Olmert warns new US administration may not be as 'friendly'
Roni Sofer
Published: 10.06.08, 16:43
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1. If he signs this, the remaining parties will NOT honor it.
Rueben ,   Israel   (06.10.08)
2. Obama will be HORRIBLE for Israel, but Olmert is using that
2 justify giving our ,   land away. Rueben   (06.10.08)
3. US
Invicta ,   Europa   (06.10.08)
It's not a question of 'friendly' or 'unfriendly'. It's a question of taking a more balanced and impartial view. If the US were to do this the peace process would be solved in an instant. Israel negates all its committments regarding illegal settlements, killings, buiding segregated roads and 500 KM long walls. And it's telling that whilst the rest of the world including the vast majority of US citizens consider Bush to be a dud, a failure, a cheat and a liar, Israel still clings to him as some great world statesman. The man is a complete failure. There is nothing he has acheived in eight years. All he has done is sow dissent, create hatred and mayhem and the murder of innocents. (pretty much explains why Israel likes him so much)
4. Olmert is an embarrassing and failed leader.
David. T. ,   USA   (06.10.08)
Scare tactics does not work anymore, olmert. The jig is up. You and Livni and Barak MUST go before Israel is destroyed.
5. Hmm. sounds like Condi has told him what to say 2 the public
jan ,   usa   (06.10.08)
6. #2
Jane   (06.10.08)
Obama won't be horrible for Israel. What he will be is impartial and hopefully fair. Bush has been 'horrible' for the whole world - including his own citizens - (but not for his buddies who have made huge profits from Bush's wars). Israel has caused the world problems for over 50 years - and has cost the US and EU tax payer more billions than any other country. The taxpayers of the free world want justice for their money. That means Israel acting like a civilised country and stopping its occupation and murder of innocent people.
7. TOTAL Mis-assesment of the situation
Stan ,   Johannesburg RSA   (06.10.08)
If Bush is such a friend of Israel then all the more reason to act in Israels interest - which is to clean out the den of snakes that continue to harrass Israels citezens with mortars and rockets. Amazing how quickly the posters on this board forget the Jewish refugee issue, the 60 years of violent attacks on Israel and the fact that the WB was liberated from Jordan in 67.
8. Wake up people
Tom ,   USA   (06.10.08)
"there is no telling what thing would look like once a new president is elected."... Who is he kidding, in the US there is no such a thing as an election for the presidency. It is a selection, Tel Eviv decides, and they select, only fools believe otherwise.
9. liar
colin   (06.10.08)
Olmert with his lies again.He did not get any promises of envelopes of cash from the new candidates so he lies to push the wishes of bush and rice. Someone must tell him in no uncertain terms that Annapolis is gone-finished-capoot-buried-filed-put into archives.
10. #6 suppose you are reading
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (06.10.08)
strange literature. thoughts are free though. as far as Bush is concerned i agree with you he was a desaster for his own nation&for many nations. but be assured, the next one will be worse. i strongly oppose your opinion about Israel. it is plain stupid to make these accusations to this nation which is under constant threat of elimination. you better accuse the religious and other fanatics who were and are never ready to honestly accept Israel as a nation. i cannot comment what you are saying about the taxpayers, it is too ridiculous.
11. #2 and #6 - Invicta and Jane.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.10.08)
two stupid comments from brainless misfits spouting uninformed, hackneyed anti-Israel hate. Give it up: President Obama isn't going for that crap either. If you think he is going to look at us any differently than his predecessors have you are in for a HUGE disappointment. Why? Because the American people see through the Palestinian lies.
12. It Depends On Who Is Elected
Not Jewish ,   USA   (06.10.08)
If It is John McCain, the American government will be supportive and friendly to Israel and her interests. If it is Barack Hussein Obama with his hand picked team of Israel haters and Israel hating friends, the American government will be hostile. Some members of Obama's Israel hating team and friends are Zbig Brezinzski, Aaron David Miller, Daniel Kurtzer. Richard Malley (secretly talked to the pals for Obama), Jeremiah Wright (JW led Obama's church to divest in Israel), Louis Farrakhan (LF calls Jews apes, pigs and bloodsuckers), Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Anthony Lake, Rev. Pfleger, Billy Ayers (an unrepentant terrorist) and the pro-Palestinian General Tony McPeak is scheduled to be the Sec. of Defense in the Obama Administration. Compare the difference between Obama's back tracking drivel to John McCain's time tested, proven friendship to Israel. However, it is also a fact that Olmert's delusional approach to Arab/Israeli peace is an exercise in futility going in. Olmert and Obama together would cause Israel much anguish
13. next president less friendly
elliot ,   point roberts,wa   (06.10.08)
what was ohlmert's first clue?duh! pray for the health of the tsar-the next one will be worse!...this means israel will need a strong government that is unified and competent too.
