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US Jews in Clinton's pocket?
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 01.02.08, 23:05
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1. I wouldnt trust Obama if he was last candidate on earth
Alan ,   SA   (02.01.08)
2. #1 true
obama was born muslim, raised muslim, educated muslim... no matter how u turn it, he IS a muslim. there's only two now... clinton or mccain
3. Nonsense! I am Jewish and I'll vote for Obama
Joe ,   Usa   (02.02.08)
4. Jews are smart - that is a myth
Younatan   (02.02.08)
Look at the USA Jews, all rushing to vote for the haters. The Republicans have been the only ones (especially the conservatives) to support the state of Israel, but no, the right to murder your own infant is more important to the "smart Jews". Hence, they will vote Democrat. Fortunately there is a minority of sane Jews, see
5. Mccain all the way....btw #3
jew for Mccain ,   USA   (02.02.08)
you read too much Chomsky drivel. The most corrupt party on earth,true Bolshevicks one and all. Thats the Undemocratic Democrat party some of mrs. Clinton's ideas,big screans to teach the masses her moronic world view..sounds too Orwellian,Stalin kind of crapp. As for Obama.....what on earth does he stand for besides "change"? arent we all for change simply because we change our underwear and sox twice daily?
6. 2008 election is a bust!
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (02.02.08)
There are 3 possibilities for President: McCain, Osama Obama, and Hillary. It doesn't matter who gets elected. We're screwed.
7. #2
Jane   (02.02.08)
Only 1 - McCain. When push comes to shove, I don't trust anyone named Clinton.
8. Hmmm
Cameron ,   USA   (02.02.08)
Hard to say which group the Democratic Party takes more for granted: Blacks or Jews?
9. For all JEWS
Maya ,   vancouver   (02.02.08)
jews are not white.
10. I'm American
jerome ,   basalt, co   (02.02.08)
I'm Jewish and white and I support McCain! McCain is the one with a brain! I don't like Clinton cause she ain't black and I don't like Obama cause he ain't a woman.
11. Warning To American Friends Of Israel
Wisconsin Marshall ,   USA   (02.02.08)
Under Hillary Clinton expect Camp David 2, yet another forced "peace process" toward a "two-state solution" ignoring conditions on the ground and leaving Israel vulnerable to a terror state on its east. Might even see another "grotesque ceremony on the White House lawn," as Haim Misgav put it. That's assuming that the Bush/Rice cynical push, with the complicity of the Israeli leadership, is incomplete by the end of his term.
12. obama all the way!
tom ,   usa   (02.02.08)
stop defaming this inspirational man, our generation's jfk! he loves jews and israel. support your fellow minorities.
13. I wonder if
Zeal ,   Zionist America   (02.02.08)
Monica Lewinsky is also in "Hillary's pocket" :)
14. Obama
Jonathan ,   Chicago, USA   (02.02.08)
Despite the article's title, whether to vote for Obama has nothing to do with being Jewish. I'm from Chicago, and I tell you he's a fraud. All his talk about "hope" and "change" is just "smoke and mirrors". He has supported (and, thus has the support of!) the most undemocratic elements of the worst Chicago and Cook County politicians in local history. Beware his soaring oratory - it can lull people into voting for somone who DOES NOT HAVE THE GOODS to live up to the hype.
15. Obama rocks and anyway Clinton/Obama
America   (02.02.08)
or Obama/ Clinton may be the golden ticket and the breakthrough the world needs.
16. Nope, I am voting for Hillary
Steve ,   San Francisco, USA   (02.02.08)
What the USA, Israel and the world don't need is an incompetent, inexperienced "leader" of America on the left, as is Obama. The world has suffered as a result of the incompetent, inexperienced "leader" for eight years on the right, G.W. Bush. It's not the time to make the same mistake on the left. Not to mention the corruption that would come along following Obama. America doesn't need its first third world President. Hillary is needed, to rescue the middle-class here and to promote America's innovative spirit.
17. I wish for...
I can't stand McCain more than I can't stand Hilary...i will not vote for Obama no matter what. I wish Romney would win...
18. A Clinton is still a Clinton... two-faced liars, ALL!
Oren Weitzman ,   USA   (02.02.08)
19. In her pocket? - In her dreams
Laurence ,   Santa Ana, CA USA   (02.02.08)
This American Jew will not vote for a Democrat, period.
20. hillary
Dan ,   West Hartford   (02.02.08)
Rember Hillary`s exuberant kiss of Suha Arafat after her speech which accused Israel of poisoning the palestinian`s water supply!
21. #3 then you are a fool
Jack ,   USA   (02.02.08)
Lets set the record straight, the jews in FLA had a choice they could have voted for Gulliani, they did not and that was unfortunate, McCain won and althought is not a great for Israel as Gulliani and a Gingrich ticket, our only clear choice is to stand for McCain Pres and Gulliani VP, John Bolton Sec State and Gingrich National Security adviser. Or A Special Envoy. I believe we bring in these others and the elections are already won. As to Hillary, I think any woman to vote for her because she is a woman is discriminatory, its like a man saying I won't vote for a woman. Don't vote for her because she is not a Thatcher and she cried in public, She will not stand and this is why a Jew can not vote for her.
22. Clinton Kisses Mrs Arafat and Jews dont care?
Bibliobob ,   usa   (02.02.08)
Hill-Bill will continue the destruction of Israel. Please American Jews, vote McCain for the sake of your people, for the sake of Israel.
23. Times have changed...Vote Republican!!!
Dov ,   Israel   (02.02.08)
Ron ,   Ramat Gan   (02.02.08)
Bill Clinton had almost destroyed Israel with ''Oslo''...Hillary will do the same
25. if u are a Jew then vote MacCain. Iran will win with Hillary
Robert   (02.02.08)
26. And #2 -I'd take my chances with McCain.
Alan ,   SA   (02.02.08)
27. pocket
Fictive ,   John   (02.02.08)
28. Obama or Clinton(sic)
Dovid Ben leizer ,   Novi, Michigan USA   (02.02.08)
H. Clinton is no better than her husband who sold Israel out for his legacy.Obama is even worse. His foreign policy makers include the ilk of hamilton and malley, and a few more Jew haters. Any Jew who votes for either one is either delusional or so far left they no longer have a religion. These would only be the self loathing Jews. while I am a conservative, I am not happy with bush either since his legacy desires are to destroy the Jewish State. Their really is no one to vote. Kind alike in Israel. Am Yisrael Chi With Love of Zion Dovid Ben Leizer Hakohain Lt.Col.Ret. Novi Michigan USA OMNI-BERATUS
30. Who Cares About Obama
stanley ,   Cape, South AfrIca   (02.02.08)
I fully agree with #4. It is the weak left wing politicians, who bring war. Remember a guy called Chamberlain? In any event, who cares about Obama, he is a mere phenomenon, will fade and will not get the nomination. Mark my words, Obama will NOT get the nomination. In the end, it will be my man McCain v Clinton. We've had 20 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush. I hope the American people will break out of this "family/dynasty" stranglehold.
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