Gay couples discover surrogate option
Liat Rotem-Melamed
Published: 15.06.08, 07:54
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1. Starting Monday gays can marry in California, then they can
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (06.15.08)
have all the problems of the straights. Always be careful what you wish for.
2. Religion Is Now Irrelevant
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (06.15.08)
Evidently as many people are now deciding to live as they like in order to enjoy their lives to the fullest religion and belief in a heavenly god have become totally irrelevant. Such sexual behavior may be termed either deviation or aberration but to those who are secular and concerned about life on earth heavenly matters and the notion of "afterlife" are being discarded completely. I can understand such people not because I share with them the same sex perspective but rather because I have stopped believing in god thanks to the severe injustice I had to experience in my life. I have scoffed at countless social values and finally dropped them in order to feel much more free and liberated from the chains of imaginations , delusions, and illusions... Atheism still has its many positive sides, as I have discovered so....
3. Easy adoption in Ramallah for Middle eastern homosexuals
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (06.15.08)
The process undergone by a couple interested in surrogacy is very complex," Zitat-Mandelbaum explained. "There are a lot of legal documents, hundreds of checks, a lot of medical issues and a ton of bureaucracy." There is another option in Ramallah. My husband and I adopted 2 boys in Ramallah and we are very much happy with our choice. No paperwork were nessasary and we got our boy within 2 weeks. I would highly recommend this option to the Middle Eastern homosexuals.
4. Genetically distorted instincts
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (06.15.08)
High time for a global genetic research on the causes of such deviant behavior. Surely, those gays or lesbians ,looking to form a family ,are not to blame as they are following their genetically distorted instincts.
5. # 4 Nora tottaly clueless
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.15.08)
As a gay man and father of two i find your comments not only offensive but disturbing. How sad you havent got a clue about what you are talking about and instead use this opportunity to attack other people who are different than you. We are a family in every sense of the word. Prehaps your hatered should be targeted to those hetrosexual religious monsters that abuse children in the name of Religion.
6. #2 It is at least...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (06.15.08)
... more healthy to live a good and human life here on earth – instead of being brutal in the name of religion and waiting for, hoping and fearing this "heavenly" phantasy stuff... ;-) It seems all religions have their "groups" against whom they want to be brutal.
7. What about foster care?
Adoptee ,   US   (06.15.08)
I don't know what the rules are where you are, but aren't there children available for adoption from foster care? These are kids who really do need a home, as opposed to intentionally creating a human being who is going to have lifelong issues of grief and identity. Please reconsider the surrogacy option, and read the articles written by adults who were created via reprotech.
8. I like to watch the lesbians in action.
George Prenter ,   Arlington   (06.15.08)
They make a great contribution to society!
9. Its not fair for the future
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (06.15.08)
Is it fair for the child to have to same sex parents. When he grows up he will have so many question "where did I come from' and when he walks into his "fathers" bedroom to discover them having sex in bed but can't produce children. And at school the children will make fun of him/her that he has two same sex parents. The problem is they think for them selves and not for the future of their "children" Its completely unfair. Fine live together, have sex together but we must draw a line somewhere.
10. the wrong use of sex called abomination
yahn goodey   (06.15.08)
G-D tells us that those nations that lived on His land when He brought israel out of egypt to live here 1400 bce committed the sexual abominations listed in leviticus 18 and 20. He says that if we defile ourselves the same way as those nations did that the land will vomit us out also as it did those nations that were before us(leviticus 18:28) i like israel;i do not want to be vomited out because of others here committing these abominations to G-D. i wish those that practice this kind of life style would do it elsewhere such as by moving back to sodom in jordan
11. my objection to surrage births--the poor as breeders
bob ,   potomac md usa   (06.15.08)
the whole essence of surrogcy reeks class prejudices--the poor acting as "breeders" for the rich. There are lots of children available for adoption--especially mixed race children and children who are not tiny infants.
