Obama rejects Palestinian right of return
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.01.08, 20:24
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31. #23: Ignoramus
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (01.29.08)
Where have you been? Obama 'Backer' Rezko Ordered to Jail It's been widely reported for a while. Genius.
32. BHO The best hing for the republicans
Al   (01.29.08)
This double talk nothing..the darling of the demented dems is a g-d send for israel. He will never be elected and the republicans will slide in.
33. republicans
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.29.08)
That tiny voice in your thick skull may yield some caribou.
34. I've always liked the guy
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.29.08)
He seems more reasonable than any of them.
35. #10, ignoramus
Antonio ,   Haifa   (01.29.08)
There is no such thing as "Palestine", never has been. And the Arabs living in the Arab-occupied parts of Israel can visit most any country with a proper visa. Takes about 4 weeks to get one. And most any Arab from countries with diplomatic ties to Israel can visit Israel with a proper tourist visa. Most don't even need to apply beforehand and can get one at the airport or any of the border crossings. You are just a typical clueless dimwit. Even many those from countries without diplomatic ties to Israel can visit the country with proper permissions. I've met Pakistanis and Iraqis here who really wanted to come either for business or out of curiosity, and they were allowed in.
36. the chameleon tries to change his colors again
jack bauer   (01.29.08)
the closet muzzie wants a fakistinian country built in Judea and Samaria. He wants all those jews from Yesha to be cleared out so that new terrorist state is JUDENREIN....then he claims that he wishes to preserve the jewish nature of Israel? by not shoving fake refugees into the rump Israel that is left? This is idiocy Pretend that obama is great pretend that he will be good for Israel But mark my words Israel will be in the worse predicament it has ever faced if he is in the "white" house It will be a "black" day for you lot if you are attacked by all your enemies and need a bit of help from the USA the people will want to give it, but just like with carter, you will find out the hard way who your real friends are I feel a veto coming and as for the USA standing behind Israel in the UN.....look for that to cease as well good luck with whats left of your lives.... soon it will be the last chance to turn towards Hashem for help I doubt he likes fair weather followers
Peter Samuels ,   Hong Kong, SAR   (01.29.08)
Yes, Obama too has to pledge to the Israel Lobby. It's amazing the sort of stranglehold one tribe has on the World's current sole superpower.
38. Wow, what a weird talkback
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (01.29.08)
1) No matter what your local beliefs, Jews are NOT going to vote for Republicans. 2) Obama is not a Muslim. If you drink that poison, you deserve to die from it. 3) Rudy Giuliani is going to be blown out of the race in Florida and if not there, then on Super Tuesday. You are kidding yourself otherwise. 4) George Bush has done incalculable damage to America. That is not good for Israel. The Republican candidates cling to Bush's sinking ship. They are headed for decades-long exile.
39. Super Tuesday will finish off Hillary the Yente.
Davi Finegold ,   Baltimore   (01.29.08)
None of the candidates are good enough. Good luck.
40. Hey Phil: you obviously believe everything the Clintons say
rebuttal ,   usa   (01.29.08)
Go do your own research, buddy. This is just hearsay, as far as I'm concerned. Plenty of people work for law firms that represent sleazy clients. I just don't buy it.
41. Attention Mr. "Hur"
Rebuttal2 ,   usa   (01.29.08)
Here are some more "scandals" for you: IRAN-CONTRA WHITEWATER MONICA LEWINSKY BUSH IRAQ WMDs FAULTY INTELLIGENCE BUSH-GONZALEZ NSA SPYING You find me a politician who doesn't have some sort of "scandal" attached to their name, and I'll elect them president! But Barck Obama? Oh, please!!
Obama supporter ,   US   (01.29.08)
43. it won't make any difference
Fadi ,   beirut   (01.29.08)
the US has no role left in the Middleast ..clear.!!!!! they are not even able to stop the syrians from interfering in lebanon's elections .. the US wants to get out of Iraq and afganistan ..the US economy is not doing well . so basically ...wake up and smell the Hummos and do not let them fool you , the palestinians do not give a dame about what Obama says or anyone else ABOUT THE RIGHT OF RETURN . all i know that they are coming back . it is an eye for an eye ,get it in your head,you are not scaring even our kids . and try to solve your problem by talking to the guy in Ramallah not washington ..he is much closer i guess ,those days are way gone my friends .. . you are on your own here in the middleast .
44. #35
crl ,   ny ny   (01.29.08)
45. #10Mohammad said convert them to Islam nor kill them
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.29.08)
Would you please let know who the real rasict is? Beside the decision already have been made by the Jews that are the real owner of that land, By the way your Palestinians brothers have 51 choices beside the Jordan the real Palestinians State
46. Hillary will not meddle, Obama will
Steven ,   San Francisco, CA   (01.29.08)
Hillary saw how humiliated Bill was in his attempt to be the honest broker in the M.E. Now I believe she will keep a distance from that. But Obama will very much be like Bush and will not resist meddling, and he will be as pro-Arab as Condi, and even more so, it's his his lineage.
47. right of return
Palestinian refugee   (01.29.08)
no one in the world have the right to reject the right of the Palestinian to return home. it's stipulated by UN resolutions and this is a human right issue just like the kosovo people who were returned home. will will not give up our right of return whether obama, Myung-bak or even Litokwa Tomeing reject that right because it's a Palestinian mater. so try to find people on Vinus who reject this right this won't help you. you better try to find out how would you give us our homes back and the best way for that is a one democratic state where Israelis and Palestinians can live together.
