Saudi king to organize interfaith conference with Jewish participants
Roee Nahmias
Published: 25.03.08, 13:08
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1. We need to talk more about what is common
Palestinian   (03.25.08)
among all of us...
2. will it occur on saudi soil?
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.25.08)
will infidel jews and christians be allowed in the saudi kingdom to talk about their religion? me thinks not.
3. i think it'll be in vegas.there're lots of conventions there
4. UH-DUH !!!!!...Only one one problem, your royal heighness...
Rich ,   Raanana   (03.25.08)
Where are going to find any Jews in your kingdom. since they were kicked out long ago. Of course once you find some willing to come back they would only be allowed to stay if they promise to live as "dhimmis" (second class citizens) and not make too much trouble under your house of sludge. NO THANKS. Why not use your eneergies to create a real democracy in your so called country instead of trying to have a phony interfaith dialogue thats good for the CNN cameras, which will also take the heat off of the harsh reality that without your oil loure living in a sand pit with snake charmers and brains that are stuck in the 7th century - Good Luck Dude.
5. 1 - Yes, but Mohammed ain't part of it
Nate   (03.25.08)
6. Good idea
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (03.25.08)
it doesnt matter where it is held, maybe Israel, The Vatican, Saudi Arabia.. It matters that it may help if the religious leaders get together and try and sort out the mess of politicians and goverments. What harm can it do?? What good could it do?
7. Where will the Jews come from?
JPS ,   Efrat   (03.25.08)
Will Saudi Arabia admit Jewish spiritual and community leaders from Israel? Will they depart from their current policy and admit any Jew who has an Israeli stamp in their passport?
8. I hope the Saudis emphasize how much the Lord of Abraham has
Rivkah   (03.25.08)
given to the Moslems in land mass and oil riches and other blessings, so that the little the Jews have in comparison should not be attacked out of jealousy and hatred which will provoke the Lord of Abraham to take away from the Moslems what He has given to them. There are many prophecies such as Isaiah 17:1 which tells of the destruction of Damascus that should cause the Moslem nations to stop harrassing and attacking Israel and to find a place for the Palestinians among the Moslem nations to solve that problem. Many nations will be destroyed if attacks on Israel continue to provoke the Lord of Abraham.
9. Welcome to the naive world
YOEL ,   Raanana, IL   (03.25.08)
He will invite only leftist israelis who are ready to abandon everything except their T.A's discos and restaurants. He will also invite Neturei Karta as religious representatives, and we wil have only our uggliest face of judaism. Then, it will be a success for saudis, and for us, it will take years to repair things. Welcome to the real world, and stop dreaming, folks !
10. to#4 Rich
Marcelo ,   Frankfurt   (03.25.08)
The problem is if arabs get a single chance of democracy they vote for Hammas or Hizbullah...they really do not deserve democracy....
11. Saudis talking about morality ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.25.08)
That's pretty funny. You can imagine the collection of politically correct wishy-washy liberal multi-cultural moral relativist dhimmi-minded fools they get to represent Jews & Christians. The last thing they want is frank, blunt, realistic dialogue. What they want is a bunch of nitwits to come & condemn Islamophobia but no criticism or analysis of Islamic teaching. Maybe they should invite Wafa Sultan as the voice of Muslim dissidents. I can just imagine the Neturei Karta showing up to represent Judaism. This isn't about dialogue, it's about propaganda.
12. what a king. now stop terror from moslems
13. Re Jewish attendance
marty ,   toronto canada   (03.25.08)
I'm betting that representatives from the Neturei Karta will get the invite.
14. The Nateurei Karta is welcome throughout the Muslim world
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.25.08)
15. Great News.... a welcome change from
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.25.08)
the hate messages coming out from that country regarding other religions. It is about time the moderates step up and counter balance the widespread radical views
16. Naturei Karta Boyz are going to get the invitations
Alan ,   SA   (03.25.08)
17. maybe the jews will be neturei karte
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.25.08)
i'm sure that will be perfectly acceptable to the soudis.
18. Saudi Chieftain and summit
Brod ,   USA   (03.25.08)
Is this giving them an opportunity to read the Koranic text to Jews and Christians that says to kill Jews and Christians? Or, would he give an opportunity for Judeo-Christians to preach to the Islamist-Jihadists about the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount so they may know the Prince of Peace and the Light of the World?
19. We can find what to agree with in Islam
Reluctant Hawk ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.08)
We should welcome this Saudi initiative despite our natural suspicions. Notwithstanding some problems with their foreign policy, their religion is basically compatible with ours and started with a moral vision inspired by the G-d of Abraham. When they say "There is no diety but G-d" or "There is no compulsion in religion" we should stand with them shoulder to shoulder in respect.
20. #15 I agree, except...
SammyTT ,   NYC   (03.25.08)
Religious leaders meeting in the dialogue are not moderates — the pope, Islamic clerics, leading rabbis. The good news: these guys getting together to dialogue is monumental and perhaps more important than moderates getting together. Only when radicals can sit down together will we see true compromise.
