Gaza Blackout: Why Israel’s PR efforts failed again
Roi Mandel
Published: 22.01.08, 15:10
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1. Nice photo :- ) ~Like Little boy Attila of Turkey .
ben shlomo ,   singapore   (01.22.08)
2. D-uh!
Russel ,   Tlv   (01.22.08)
Israel should have thought about putting it in context before they tightened the siege. Maybe a PR campaign showing what good we do for the Palestinains (sic) will help ...? Not bright our PR boys n girls. Don't think they will ever wise up.
3. this is not about Israel' s PR ...
atilla karagözoğlu ,   Yeretz Ishmael   (01.22.08)
... this is about THE FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE. world knows the fact. no PR can help.
4. Israel & the media.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.22.08)
The Israeli gov't. handles the media about as well as it handles everything else - meaning poorly. While it is undeniable that there is a bias against Israel in the media world-wide, our efforts at countering propaganda are pathetic. The main problem as I see it is that our own gov't. has no sense of the rightness of our cause. We are apologetic, always making lame excuses, never pro-active, too politically correct, & project an image of being losers. This was not the case before Oslo. Our own media share the blame by copying the viewpoint of a generally hostile world media. Anyone who watches the pathetic performance given by gov't. spokesmen (or spokeswomen) can only be embarrassed.
5. Simple Answer Israel lost PR
Khalil Ishabib ,   Ein Karem, Al Quds   (01.22.08)
It is a very simple and straight forward answer. One side is the occupier and the other side is under occupation. One side is telling the truth and the other side is not.
6. In the eyes of the world, the Jewish state
cannot do anything right. They are damned whatever they do. That's the fate of Israel. Never mind the nations of the world, we have a promise.
7. Situation must end
Zardoz ,   USA   (01.22.08)
While I'm generally sympathetic to the plight of ordinary Palestinians living in Gaza, I have to say the situation with Hamas must end. Whether or not Hamas has a right to shoot at innocent Israelis does not matter. Hamas is clearly in the way of any sort of reconciliation or negotiations. I think this is the point that the leaders of the region have come to, and and I can't think of anyone (outside of Iran) that wouldn't mind seeing Hamas disappear. I think cutting off fuel and food might be a better solution than trying to pick-off individual Hamas militants. I'm surprised Israel didn't do it sooner. It would seem a more humane and effective method of convincing Gazans that Hamas must go.
8. media wars
jan 08   (01.22.08)
There is no problem with Israel's manipulation of the media - look how Israel has managed to embroil the Palestinian resistance into the War on Terror or how Israel has 'convinced' the US that despite the bulldozers, the WMDs, the Wall, the illegal occupation, the slaughter of children and women it is Israel that is the 'victim' and the Palestinian the 'terrorist'. Bring on Al Jazeera, bring on the 'Liberal' media. the killing of children and the collective punishment of 1.5 million people is a crime. The world can see that. And let the world's media show it how it is. Two years ago, in a suburb of London a rally was held in support of israel's attack on Lebanon. 5000 people turned up. The following week a rally was held in Central London to appose the attack on lebanon. 250.000 people attended many, many many of them wearing Free Palestine and Hizbollah T-shirts. No way are 'Isrealis suffering more than their Palestinian counterparts' That is a lie. A damn lie. The truth is out.
9. I Don't Know . . . Looks Like A Rock Concert To Me
emanon ,   USA   (01.22.08)
10. It's the policies stupid.
Aaron ,   Highland Park IL US   (01.22.08)
11. If we are already blamed for cutting the electricity
Squalid Ibn Harman ,   Qtir   (01.22.08)
If we are already blamed for cutting the electricity the LETS REALLY CUT THE ELECTRICITY and see how they blame us for cutting the electricity that wasn't there. THEY MUST PAY FOR THEIR LIES AND PROPOGANDA. BUT FIRST WE MUST DUMP IMCOMPETENT OLMERT AND BARAK.
12. media
JL ,   israel   (01.22.08)
israel is always showing it self to be inept at just about everything...from the eternal whining about the kineret and water mismanagement to draft dodgers to the media failure...yet they continue to lie to us as they rip us off...we deserve it....a people who cannot make a change in its pathetic leadership deserves eveything they will recieve...just like germans did
13. #5, agreed
Danny   (01.22.08)
But why do people keep believing arab lies?
14. QASSAMS ?????
Franklin ,   Paris   (01.22.08)
WHERE...??? WHEN....??? WHO.....???? The voice of Israel his inaudible.... No complaint, no protest, no explanation.... Only de "sounds" of the reactions, and world-wide, the ugly image of an agressor without cause.
15. Israel is being unfair and cruel to Palestinians
Bimbo ,   Australia   (01.22.08)
Only those with a sick mentality would take such harsh measures against innocent women, children and the aged. Its disgusting how people cant learn to live in peace together. Havent you learnt anything yet after 2000 years? Doesnt say much for Israel's religious ideals does it?