48. #10 - YOU IDIOT
Uri ,   Jewish Jerusalem   (01.29.08)
A "Palestine" can't go anywhere because he and his stupid people can't compromise with us, and nobody else in the entire region wants to deal with him. Accept our rights to our land and we will gladly have 2 states side by side living in peace like the "Palestines" have been saying no to for the last 100 years. We are so tired of their bullshit and rejectionism if they don't get their act together and compromise soon, we will wash our hands of them.
steve ,   london, england   (01.29.08)
I would be interested to learn what Mr.Obama had to say further on the subject of Palestinian right of return. There are a couple million of them in UNRWA camps. He's not going to recruit any support from them after what he said. But atleast he said it anyways. I mean it has to be said. Doesn't it!? Because if this situation is allowed to persist, with nobody opening their mind to this vexing question (for all concerned) there will be more violence. While the military in Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria consider measures that will be taken to quell the violence if camp Palestinians are told to surrender their nationality claims to their host countries, what about Israelis and Palestinians? We can't have a two State solution without this issue being clear. They must be offered more than a sell out. Whoever Israel will not allow to return must be offered a home in an Arab country of their choosing .... with social security or a job prospect. The camps should be turned into towns. With Arab money from this inflated oil price and money from the usual UNRWA donors. There are no alternatives to the alternatives. If these question are not addressed in public ....... the natives in Israel and in Arab countries (Jews and Muslims)(and Christians) will suffer and continue to make each other suffer. Those camps have raised and bred generations of proud people as well as terrorists. They didn't start this crisis. It was their grandfathers' in 1948 who wouldn't accept Partition. The State of Israel will not stand idly by and see these people cheated of their dignity. AMEN ve AMEN
50. 10#'s misuse of the word 'racist' is RACIST
Adam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.29.08)
51. Obama rejects Palestinian right of return
Charles ,   Orange Park, FL   (01.29.08)
I find that interesting. Obama's spiritual leader is a black nationalist and anti-Semitic. I do not believe for one second he was not a practicing Muslim. Third, negotiating with Iran is a sign of weakness. One who negotiates from weekness is to too week to obtain results. Don't believe Obama is doesn't walk the talk and he will throw Israel to the wolves.
52. Obama
Choni Davidowitz   (01.29.08)
Whatever Obama says or believes in is irrelevant. The fact is if he were elected president of the U.S. Muslims thoughout the world will be greatly emboldened, and there will be a steep rise in Anti Semitism. However, this will turn out to be good for the future of the Jewish nation simply because Jews will be "forced" to come to their real Home Eretz Yisrael. So I say; Obama for president.
53. 21 - what is untrue?
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.29.08)
Very easy to say "at least the Democrats, already know this is untrue". But what is untrue? You need to say that and to give links. Maybe he's not a closet Muslim. Do you enjoy Russian roulette? Mike.
54. 34 - very nice but liking him is not enough
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.29.08)
Russian roulette is not good when choosing somebody to be the most powerful person in the world. Mike
55. 38 - Israel is not the issue - the world is!
redmiike ,   TA - LA - London   (01.29.08)
Choosing a candidate that one billion people believe to be a Muslim is dangerous. Can you imagine what will happen to the USA if those one billion are correct? Put the gun to your head now and pull the trigger. Still alive? Give the gun to your friend and have him do the same. Choosing somebody for the most powerful job in the world is serious! It's clever politicking to make the issue a Jewish/Muslim one but that's not what it's all about! Mike
56. Obama suddenly becomes "pro Israel" to get elected
David ,   Raleigh, US   (01.29.08)
Obama sudden pro-Israel turn is to gain the votes and contributions of liberal, American Jews in order to get elected. We're supposed to ignore his anti-semitic and anti-Israel church, his support of Al Sharpton and his support of the Palestinians. Are Democratic, Jewish voters dumb enough to vote for him?
57. According to the Koran, Obama is a Muslim and apostate
David ,   Raleigh, USA   (01.29.08)
Obama's father was a Muslim, so Obama is a Muslim. Obama left Islam for Christianity. According to the Koran, the punishment for an apostate from Islam is death. How will U.S relations with the Arab and Muslim world be, if our president is an Islamic apostate?
58. mccane is our man
alan ,   alaska   (01.29.08)
Apparently all the democratic staffers for the campaign have now become Jewsish and written talk backs here both pro and con. Howvever, consider this. McCain stated yesterday that " the existential threat to the US in the 21st century is radical Islamicists." he said that to the American media not a private phone call like Obama made on the eve of a vote in Florida which has 600,000 voters who are Jews. When haer Obama quoted in the American news wires that he is opposed to the right of return, I will consider voting for him and not a moment sooner. Viva Alaska Achmadinjihad should visit Tok now to chill out where it is 50 below F
59. More on Obama
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (01.29.08)
For important info on Obama, go to
60. Democratic Obama
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (01.29.08)
Beside the point that the Democrats are responsible for the KKK, Slavery, still openly in some places apartheid and refer to us as Hymies. I you realy must vote Democrat, just remember Hilary's friendship with Suha Arafart. How well - with a cheerful clap and smile - she applauded Suha's racist speach! I think their must be a lot of US Jewish massacists around!
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