said it better. Just know that here in Canada the great majority of us support Israel in her fight against the bloody terrorists in Gaza.
19. #3 So you're an Arab living in Germany. That make it
Joseph P. ,   JewRusalem   (01.17.08)
a double dosage of terrorist mentality. It’s quite obvious if you don't see the difference of your terrorist brothers firing thousands of deadly qassam rockets ON PURPOSE at innocent civilians daily and Israel's missiles targeting those terrorist. If this stupid woman decides to walk in the fire, that's her problem, not Israel's.
20. #7 If a stupid woman walks in the fire, it's not Israel's
Joseph P. ,   JewRusalem   (01.17.08)
problem and she's not an innocent person. Where’s your concern and outrage when your terrorist brothers fire thousands of deadly qassam rockets at innocent Israelis ON PURPOSE? Why don’t we hear from you?
21. Are you really concerned about innocent civilians killed?
The Truth   (01.18.08)
Read all about innocent civilians being targeted TO BE KILLED of the last 24 hours in Israel: -An Israeli who reached the IDF roadblock 407 reported he was fired upon as he drove near Avnei Hefetz, not far from Tulkarem in Samaria. -Three rockets which exploded near Sderot Thursday evening. One hit near the Sapir College. Two women were hurt, -An armed group known as the "Companies of Freedom and Liberty" took responsibility for shooting a Jew near Modi'in Thursday evening. According to Ynet's Arab correspondent Ali Waked, the group is a part of the Fatah's "Al Aqsa Brigades." -fired a rocket at Israel from northern Gaza Thursday evening. It exploded near a kibbutz (cooperative community) in the Shaar HaNegev regional council. -Palestinian Authority Arabs hurled three firebombs at an Israel vehicle Thursday as it traveled easy of the PA-controlled Samarian city of Kalkilya. -Two Kassam rockets fired by Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza landed near the Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council on Thursday afternoon. -Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza launched a Kassam rocket attack on the Eshkol Regional Council area Thursday afternoon. -The General Security Service (Shin Bet) released for publication Thursday information about a terrorist plot to plant explosives along the train tracks between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. -Kassam rockets numbers 16 and 17, for the day, landed near the Gaza security fence at midday. Both exploded in an open area near Nachal Oz. -Kassam rocket and a mortar shell exploded in the western Negev late Thursday morning. The 15th rocket of the day slammed into an area near Sdot Negev. A mortar shell simultaneously landed in Kibbutz Nir Oz. -Gaza terrorists launched a 14th rocket at Sderot late Thursday morning. The missile exploded on a city street, sending one person into shock. -Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza fired a volley of 13 Kassam rockets at Sderot just before 8:00 a.m. Thursday, a time when children are going to school and parents are leaving for work. Three people were lightly injured and several others were treated for shock. A number of homes were damaged as well, including one located near an elementary school. Another rocket slammed into the industrial zone. Others landed in open fields at the outskirts of the city. -Arab terrorists broke an early morning quiet several minutes ago and launched 10 Kassam rockets at Sderot. Most of the rockets fell in open areas, including one in a residential neighborhood, and one exploded in the industrial area, causing light damage and no injuries. -Details of Wednesday evening's shooting attack on Jews in Beit Hadassah revealed that one of the 15 bullets hit a child's room and a second struck an outdoor courtyard where children were playing. No one was injured in the attack, the first time in several years Arab terrorists fired on the Hevron Jewish neighborhood. The bullets were fired from a Kalashnikov rifle from the Harat a'Shech hills. -Arab terrorists again targeted the strategic port city of Ashkelon with a Kassam rocket shortly after midnight, causing no damage or injuries. The rocket exploded in the southern edge of the city, where a huge electric power generating station is located. -Arab threw rocks at a passing vehicle near Yabed, west of Jenin, Wednesday evening.
22. He he he he! Re: #12 my, my, my on YOU!
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (01.18.08)
Oh you poor, poor, poor Jews! Only defending yourselves against those anti-semitic Palestinians! (note the two oxymorons). Very well, let's take a look: "Well, the "resistance" is lucky we are using accurate weapons which only very rarely miss" Is that why this the third consecutive hit on civilians in the last two days? "So what is YOUR excuse for their INTENTIONAL targeting of civilians, EH? Is THAT what "resistance" is supposed to do? TARGET and MURDER civilians in schools, buses and supermarkets?" Oh you poor, poor things! Always the victims! The statistics even proves that! (by the way: when's the last time civilians were murdered in schools, buses, and supermarkets in the country you live in?) "If THAT is your "resistance" than is really stains the names of real resistance heros like Che and Tito!" But note that your 'heroes' are some unorthodox mass murderers, war criminals, and more recently, rapists! Note that the city you live in still retains its Arabic name Haifa. That's right: much as your heroes have come and gone, they can not completely erase Palestine in its entirety. May the Almighty cover them with shame. Feel free to comment, Zionist scoundrels, but keep it at one question at a time. LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE!!!
