NIS 475 million earmarked to Shas institutions
Shaul Amsterdamsky
Published: 27.02.08, 12:39
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nadav ,   tel AVIV   (02.27.08)
This is so sad. With not enough money to build defenses against rocket attacks, chronic unemployment of unskilled workers, a crumbling education system, no fund for higher education or to cover tuition costs, not enough money for pensioners/holocaust survivors, or money to cover health basket for the chronically sick, we give money to these corrupt, fanatic, "Orthodox" thieves!!
2. $131.5 million of secular tax payers money
Simon ,   TA Israel   (02.27.08)
$131.5 of secualr tax payers money to fund their lies, their hatred and violence towards gay people. What a waste of money when the peoople of Sderot are under fire. Do we really need to waste this much money so that Shas can issue such statements as " Gay people are the cause of Earth quakes" Gay people are compared to bird flu" Just goes to show the true face of this corrupt and evil regime lead by the Ayatoloah Ovadia Yosef himself.
3. Shas and Education
Simon ,   TA Israel   (02.27.08)
Eli Yishai supports an education plan that does not teach children maths or English yet promotes hatred and intollerence and all at the expense of our tax money. This organisation should be made illegal.
4. NIS 475 million allotment
Fred Douglas ,   Har Halutz   (02.27.08)
On the same day that I read the above, I have been informed that 2 of my children who have recently completed their military service now have to pay Betuach Leumi out of their pockets while they are studying or perparing for Psychometric exams. Is there anyone who can explain this with a straight face? Where are the allotments for our military service youth? Fred Douglas
5. money for shas
sas ,   israel   (02.27.08)
and what about 1. the medications 2.shderot 3. the lousy public schools ????????????? this government has weird priorities or the secular simply have to pack up n leave.
6. Reply # 4 Getting the picture now Fred ?
Simon ,   TA Israel   (02.27.08)
Hay Fred, i see people are waking up to the fact that the Shas regime are still in the Goverment despite their threats to pull out , basically so they can milk the system dry for every last sheckel. It was only a matter of time untill we saw their true face. Which isnt surprissing is it when Shas supporters live off state benefits and dont serve in the army. prehaps they need the money to issue curses and death threats against the gay population of Israel? Wake up buddy not only are they stealing our tax money they also deny you your democracy.
7. now it makes sense
yosef ,   jerusalem   (02.27.08)
and now we all know the reason why Shas is still in the government. Olmert found Ovadia Yosef's price and bought him off. what a piece of garbage!
8. It's painfully obvious now why Shas won't leave coalition
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (02.27.08)
Despite all the high talk about protecting Jerusalem and the state, they're clearly in it for the money. There's no high principle involved, no concern for the greater good or the national interest. Israel's electorate, while often foolish, is not completely stupid. Shas can expect punishment in the coming election.
9. I'll do it for half price
eliezer ,   jewrusalem   (02.27.08)
I am willing to join the goverment and support its bankrupt policies for half of the price of shas. give me a chance.
10. Sickening!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
See, it's things like this that are going to rock the foundations of this country – not a bloody earthquake caused ‘by gays’. All these lazy bastards are good for is lying and cheating the government - and guess what? they get rewarded by receiving 475 million - that's not including the money the receive from the government for fictitious yeshiva students either. The government, in essence, are fuelling these animals who preach nothing but vile hate for gay people and people who live a secular way of life. The very people who paid tax so these low-lives could get their 475 million. What a terrible day. I wonder what the poor folk of Sderot must be thinking now. Our government sucks, it's an embarrassment. They are a bunch of clueless Morons that need to get their act together and start to think about the people that actually DO something to keep this country going – the religious are not part of the group, they just suck every single solitary shekel that they can, for doing bugger all.
11. 475 million for Shas Institutions
Millicent ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
But no money to refit the gas masks and return them to the people of Israel...No money for public school improvements, or money to feed the poor,No money to build shelter in Sderot or the North of the country... But yes money for Shas institutions,,Let me tell you something is rotten in the State of Israel when the religious MINORITY.. get more money then the secular citizens that actually pay the taxes does. IT IS ABOUT TIME WE HAD A GOV HERE OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE>>>THAT IS FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE!
12. You all seem to forget why Shas is getting the money
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.27.08)
This money is the reward for staying in this government, despite that fact that they are willing to give Jerusalem and other parts of our country to the arabs. So, for all you lefties out there, You Can't have it both ways. You've got to feed your monsters.
13. Is this the price for Jerusalem?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.27.08)
That's a pretty cheap price for giving away our capital city. I wonder how much the Galilee will cost? They won't get too much for the Negev I would imagine. I'm sure they'll get more for Judea & Samaria. Say, can I get some money if I pray all day, don't work, don't do military service, & do some gay bashing from time to time?