14. its about nobels prizes & staying out of jail nothing more
zionist forever   (06.10.08)
Bush & Olmert are both looking for their legacies and Olmert is wiling to do anything to stay out of jail so he now says that the next US administration might not be so friendly. He is probably right if its Obama that wins the ellection he will be very anti Israel rather than dropping bombs on Iran he will be inviting Ahmadinijad to the White house. Olmert though is looking to just get Assad & Abbas signatures on a piece of paper quick, collect his nobel prize then resign & move to Europe with his sons where he will be hailed a hero willing to take risks and a great man of peace etc and he will be beyond the reach of the Israeli justice system while he enjoys the good life. If we let Olmert rush things through the way he is there wont be an Israel for the next US administration to be less friendly to.
15. Olmert trying to change the subject.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.10.08)
And the subject is envelopes full of cash. Other words on the same subject are corruption, indictment, & hopefully, conviction & jail. A favorite word on the subject of Olmert is "resign" - favoured by the vast majority of Israelis. That is the subject, not Olmert pretending to be PM.
16. #6 Where are you getting your facts from?
Ted ,   UK   (06.10.08)
1) US Tax payer money Egypt today is getting almost as much funds as Isarel. Secondly more than 80% of the support to Israel is basically pumped back into US industry (the defense industry) which bring a lot of jobs to americans! 2) EU Tax payer ? Don't make me laugh.. Israel isnot getting any funds from the EU, only some commercial agreements like any other country. But the palestinain authoriyt is getting billions of Euros from the EU, and have you wondered where all this money going to ? to improve peoeple life you think ?? more like to manufacture exlosive and sucide belts!! When Israel is defending itself you call it murder... but when palestinians are blowing themselves up, I suppose they are martyrs for you..
17. Israel's friendly delusion
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.10.08)
Israel has a good friend now ? What insanity Israel suffers from You failed to adress who is the Puppet Master pulling Olmert,Livni,Barak's strings. What the loyal Israeli lap dogs do every time they get their instructions from Washington. The reason there will be no victory over Hamas is the same reason Israel was denied victory over Hizbollah. The truth is Egypt and Saudi Arabia called their friend George and pressured him to rein in Israel while victory was approaching. They threatened to step in unless big emperor daddy stopped his little vassal state, pronto. All it took was a phone call and the once great Israel, now little puppy rolled over. Since Israel's marriage to her favorite whore Israel no longer knows the concept of victory. The U.S. will not permit Israel to defeat another arab army once again. It has caused too much low self esteem in the Arab world and Bush aims to level the playing feild. Olmert and fellow puppies oblige their Master. You failed to adress who it was who pushed the 2006 Lebanon War ceasefire resolution into the U.N. You failed to adress who it was that called P.M. Olmert on the phone and told him to retreat the IDF just as they were gaining ground, before they had acheived victory against Hezbollah. You failed to address who is was who forced Israel to surrender the Gaza Rafah crossing into smugglers paradise Egypt for his false peace Road Map.You failed to mentioned who brought Hamastan Gaza into existence by his pressure for free and democratic elections there. You failed to mention who forced P.M.Sharon to remove every Jew from their home's and land in Gaza,ethnically cleansing Jews for no peace but rockets in return. And yet Israel has not awakened and still bends their knee to their false messiah hoping he will save them from Iran and bring peace to Israel.The sin of idolatry ,putting a Texas jerk above God will bring Israel much death and suffering. Your misplaced faith will cost Israel dearly because you seek George and not Hashem for peace and help on the Iran threat. You failed to mention the name of the nation and it's agenda which Israel religiously obeys that has brought this once sovereign Israel to the place she now is. You failed to deal with the head of the rat that brings Israel to the abyss of destruction under the lie of friend and the delusion of peace. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see and keep the delusion strong over am Yisrael. The problem is faithless Israeli leadership,Netanyahu included who cannot stop bowing to the will of their pimp god of the Potomac.
18. @#2 on Obama
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (06.10.08)
McCain would be better for Israel than Obama, but Obama might not be that bad. He will be devastrating to America, but not Israel. (1) He stated to AIPAC that Jerusalem must remain unified as Israel's capital (2) He supported the Israeli response during the Lebanon War (3) He is spend happy, so the aid won't stop I prefer McCain (as I did Romney), but Obama won't be the bad of Israel!