16. Night of Candles
Hin Boon Long ,   Kuala Lumpur, M'sia   (01.22.08)
Nice photos, just like Christmas candles. No misery, looks like just having a christmas eve yuletide.
17. # 11 Agreed in full!
Petra ,   usa   (01.22.08)
18. the fascists also thought they were right
Rana Nashashibi ,   Jerusalem - Palestin   (01.22.08)
I am wondering do you think that the fascists also thought that they were conducting a bad PR campaign?? they regretted that they were not able to convince the world of their "just cause to annihilate the other" In case Israelis you dont notice your problem is not bad PR but the fact that you are occupying people against their will and committing atrocities on a daily basis. In Nablus and tulkarem there are no alleged cause "throwing rockets" but do you think that stopped your army from killing and terrorising the civilian population on a daily basis? Wake up Israelis and smell the coffee what the army is doing is annihilation of a total population it is genocide.
19. we are too naive in front of those hamas killers
dovdevan ,   ashdod ,israel   (01.22.08)
the palestinians became masters in organising progaganda as we saw sunday night in gaza it was the same propaganda that they used with mohammed al dura and the one that we saw so many times in the western media !!!we as a state we are incapable of finding real professional to to communicate with the media we are naive !!
20. The PA and Saudis say that Hamas is to blame ..
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.22.08)
so it would seem that the writer is wrong. The only two pictures that I've seen of kids with candles are photoshop fakes and even if they weren't - so what? Mike
21. #3 Shut up! We've heard enough from you!!
Chaya ,   Eretz Yisrael   (01.22.08)
22. Yes, and Gazans planning a "Media City"
k shamash ,   canada   (01.22.08)
They truly understand the power of the media, a $200 million "Hollywood" is being planned in Gaza to shoot the latest and greatest propaganda. On a related note, in the Palestian press this item : Palestinian journalist suffering more at the hands of their own than Israel
23. #5 your right, one side is the squatting occupier
jack bauer   (01.22.08)
and its your side squatting arabs have tried to occupy Israel and their crybaby crocodile tears have tried to convince the world that the jews are the "occupiers" But the truth is stronger then your lies, just as its stronger then hamas and their lies There are more then 20 arab countries for you squatters to move back to. And Israel is the only country that jews have. Unlike your daily propaganda jews do NOT control the whole world The real truth is that arabs (from arabia) have invaded countless countries.....and those countries now are considered arab. Why? because arabs have literally obliterated the native populations that lived there. And now you wish to do that to the ancestral homeland of the Israelites....A land you have absolutely no claim to whatsoever
24. #15 you have been watching too much SBS for your own good
jack bauer   (01.22.08)
this is a war and there is a propaganda war as well and the photos with little kids are part of it and after the pictures were taken the tears all of the sudden stopped Israel owes hamas and it supporters NOTHING
25. #18 rethink your idiotic words that make no sense
jack bauer   (01.22.08)
annihilation? genocide? you make me sick I have been to the death camps where the bodies were burned up in the ovens you have the nerve to speak about nazis? little do you know, but your mufti was a nazi and lived in berlin with hitler.... and he was in on the holocaust and he even raised moslem SS troops for hitler as well maybe your limited education doesnt allow you to comprehend what you claim..... genocide? do you know what that even is? the fact that you write that here shows that you dont......not only that but it disproves your claim
26. Rana Nashashibi, "the fascists thought they were right"
Jake   (01.22.08)
and you ought to know, as your Arab High Commitee and all the major figures of Arab Nationalism, and not a few Arab kings and emirs, including Hashemites, backed it to the hilt. The Grand Mufti was a Holocaust perpetrator. The truth hurts, doesn't it?
27. Jan08 #8, "Bring on al Jazeera"
Jake   (01.22.08)
Of course, the megaphone for Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri is your only way of gathering publicity to your so-called "cause". You think 250,000 people wearing Hizbullah t-shirts is going to win out? It's not about quantity, it is about quality. The only thing that is assured is the eventual defeat of the Islamo-fascist plague, and its Left-wing Trojan-horse attemtping to bring down Western civilization from within, and all the enemies of Israel. 2 evil empires defeated, one more to go. It's fate is sealed.
28. Isn't that girl with the candle the same girl who hosts
Farfour Mouse and Nahool the Bee on Hamas propaganda TV?
29. the kid in the pic. is cute she doesn't look sad or deprived
30. Before Electricity was invented did people WEEP by candle
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.22.08)
light ?????????? In violation of G-D's command: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER 70% of PA Muslims support suicide bombing of innocent Jewish Israeli men, women and children. Giving any supplies (or land) to implacable, barbaric enemies committed to Jewish annihilation is IMMORAL and treason!
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