Schwarzenegger to authorize release of 30 Israeli prisoners
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.05.08, 18:38
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1. What a generous gift to Israel!
Eitan ,   Israel   (05.03.08)
So happy to embrace 30 murderers and thieves back into our society!
2. Arnold Gesture
George   (05.03.08)
Thank you Arnold.It seems that these people are members of your MAFIA bande.You sent them to create more criminals here! Ah no,I think that they are going to figure in your new flammable film 'A COMMANDO from CALIFORNIA IS COMING'.............
3. Not New
Ofer ,   USA   (05.03.08)
Many immigrant detention facilities, even in the most obscure of places, have been pressured by "local Jewish communities" into providing costly Kosher food for Israeli inmates, many apprehended during the course of drug, fraud, and other serious types of investigations. Frankly, I doubt most of the people even eat kosher, it's just a symbolic action by certain Jews to show they have power. Of course the diet preferences of others aren't given a thought. Many of these detainees that the Jewish community so ardently support are not good people and are up to no good in America.
4. anyway to save money, Cali budget in shambles
dp ,   sf, usa   (05.03.08)
6. Unfortunately Ofer is 100% right.Criminals R big IL export
Alan ,   SA   (05.03.08)
7. Thank You Arnie!!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (05.03.08)
As if Arnie is doing Israel a favor. He's shipping the worst Israeli dreck back to Israel as a humanitarian gesture. Israel should offer them an additional humanitarian gesture and let them serve their time in Gaza.
8. Schwarzenegger
Arthur ,   Houston   (05.03.08)
Arny, please keep them in California, Israel has enough criminals. Mayby exchange them for Olmert.
9. But Arnold - we wanted you not them!!!!
Sheila ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.03.08)
10. No. 3
NYC Girl   (05.03.08)
While I agree that most of the Israelis prisoners probably aren't even kosher, it seems unlikely that the dietary preferences of other groups aren't given a thought. In fact, I doubt very much that the dietary restrictions of Muslim prisoners, for instance, aren't taken into consideration.
11. arnold for PM...hold new elections..NOW
rich ,   raanana & NYC   (05.03.08)
12. Who is paying ?
bar   (05.03.08)
We Israelis ? Why should we pay for those criminals ?
13. we need someone to replace Olmert anyhow
Charles   (05.03.08)
why not an expat from the US ?
14. Please keep them in California!
david ,   Jerusalem   (05.03.08)
15. They Will Be Right At Home In Israel
World Citizen ,   the world   (05.03.08)
With your political leaders, military commanders and IOF pilots.
AWSOME- send those criminals OUT OF USA SOCIETY- and DONT COME BACK
17. do you guys also have criminal?
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (05.03.08)
I mean beside the Pal in Prison, do you have people from you in prison who commit crime? and if yes how is it? I though you don't commit crime? Thanks
18. With a TWENTY BILLION dollar shortfall in revenues to pay
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
California's government expenses for the coming year, I hope Governor Schwarzenegger sends other foreign nationals in American prisons back to their home countries to serve their sentences. The Central Americans and Mexicans will then lose their medical and dental and other prison perks as well as welfare subsidies for their nonresident relatives (wives and children) in America. The wives and children will have to go back to the country of origin to wash the papa's sheets and clothes in the prison and pay for his food, etc. And American taxpayers who are going bankrupt will get a break for a change.
19. 1 Eitan: Murderers are not included on the list.
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
20. Sounds more like a gift to California rather than Israel.
Etoile ,   Montreal, CAN   (05.03.08)
21. 12 ba: Please. California is going bankrupt and needs all
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
the help it can get. It is time for Israel to pay back a little of the biliions upon billions upon billions of foreign aide dollars American taxpayers have given to Israel. You sound like a child who hates her mother after getting years of free care and the mother asks the child to pay for an icecream cone from the child's allowance. Not fair, the child screams, unthankful for all the mother and father have done.
22. 3 Ofer: When I was beaten up by a policeman in California
Rivkah   (05.03.08)
and arrested WITHOUT a warrant after opening my front door when a policeman rang the bell and it took six weeks to find out what I supposedly said that caused him to call me a dirty Jew and file false charges against me...I aske for a vegetarian kosher diet in the jail in Hanford, California. I WAS GIVEN HAM SANDWICHES TO EAT. Jews and Messianic Jews are hated in America and no accomodations are made for them. I was accused of threatening to kill a Nazi Geman woman every day for sixteen years when I had been out of the country for four months and had only lived in California for five years and I did not know where she lived or what her car looked like. She wanted to destroy someone she thought was a Jew and the police helped her.
23. just say you have no room for them and want to save the mone
uli ,   jerusalem   (05.03.08)
y. by the way: israel too has overcrowed prisons...
24. #17- Unfortunately, sometimes crime happens in all societies
Gabi   (05.03.08)
Israel is a normal country and nobody is perfect, but Israel takes seriously the responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens and guard peace between neighbors. The first criminal court case in Israel was recorded in the Book of Prophets, Scroll of Joshua, Chapter 7:
25. Criminals back to Israel
Hilda ,   US   (05.04.08)
Forget about these guys. Let them stay where they are . Send Pollard home.
26. can we send Rivkah to California?
27. O please..
Angry Californian ,   San Jose US   (05.04.08)
What? I mean, do other countries send American thieves, murderes and rapists back home because of 4th of July? Sorry but Arnold's gesture sends a wrong signal to everyone out there, except the Israelis. Prisoners are prisoners, they broke our law, they should just do their time! Sorry people, this kind of crap is just
28. Prisners being sent to Israel
Hilda ,   Hilda   (05.04.08)
What was it tht caused my last message to be rejected? Was it that I suggested that California keep the prisoners and the US send Pollard home? I guess so. Therefore this one will also not see the light of day,
29. Please, do keep them!
me ,   here   (05.04.08)
30. More rehabilitation possible in Israel than California.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.04.08)
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