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US Jews in Clinton's pocket?
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 01.02.08, 23:05
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61. The Ultimate Jew
RCA ,   USA   (02.05.08)
is the video blog of commedian and Rabbi Jackie Mason on 'You tube'. Go see his weekly video comments on the candidates, and the US elections. See what he says about Hillary and Obama, and McCain. You will not be disappointed.
62. The Democrats have screwed us for so long
Adam ,   Philadelphia, USA   (02.06.08)
I just don't understand how my fellow American Jews can be so blind. The Dems have done nothing but make promises and raise taxes to give handouts/buy votes with our money. After decades in charge, they had still accomplished nothing, but Reagan and Bush Jr have been strong friends of Israel and have cut our taxes. Don't be duped again! Obama doesn't have the experience to run a 7-11 and Hillary is a self-serving liar, who should have been jailed for Whitewater, falsified billing, withholding those records then mysteriously "finding" them in the private quarters of the White House, or how about buying chicken futures at the low and selling at the high ten times in a row, while her buddy was coincidentally an exec at Purdue. The list goes on and on! She even had the balls to claim she had conventiently discovered her Jewish ancestors while coincidentally running for Senate NY! Jews are not smart. In general, I have to say that my landsmen are stupid and have been taken for granted by the Dem party forever. It's the Christians in the Republican party who are Israel's real friends, not the Arab- and Carter-loving Dems!!!
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