US warns Palestinian Americans of delays in Israel
Published: 20.03.08, 06:58
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31. #27 I'm ashamed you're such a fool
GZLives   (03.20.08)
in a post 9/11 world? Do you think that was an inside job MIKE or do you think it was just some tea party? Maybe the sun has gotten to you in sunny safe Forida where the chances your kids will be gunned down in school are slim to none.
32. How are Jewish Americans treated in Saudi Arabia
Mordechai   (03.20.08)
If I go to Saudi Arabia wearing my kipa will I be treated the same as a member of the Council of American Islamic relations. Can I pray in public. Is kosher food available.
33. #27 Mike Sailor
David ,   USA   (03.20.08)
Mike: Are you one of those Americans who believe that Americans are superior to all others in the world? If someone were to arrive in the US from Israel, an Israeli citizen and had the same name that was on our terror watch list, how do you think it would be handled? Israel is a soverign nation and can set her policies as she wishes. It is no insult to America that Israel is cautious about Palestinians with American citizenship. Hate knows no borders. Get over yourself. Americans are just human beings like all others and deserve no special treatment. I am an American but that is one thing about Americans that really gripe my arse. They think they are the rulers of the whole world.
34. Road Map=US citizens(Jews)as 2nd class citizens
sam ,   USA   (03.20.08)
35. BIG DEAL, get over it.
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.20.08)
I travel to Israel every summer (with my family) and for the past 3 years I've been yanked out of line and questioned for an hour. They see the Israeli stamps in my passport, they see my family, they see I'm Jewish, and they still do the same routine. It's inconvenient. It's embarrassing. But SO WHAT! It protects Israel and Israelis so I'll put up with it. Israel, don't let your guard down for an instant. Keep up the great work. If it inconveniences some Arab Americans, well, it also inconveniences some Jewish Americans, so join the club and shut up. You don't have anything to hide, do you?
36. 27 - who created & perfected modern islamic terrorism?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.20.08)
palestinians are the reason we all have unreasonable restrictions when we fly because they used airline hijacking as a tool to terrorize the entire world. they have no limits and use the goodness and goodwill of others, even the USA, to spread their evil to the ends of the earth. having an american passport does not suddenly exclude them from being closely checked, especially since their terror has only deepened and the so-called "innocent civilians", non-combatants, whatever, still overwhelmingly support terror. this is why and it is their own fault, and no one else is to blame for their unrepentant actions.
37. Jews expelled from arab countries
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.20.08)
had to undergo a thorough search, including anal and vaginal inspection by arab customs officers. Did the humanrightists issue any protest?
Jorge ,   tegucigalpa   (03.20.08)
People cannot but laugh at Arab cinicisnm, If Israelis inadvertedly enter(for that matter any Jew) into Palestinian controlled areas it has the great possibility of beign lynched with the open assistance of authorities. To go to almost any Arab country an American of Jewish origin would most certanly not be allowed. Rights is and should be a two way street. Problem with Arabs and Muslims is that they feel they deserve all rights for themselves, but have NO RESPONSABILITIES FOR ANYONE
39. Yes #28 Some Americans ARE more AMERCAN THEN OTHERS
GZLives   (03.21.08)
Just ask any Japanese American living in the US during the WW II years.
40. Japanese exclusiion was warranted
Wallace Brand ,   Alexandria, VA   (03.21.08)
American breaking of the Japanese Naval and Diplomatic Codes revealed a spy network was being set up on the West Coast. This could not be revealed at the time because it would let the Japanese know we had broken their code. See: MAGIC: The Untold Story of U.S. Intelligence and the Evacuation of Japanese Residents from the West Coast during WW II by David D. Lowman
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