23. IDF drunk on its power for evil.
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (01.18.08)
The horrible work of cowardly soldiers of a disgusting army of a despicable junta. They all deserve the contempt of the entire human race. Shame of the non-Jewish state of Israel. Excuse me while I vommit.
24. The IOF thought the donkey was a terrorist
lydia ,   Brisbane, Australia   (01.18.08)
25. I hope the donkey is alright.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (01.18.08)
26. #7
have you bu any chance seen the parties on gaza and west bank streets that the palestinians threw, throwing candies into the air and giving sweets to passerbys as well as shooting their rifles in the air in happiness and dancing on the streets during 9/11? HAVE YOU SEEN the palestinians celebrate with shooting guns in the air and dancing on streets when jews are killed? where do you live? don't you ecver watch the news and look at the tv? have you ever seen this reaction from any civilized nation in the world, including the one you hate the most, israel?
27. Response to #17
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (01.18.08)
"Rockets don't matter?" I don't think I wrote that in any of my posts, but let me make this clear: you know and I know (and Bush admitted recently) that the future of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict hinges on what happens in Gaza and not in Sderot or Ashkelon. The suffering of Gaza is far worse than both of these two cities; why, recently Barak put it on "lockdown", all the more reason for one to conclude that Gaza is a prison. "Zionist America" who of course is actually some pretend left winger" I would view myself more of a conservative; and don't worry: my "ski masked thug friends" know very well that Israel will continue its abuse forevermore, rockets or no rockets. "We are going to kill every last one of your friends and you better believe it" And they will resist to the last man (or woman) against your murderous regime. "If some civilians get hurt well that's terrible but war is war and your side seems to wallow in it" There you poor, poor Jews go again. "War is war" whenever you murder truckload of civilians, but its terrorism whenever you poor poor people have a rocket land in your field. Applying the rules of collective punishment that Israel has done in Gaza, it would be fair for Israel's citizens to at least feel, even in the slightest way, the brunt of this war. I'm sorry, but umm... the resistance doesn't fight with stones anymore. "So keep an eye above because you never know when that next smart bomb is heading straight for the car you're in." Bank on it pal. Anymore stupid comments I can waste my time responding to? And please, as always, limit it to one response at a time.
28. Israeli terrorism is worse than Palestinian terrorism
P Smith ,   Los Angeles USA   (01.18.08)
Israeli terrorism is worse than Palestinian terrorism. This is partly because of the weaponry (100 suicide bombers cause less death than one of the thousands of Israeli rockets fired) but also because of the false veneer of "respectability" and "credibility". I wouldn't equate Israel's policies to Apartheid. I'd equate them to the era when Nazi Germany forcibly removed jews from Europe (before the death camps). Like the victim of a pedophile who goes on to molest children, Israel has adopted tactics and methodologies that they were once victims of. Even the Israeli label of "goyim" for non-jews (that jews are above all other people) is similar to the "superman" mentality, and how Israelis feel their country is not accountable for its actions. We can only hope that Israel sees the light and that it must be held to the same standard that other nations are before they suffer their own 9/11. One can't demand peace while being violent towards others, but can if one is peaceful himself.
29. Israeli smoke and mirrors
michael mazur ,   brunswick australia   (01.19.08)
I no more believe that Qassam rockets fall on Sderot than i believe that Ariel Sharon is unconscious. Nor do i believe that Gilad Shalit was captured, nor do i believe that the two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah soon after. Furthermore i do not believe that Hezbollah fired those hundreds of Katyushas into northern Israel - it never happened - nor that there were any Israeli casualties until incursions were made into southern Lebanon in August 06. I say these things for two reasons, Israel is so closed a society it can tell the outside anything as we have no objective way of knowing anything different. The other reason is that Israel had foolishly hoped that Syria would feel obliged to assist Hezbollah and a Israeli response against Syria would draw Iran in due to their being a mutual defence pact b/n them. How could your leadership have been so foolish ?, as any thinking about the matter either before, during or after reveals that the only aim was to draw America into nuking Iran. As to your Ariel Sharon, i would say that you have him parked in the basement at -4 degrees Centigrade. Are you telling us that come January 09, that if no annoucement is made that, three years on, he is still unconscious ?
30. Wow!
Kim ,   Dallas, TX USA   (01.19.08)
That must have been a terrifying donkey cart!
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