12. This is Cruel to Children
Thomas   (06.15.08)
Gay people,should stop trying to act normal by marrying and trying to raise kids. Using children to make an obscene political point is offensive and society should not go along with it.
13. #12 please explain your opinion
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.15.08)
we are a gay couple (you see i mentioned the gay word still in shock) we are together 10 years, and we have 2 wonderfull children by a female friend of ours. We are family and we do our best to provide for our children in every sense of the word. i would like to believe we are good parents are children are very bright and gifted. We have straight friends and gay friends all of who mix together. Im sorry you feel so much hatred towards us prehaps if you met us you would see that we are actually quite decent peole.
14. # 10 i dont think so
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.15.08)
Hatred based on prejudice against a group because of race, colour, religion or sexual orientation is the real "abomination" it seems you are the one with the problem buddy not us, although ill pass your comments on to our children and warn them there are people out their that hate us for who we are even though they have never met us they just base their hatred on a primative religious belief. May God forgive you.
15. The homophobes should get their priorities right
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.15.08)
Today I happened to be watching the BBC and a report on child slavery and child labor. According to the report there are 14 million children in slavery TODAY! Tens of millions are forced to work in industries such as the chocolate industry and girls are forced into domestic employment the terms of which you can imagine. One very disturbing report was that of a boy named Raoul who was rescued and when he arrived home his mother screamed at him hysterically telling him that he had come home to add to her sorrow! This is the situation in 2008 and NOT in the Middle Ages. So, my homophobic friends, instead of condemning, insulting and abusing people who have chosen another lifestyle which is not really a matter of choice for them, and want to give a child a good home don't you think that your abuse should be directed at those who trade in human life, be they women or children? Surely every person on this planet, whatever his color, religion, lifestyle or socio-economic situation is entitled to a decent life with dignaty? I would suggest to you who write the homophobic drivel that appears on YnetNews and other Internet publications and that are not worth the space they occupy on our screens that you concentrate your venom at those who enslave your fellow man. The next time you eat a chocolate or by a well known brand name in clothes or some other commodity that in all probability comes from a country which does not believe in human rights and civil liberties, you might put aside your hatred against homosexuals and vent your anger against those who abuse children in many parts of this world including Israel!
16. To #1: Hear! Hear!, Bunny!
David ,   Karmiel Israel   (06.15.08)
Well said!
17. They are not gay - but homosexuals.
Juan ,   Spain   (06.15.08)
QUOTE: Dror and Gil Zitat-Mandelbaum decided it was time to expand their family. Well, in that case they need to reconsider their lifestyle decisions. It takes a man and woman to have a baby. They need a heterosexual relationship - these NATURALLY can produce expansions to family!! P.S. Homosexuality is not hereditary. :-)
18. # 17 Juan some advice for you
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.15.08)
Well FYI no you dont need to be a hetrosexual couple to have a child. Alot of gay couples either adopt or have a child like we did with a women. We are a gay couple of 10 years and have 2 wonderfull children. We are family in every sense of the word so get over it buddy , were here were queer. Do you see us as a threat to your hetrosexual unit? DO you really think this couple should split up marry a woman who neither one of them is attracted to and bring children in to the world to please the likes of you and other small minded people. Take a couple of reality pills im sure youll feel fine.
19. #3 - Sure Yaakov --
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.15.08)
you and your gay husband Hassan just walzed into the middle of Ramallah and announced that you are here, you're queer and you want a baby. Then, following a long celebration where the people showered you and Hassan with candy, the good residents of Ramallah gave you two boys to take home to New York City. Just how stupid do you think people on this web site are to believe your "fairy" tales? I think gay folks here on this side of the green line (and on this side of reality) ought to stick to surrorgacy as the author suggests.
20. Simon - you're efforts at reason are noble....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.15.08)
But give it up - the source of these comments is complete idiocy. Its nice to hear about you and your family (although sometimes your tb's against religious people seem to me to be extreme and out of the blue). Anyhow, thanks for your efforts achi.
