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Haredim boycott 'Zionist' snacks
Nissan Shtrauchler
Published: 04.05.08, 08:38
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1. Hareidim/60 aniversary
STANLEY MILNER ,   TEL AVIV   (05.04.08)
I am amazed that these people are against zionism and others in ISRAEL BUT they are prepared to take money from the government to live on . that is what you Call a HYPOCRITE.
2. ugly...
Takan ,   Eilat   (05.04.08)
The flag is not a sign of zionism, it is a symbol for the land we live in. These Haredim have no respect for others, no respect for their country and no KAVOD. They sound just like extreme muslims.
3. yet they live off our tax money
Simon ,   TA Israel   (05.04.08)
Yet they have no problem acceptoing the zionis tax money? dont serve in the army deny otheres their freedom and democracy, tell us what we can eat, when we do are shopping and support the iranian president. Gee work that one out people.
4. Hareidi boycott
Pearl ,   Jerusalem   (05.04.08)
I am sick to my stomach and ashamed that they have decided to carry their objection to the Country this far.
5. Worry about iranian nukes, not Jewish snacks.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (05.04.08)
6. living of tax money
hareidi   (05.04.08)
dont worry they dont take any of your tax money. With 16% VAT they only take what they themselves pay.
7. Neturai Karta are freaks
Bluma ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.04.08)
They do not represent charedim, or our life. The "ultra orthodox" public hates these extremists. Please dont offend me by grouping me in with these wierdos! My kids will be eating bamba. Do you really hate charedim enough to put us all in the same boat with those Arab lovers??
8. Have a Happy 60th Anyway!
Christy ,   Boston, US   (05.04.08)
Ignore the nay-sayers, who seem to add NOTHING but criticism. Have a Happy 60th!! Lots of non-Jewish friends will be celebrating & wishing you well! The God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob has done a GREAT thing! Prophecy is fulfilled! Israel is a nation once again!
9. Haredim boycott Zionist snacks
Marlene ,   Israel   (05.04.08)
Since they are so ashamed of our national flag, it is time for our govt to stop supporting them. Let them go and work and support themselves. Most of us "normal" people are sick to death of their drivel and hysterics.
10. Hareidim?
Mike ,   Bet Shemesh, Israel   (05.04.08)
7,500? I thought the Haredim were a much larger group... oh, wait, this is a tiny subset. Somehow, that didn't seem to be understood by either the editor who wrote the headline, or some of my fellow talkback writers...
11. Happy birthday Israel!!
dov ,   uk   (05.04.08)
12. Nonesense and lies
Ultra-Orthodox Jew ,   Israel   (05.04.08)
We Hareidim number far more than 7500 families and we do not boycott these products. Why didn't you name the "rabbis" who said that we should?
13. Shekels are a Zionist symbol.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.04.08)
Aren't shekels a symbol of the Zionist state? Yet, I don't see calls for a boycott of shekels. They have NO problem accepting some Zionist symbols evidently.
14. Why won't YNet print my comments?
Shalom   (05.04.08)
All I said is that I live in a Hareidi community and there is NO MENTION at all of any such boycott. This is a few meshuggenas in Jerusalem and as usual, everyone starts pouncing like dogs on a piece of meat.
15. #1-4 There are quite a few groups of Chareidim who do NOT
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.04.08)
take ANY money from this Zionist government. IF ANYTHING, it's just THE OPPOSITE. The Zionist government takes money (taxes) from the Chareidim and do NOT give them anything. Don't be so gullible! There's no reason to believe everything the anti-chareidi media tells you. If there are no signatures from Orthodox Rabbis on this boycott, it's nothing but a bunch of Netura Kartas behind it. So unless you also have such hatred towards Chareidim, don't buy Ynet's anti-Chareidi propaganda.
16. Osem , say thank you !
bar   (05.04.08)
He Osem , no thanks for this cheap promotion of your beloved Bamba's ?
17. #12 Ultra-Orthodox Jew, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.04.08)
I think most of us realize that these loonies don't represent the totality of the Haredi community. But, your rabbis should come out & condemn such actions publically & very vocally. If your community wants to avoid being seen as a bunch of useless parasites & irrational fanatics, you might consider joining the rest of us Jews in building & defending this country.
