Report: Suspects arrested in Mugniyah assassination
Dudi Cohen and Reuters
Published: 15.02.08, 17:43
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31. #28, "rapid successes"
Danny   (02.16.08)
I believe these people fall under the context of the "usual suspects". Wierd that with all this investigative skills, they couldn't solve any of the March 14 murders...... If it was a mossad agent, he/she is long gone
32. #22, didn't know the Mossad had so thoroughly
Danny   (02.16.08)
penetrated Modern Middle East studies, given the number of Finkelstein-like "academics". There must be some sort of global operation going on..... On a more serious note, you do wonder what drives these people. Clearly the truth doesn't.
33. Bravo Joe # 14
Ivri   (02.17.08)
Well said .
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