19. #16
Jane   (06.10.08)
So Ted, if the EU is giving 'billions' to the Palestinains to spend on weapons how come they have only got home made fire works and AK47s? Surely the 'billions' would buy Helicopters, Fighter planes, tanks and the like? But then the fight would be fair. And we can't have that can we? The IDF wouldn't look so macho if the contest was even. (mind you Hezbollah did a pretty good job of defeating the IDF and they didn't have any tanks) The answer to the suicide bombs is easy, Give the Palestinians the same armaments and the same US funding and I bet you the suicide bombs would stop. Because then the Palestinains would have an army and a means of defending themselves.
20. #15
Invicta ,   Europa   (06.10.08)
So most US citizens want Bush to go and most Israeli citizens want Olmert to go? Doesn't say much about the judgement of either nation does it? A nation gets the leaders it deserves. In the case of the US; an ignorant, dumb liar, just plain stooopid. In Israel; a cheat, a fraud, corrupt, money grabber.
21. Just leave!
David   (06.10.08)
Worse enemy from Olmert for the state of Israel is hard to imagine. If he were finally to leave, Israel would be much stronger regardless of who sits in the White House.
22. Marcel
David ,   USA   (06.10.08)
Marcel, "pimp god" "jerk" "rat", are these acceptable terms coming from the mouth of one who claims to be a Christian? I have admonished you in the past to clean up your language and have received your vitriolic name calling rebuke in response so I expect no better now, but regardless of your reply, I am here to tell you that you are not setting a very good example with this type of language. There is a way to make your political and religious points in that does not bring reproach to the name of Christianity. I am talking about true Christianity that shows the qualities that Yeshua showed. I am ashamed of you Marcel. Either clean it up or quit using the Name of my Saviour. I have seen your blog and know what you profess.
23. it should'nt make any difference to him...
ODED   (06.10.08)
what is it to you anyway? by the time there's a new administration in the u.s , you, olmert, gw, will be uout of office, and in jail where you belong.... and in no time olmert will be a small blimp in hisotry's radar.........zevel!
24. bush freind
alex   (06.10.08)
Olmert is full of it. Hopefully all the peace talks he initiated will be trashed as he is a cowardly sellout. Bush does not favor Israel, it is what is good for israel. Olmert has conceded before negotiations, he would do anythiing for treaties to selll his image to the israeli people as a true peacemaker. As the polls show, israelis detest him, don't trust him, will not fight for him, and he is the biggest liar and coward in the history of israel. Once he steps down, he will be investigated and he won't know a peaceful retirement. Olmert would sell out his mother and father and kids to advance his interests. The nazis would have found a willing partner in this quisling.
25. 6
zionist forever   (06.10.08)
The millitary aid the US gives to Israel benefits America more than Israel. 1) That money never leaves the country because it must be spent on American made systems. That means that it leaves the treasury, it goes to the American companies building those weapons Israel is buying. That creates jobs and jobs mean people paying taxes rather than collecting welfare, more profits for the defense contractors means more taxes they pay to the government. The money simply gets recycled within the US and it benefits Americans. 2) The US government puts aside every year a certain amount of money to be assigned to go to various countries ( Israel is one of many ) this money is used to subsidise the cost of developing new weapon systems for both the US army and for export to richer countries. 3) Israel gets a about $2.3 billion in millitary aid and its anual defense budget is about $9 billion. A condition of millitary aid is that Israel must buy a certain percentage of its weapons that is not bought with aid from the US. If Israel buys gets an F16 with millitary aid Israel also is going to need to buy spare parts for that F16 and those spare parts can only be bought in America. Millitary aid creates a kind of addiction to American weapons so its more like buy 1 gets 1 free .. we gave the teaser with the aid but now your going to have to go buy the rest for cash. So America probably profits from millitary aid longer term. 4) It buys the US political influence .. its the millitary aid thats bought the US so much influence in Israeli foreign policy making. 5) The US has been given a virtual veto of what home made weapons Israel can export to others. Israel signed a contract with China a multi billion for its Phalcon AWACS system. America saw this as being against their interests if China had phalcon and preasured Israel to cancel the order so Israel had to give back the deposit + millions of dollars in compensation to China. If the US didnt have that hold over Israel China would have phalcon. 