18. They should leave the country!!!!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (05.04.08)
If they are so against the 'Zionist entity,' they should get out!!
19. Haredim, national disgrace!
Rachel   (05.04.08)
They just want to leave apart from all of us, with little respect for women (they are just baby-making machines) and with their cavern-age rules. If you hate Israel as the modern State that it is today, please return to your ghetto in Antwerpen and you will be happy there. Have a happy 60th all of you and let's not offend the effort of all the people who made this State possible; many of them paying it with their lives.
20. #17 Who but Chareidim are "building and defending" E. Israel
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.04.08)
It's only by learning Torah that Israel can exist. Thanks to the chareidim who are behind that and behind daily prayers for the country’s existence. If all Jews in Israel would do that, we would have 100% siyata Dishmaya and Heavenly assistance and not a single Jew would be killed by terrorists.
21. Please - "A *few* haredim" NOT "Haredim" in general
Karen R ,   USA   (05.04.08)
Please keep your headlines responsible. A *few* haredim have done this. Stating "haredim" in the headline without qualifying it is printing the equivalent of a falsehood. Most haredim support the State.
22. Not all Haredim, but
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (05.04.08)
Put the flag on EVERYTHING. Then they can decide if they want to starve or not
23. way to quote people without giving their names..
You missed the first class in journalism...always note your resources...
24. #18, #19 Eretz Yisrael is NOT a 'Zionist entity'.
Miriam ,   Israel   (05.04.08)
Eretz Yisrael is a JEWISH “entity”. True Jews are G-d fearing Jews and who abide by G-d's Torah. Secular Zionism has no place in Israel. They should have created their state in Uganda and Hertzel proposed.
25. Once again the Hareidim...
Rachel ,   Rehovot   (05.04.08)
OK, so the guy has an opinion. And surprise, it isn't yours. So the acceptable reaction is to respond with the same kind of intolerance you accuse him of. Then you all go on to attack, not logically, but viscously - almost joyously - the entire hareidi world. Talk about extremism. You dont agree with the boycott - great. But get a clue - free speech and freedom of religion (although in it's infancy here) means that he gets to say these things. and if you dont agree, give me facts and logic - i mean really debate the issue - not this emotional garbage that only feeds the hate and intolerance on both sides.
26. 'Zionist' snacks
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (05.04.08)
Ynut does it again. We can always count on them to do their utmost to formant dissention amongst us. Never will they report on the “leftists’ doing anything wrong but have one wackoo Rav & his followers raise their head and Ynut is all over them like flies on a pile of u-no-what. On Yom Hatzmaut Hallel is said by most if not all of the religious public. They know that this is the Promised Land and are proud of its achievements and along with every other Israeli citizen, except our Arab cousins, will continue to make this a better place for all. All of this in spite of this Yellow journalism. Happy 60th! May the land of Israel continue to be ‘a light unto all nations’. May Israel’s learn to live together as one family caring for each other and not always looking for the bad in each of us.
27. #20 - Prayer alone is not "building and defending"
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (05.04.08)
How is it that in the diaspora it was permitted for Jews to both study Torah and to work but it is not the case in Israel? It has been long proven that G-d helps those that help themselves, and prayer alone will not stop Hamas, Iran, or our other enemies from raining terror and death on our holy places. Just look at what happened to Tzfat during the last war. It is time to pick up your share of the load and help defend yourselves and pray along with serving your community and country. Even if it is only community service it would be an improvement in the perception of those that send their children out to fight so you can live.
28. These Morons Don't Represent Charedim
SD ,   NY   (05.04.08)
I am a Charedi Jew and can tell you thst the posters were issued by an ultra-fringe group that represents almost no one. YNET plays right into their hands by publicizing their nonsense and stirring up needless hatred. This is the second Neteurei Karta article in the past few days. Why would YNET publish theses morons' nonsense other than to fuel hatred?
29. Palestinians in Gaza claim they are "starving"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.04.08)
Take all these "Zionist snacks" and feed them to the "starving" people in Gaza.
30. Treason
guy ,   los angeles   (05.04.08)
And if this report is true, those proposing this should be tried for treason...
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