21. #15 - Rami - its a ploy....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (03.25.08)
That government is rotten to the core and finances radical muslim hatred. There is nothing about change here, my friend.
22. : A Welcome Idea
Shimon Z. Klein ,   Bat Chefer, Israel   (03.25.08)
If King Abdullah of Saudia is genuine all monotheistic faiths should put him to the test. The idea of an interfaith summit is welcome and hopefully it could be the beginning of a new opportunity for peace, coexistance, tolerance and understanding. My question is whether Israeli Jews would be welcome to this conference as well? If this is the case then we should all support this summit. It could end many negative stereotypes about Islam. After all most Moslems are law-abiding citizens and are against terror.
23. Reluctant Hawk #19
Brod ,   USA   (03.25.08)
You do not know what you are talking about. You certainly do not know Islam. The fact is Islam is an Antithesis of Judaism and Christianity.
24. #10 Marcelo
Said ,   London   (03.25.08)
"The problem is if arabs get a single chance of democracy they vote for Hammas or Hizbullah...they really do not deserve democracy...." So basically, if they get democracy, they are only allowed to vote for people you approve of. Great democrat you are, hypocrite!
25. #18 Brody
Said ,   London, UK   (03.25.08)
Prince of Peace, you say? Notwithstanding the fact that the number of dead increased exponentially since the invention of monotheistic religions, I'm not sure what kind of peace you're talking about. Your kind of anachronistinc blind-faith "knowledge" is nothing but a sham, and history has proven it so many times over, you're completely blind to believe in such trite political ideologies known as monotheistic faiths!
26. Oh, I Hope Jimmy Carter Is Invited Too!
David ,   Marietta USA   (03.25.08)
27. Interfaith meeting called by Saudi King
Ger ,   Raanana, Israel`   (03.25.08)
They will probably invite Naturei Karta as representatives of the Jews.
28. His Majesty
Joseph ,   London   (03.25.08)
His Majesty now realises that the terrorists he raised and fed for so long will soon overthrow him with Ahmadinejad's help. Suddenly, it dawned on him that he needs the West's help. Christians and especially Israel to protect him to stay in power. If he wants dialogue, perhaps he should start cleaning his own messy house and backyard. A start will be the making of some sort of an official statement condeming the constant killings by Islamic terrorists who turned the world into a miserable bloodbath. Does he have any other jokes to tell?
29. Sultan, not a king
Reza Amouzadeh ,   Toronto-Canada   (03.25.08)
First of all , he is not a King, he is a Sultan, as they call him by themselves. Secondly, what he is saying about the destruction of moral values in our world, and his intention to amend and or replace it with his targeted values , is another version of sep/11.Not only Sultan Abdullah thinks' like that,but also Mr.Tony Blair is going the same way.Take a look please When President Bush is saying , they are opposed with our values for freedom, and democracy in justified election, here it is what Sultan doesn't like that, and they already moved to fight with that.Their way for fight is complicated into different ways , but with the same target.The Sep/11 has the same target with what Sultan is saying.Only they need to provide the accurate situation. Right now , their main target is to keep save and rescue Iranian Islamic Regime, which is working like an slave for them, and just for their interests , not Iranian National Interest. To provide this meaning, they suppose to defeat the view of Secularism, which is resorted by Iranian people, to remove this Damen coarse regime. In their opinion, Zionist is the greatest accused one in this case, because they(Zionism) spread the view of Secularism. While they are fighting with the secularism, meanwhile, they are trying to change the global atmosphere from non-religious values to the religion one.It will help them a lot to cover their aims , and also find more allies. Remember Sultan is talking about the Moral, and it's values , which is getting down in our world as he believes.Isn't that the Sultan's command , that President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, whom is the honored "Brave Mahmud" by Sultan's Administration,appointed a Moral professor which is simply a cleric, to teach His cabinet? Of course it is. Sultan wants define the Moral values, because he doesn't agree with Secularism, and freedom and democratic election.Is ok, it's his own country and own people.We as Iranian saying"Just only Sultan Knows the Prudent and goodness for his belonging country and nation",but he suppose to understand that the definition of morality is not on his disposal, just for the reason that he has the money. The morality is going and been also defined by social experts as the modern values, based on the health standards either physically or mentally. What Sultan is doing, which is pleased by some people perhaps in Israel, is applying the pie by Poisons to offer to the Israel first and The USA then. All those are some rascality tactics to have you to go to the sleep.Believe me they won't leave Iran's dirty regime alone with Iranian people.Undercover they are conducting that regime.
30. The Kingdom responsible for the greatest spread of hatred...
LEE ,   NY, USA   (03.25.08)
seeks to teach the world about morality? After 9/11, after Wahhabism from your soil, after the funding of fundmentalist Mosques all over the globe, I think everyone could do without your version of morality.
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