6) If the US makes it more economicly viable for israel to buy American rather than buy their own then they will buy made int the USA and so there will be no Israeli competition developed. Lavi is an example of that .. the Lavi jet that Israel was developing in the 80s was better than the F16 & cheaper and eventualy Israel could have exported it created competition to the F16. The economy was in a bad shape at the time, the Lavi cost were overun so the US stepped in and offered F16s at a cut down price Israel agreed now the IAF buys American F16s rather than Israeli made Lavi. I would say thats pretty good value for money as far as the US is concerned. As for all your big talk about occupation and murder of inocent people. There is no so called occupation Israel captured this territory in a war that Egypt & Jordan were responsible for. Under international law Israel was within its rights to capture and occupy this territory and if you read UN resolution 242 it not only does not say Israel should withdraw from ALL territories but also any giving up this territory must be in exchange for JUST AND LASTING PEACE AND ISRAEL LIVING IN SECURE AND RECOGNISED BORDERS. In other words giving up any land must be for REAL peace and what Israel does or does not give up must be NEGOTIATED a word the palestians understand because Israel needs secure borders. Resolution 242 also demands that as part of this deal the enemy recognises Israel and its right to exist this is something the palestians have said that they will never recognise israel as part of any treaty. Killing of inocent civilians why dont you ask Hamas and the other terror groups why the blow up nightclubs, busses, hotels and busses thats killing inocent civilians.
26. #11 Fool
Chocko ,   NY, USA   (06.10.08)
As an American abroad (at present) and belonging to a group of a very small percentage of Americans that actually have a psaaport. I can tell you even among some of my American Jewish friends, we are sick to the teeth of the bloodshed thats happening from, and to, both sides of the conflict. Fact is, and I have siad this before on these pages, I want American funding to stop until you guys start coming to your senses. You cant keep going on about how much you value freedom and democracy when you constanly attack any dissenting voices that may be raised. Andy from Ramat haSharon is just a pratt that thinks if he keeps Peeing into the wind, evantually he won't get splashed in the face. The very average American probably doesnt even know much about Palestinian lies apart from the news thats shown in the major networks, and believe me, thats even more confusing for them as its out of context because some actually think its Iraq. (Yes that is true) and if you think they actually 'see' the lies, you are very much mistaken. fact is, they just think of the Middle East as Oil and War. Thats about it. Bush is a failure. Israel must start acting like a civilised state. Yes you have the right to protect yourselves but the more I study this whole area the more Im beginning to believe you are your own worst enemy... In fact, my suspicions, now tell me that you actually WANT war, because if you are at peace with your neighbours, you will tear yourselves apart..... Tell me Im wrong....
27. It is not too likely there will be elections in the US if
Rivkah   (06.10.08)
Iran is attacked because when the notable horn of Daniel Chapter 8 subdues Media-Persia in the latter days which has to be now, the notable horn breaks immediately after that. America will become part of four nations symbolized by a lion, a leopard, a bear, and a seven headed beast with ten crowns. Since ancient Israel was attacked and carried away in captivity by Assyrians and America is Manasseh, the nation Jacob told his grandson Manasseh his descendants would one day become, it is likely history will repeat and Assyrians who settled in southern Germany will attack American and the fourth of America that is a leopard will be under EU-German control. The Luftwaffe is already in America as are many German pilots and troops since German pilots fly cover over American cities. American pilots are not trusted to shoot down American civilian aircraft that may be hijacked, so German pilots are here to do that. German military is mostly in New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. As I traveled last summer through northern Arizona and New Mexico, the hotels I stayed at in Arizona and southern Colorado was staffed by German speaking people and most of the people at the motels were German speaking. Holloman Air Force Base in Alamagordo, New Mexico has a German flag flying over it.
28. Funny to read that Israel is the root of all wars...
Micha   (06.10.08)
have you noticed the price of oil? do you know who controls oil? do you know who exports radical political movements? do you know who justifies killing civilians when civilians are in fact the goal of their killing? enough with the jew hate.
29. #22 Dave
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.10.08)
The truth bothers you ? Sorry Dave You keep trying ot water down my message to keep the sheeple duped as they head for slaughter,but I'm not listening to you.
30. Rivka #27
Arthur ,   los angeles, CA., U.   (06.10.08)
Hello Rivka, I have always found your articles interesting and fascinating especially your information about the most difficult of all prophets : Daniel. But today, you ...are you sure about those German pilots???!! Many fear the Latin-American invasion. A German invasion? O.K, then - a new subject to ponder upon.
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