14. approved price of acessory to murder
chaim ,   miami beach   (02.27.08)
now it has been established what th so called Sages of Torah deem to be sufficiant to allow the murder of children, in exchange for their silence. torah is to be used for saving lives not as a bargining chip for receiving sufficiant graft
15. #12 This money was promised to Shas WAY BEFORE
M.M.   (02.27.08)
talks of dividing Jerusalem and this was the condition for joining the coalition. The government should have given the money to them long ago.
16. #2 Comparing dung to bird flu is quite mild.
M.M.   (02.27.08)
Supporting a chareidi organization is the best thing the government can do. Would you rather the government support the dung which you are comparing to bird flu that causes Israel to reek for years?
17. Shastitutes!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.27.08)
18. We know what you are. We are now talking price.
Gideon Reader ,   In the USA   (02.27.08)
So now we know Shas's present price for staying in the government. $131.5Million? That ain't too shabby,.......for selling one's soul, and the security, safety, history, and Eternal Capitol of one's people.
19. The cost to keep $HA$ in the government!
Avraham ,   Western Negev   (02.27.08)
20. money for shas schools
Bear ,   Zefat   (02.27.08)
Many years ago it was at election time in Crown hgts, Brooklyn, NY. A Lubavitcher was running for office and naturally expected all the chassidim to vote for him. Came along a real politician, not religious and a offered the chassidim a nice fat promise (don't remember what it was) if they'd vote for him. They voted for hima nd than after he won the election he reninged on his promise. Well, as you can imagine there was a cry to the high heavens for the subterfuge. You know what the politician answered to the chassidim? "A bunch of whores with beards!" (exact words). Just substitute chassidim for 'shas'! Nuff sed.
21. Disgusting...nothing but filthy bribe money
Freejay ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
Next elections Shas is finished....these pack of thieves will eventually feel the wrath of Hashem ! They choose money before ethics!
22. Scandal !
ezra ,   canada   (02.27.08)
I agree with all the very nice and polite talkbackers. It is a scandal that the jewish state is giving money to educate poor sefardi kids. Only rich ashkenazi should have access to free education in the modern state of Israel ! As long as people will show the level of hate appearing in the talkbacks, Shass will thrive.
23. #16
Talula ,   Israel   (02.27.08)
You've written a load of garbage. No-one can even begin to understand what you've written. And sadly, we are all the more stupid for having read it. GET A LIFE!
24. money for shas no money for sdrot
ami ,   israel   (02.27.08)
25. Shaas Institutions
MC ,   UK   (02.27.08)
We're complaining about Shas and rightly so, but what about this corrupt government which is not protecting the people eg. Sderot, medicines not in health basket, hungry children, building cities for Arabs when they have caused Jews to be homeless etc.including intentions to give away the country. Where is all this leading and what is going to be done about it? Israelis ALL need to wake up and take responsible action to oust the govenment. The situation can only get worse!!
26. Shas are whores
Sidney ,   USA   (02.27.08)
And Olmert is their John.
27. #23 I am glad you understood it so well
M.M.   (02.27.08)
and so did everyone else. It just bothers you the truth of that talkback which was refering to talkback #2.
28. Why are you people so upset at Shas
M.M.   (02.27.08)
Those of you who are anti-Zionists and want Jerusalem divided or don't care if Jerusalem gets divided, the only reason you're complaining is because you're jealous! Yes, it's nothing but jealousy! Where was your outcry when the public school teachers got a raise after the strike? Where was your outcry when the government supported liberal arts and other shtuyot? The only thing that should upset you is that Shas is still staying in this anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, corrupt government.
29. number 22 Ezra- you are TWISTING THINGS - not an honest post
Moshe ,   Beit Shemesh, Israel   (02.27.08)
there is NO objection to funding the education of sephardim. the objections are: a) doing it at the price of selling out the country to a bunch of blood-thirsty murderers (i.e. Abu Mazen and his gang) ; b) a school system that does NOT teach these sephardic youngsters English and Math - i.e. this school system does NOT give these children the tools to support themselves.
30. its not only secular tax payers money
david hasday ,   new york USA   (02.27.08)
bs"d as a person that would never vote for Shas in their current way of running their business I would just remind all that also Shas voters are paying the taxes that are being directed towards their educational system. Its not Shas's fault that the country has (as we do also here in USA) bad taxing system. If a part of my taxes are paying for the so called free educatin system , I should have the choice of paying less taxes or getting a larger refund if in case I decide to send my kids to private educational system that doesn't burden the governments education budget. The system has to level the tax payers exposure in order not to give the fringes to abuse the system and have to stay in a corrupt government just becouse they need the funds to run their educational institutions. But this system is the best that provides the corrupt governments like Olmerts to buy votes and survive. It's a sad picture for a nation that should attempt to reach perfection.
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