21. My gay friends with children
NW ,   W Hollywood   (06.16.08)
W Hollywood, where I live, is a gay neighborhood. My gay friends with children are good people and basically good parents. However, the children see daily the physical relationship between the parents which is confusing. Also, some of their gay friends do not act properly around children. The children are exposed to sexual behavior at parties (here, Halloween is X-rated) and in gay festivals The kids, as a result, start displaying emotional problems in adolescence. As for our new law that (unlike Massachussetts) allows gays from any state to come here to get married....stay tuned. The people of California will be voting whether or not to ban same-sex marriage in November.
22. #12 My husband Hassan and I are NOT abusers
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (06.16.08)
WE home school our boys and Hassan teaches them Math, English, Qauran, Soccer and much more. I am trying to cook, keep our house clean, take our bvoys to soccer practice and shopping.As an actor I am also busy in the theater. As you see I am an average housewife and father- not an abuser.
23. #1 Responsibility in your SM great gay community
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (06.16.08)
My husband and I have spent some 2 weeks in Santa Monica and had a very good time partying 24/7 with local brothers. I was very impressed by their friendliness and responsible behaviour. Every partner we had there used condoms and generally was very considerate. At some point when we ran out, my partner sent for a special delivery to the nearest club and gave a $20 tip to the delivery guy. Now this is what I call class!
24. No. 18 Simon
Juan ,   Spain   (06.15.08)
Thank you for your advice on this subject. My brother is a homosexual, I love him too. I don't hate homosexuals, I was simply questioning the logic of being 2 males wanting children. I think your sort of logic is crazy, like the people who facilitate your having these children. You are NOT family in EVERY sense of the word. You know - we all sin. Some repent and others do not. The worst thing is to be proud of sin before the Lord. You make your decisions Simon and you will be answerable to your Maker - in the same way I am, too.
25. What about self control and celibacy
Juan ,   Spain   (06.16.08)
Self control is not a sin. Celibacy is not a sin. Men want to ignore words like sin, they are not politically correct for them. Men think they know better than God. Some men are going to be SO surprised. Repent or perish is the gospel.
26. # 13 You're not a Real Family
Thomas   (06.15.08)
You're an imitation of a real family. Your kids get to know their mother sold her body so that two gay boys can pretend to be normal. Yeah, that's healthy. Growing up is hard enough and you're going to give these kids an extra dose of grief so you and your boyfriend can play house. That should be illegal.
27. # 15 What's One Thing Have to Do with the Other?
Thomas   (06.15.08)
I'm against children being exploited by homosexuals who use them as a political tool along with marriage to portray themselves as normal. It's just as bad as exploiting children for labor. In fact, I think it's worse.
28. Thomas - We are family so get over it
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.16.08)
Sorry buddy but we are family. So get over it. Maybe you should direct your hatred at those religious child abusing rabbis and their followers who torture children in the name of God. Having children as a political tool - pah-lease your really talking out of your backside! My children have a mother who live 5 minutes from us. How about children whose parents are divorced and fight all the time? We dont are family unit is based on love and understanding. The only grief my children encounter is small minded people like you! who seem to think its their moral duty to judge and slander us because we are different.
29. # 20 Well Andy
Simon ,   TA the free city   (06.16.08)
Ummm appreciate your comments and take them on board. In reply actually i have many religious friends and my partner is religious. However i see the Ultra orthadox and Shas at the enemy. they declared war on us and war we will give them. their comments regarding gay people incite violence and hatred and can be compared to the Nazi party and the Iranian regime. if any old fool thinks they can grow a beard and wear a black kipper and start preaching i am hollier than thou and inciting hatred towards us based on a religious belief while at the same time commiting crimes of bribary and corruption they have another thing coming.
30. To Yaakov and Simon
Lois ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (06.16.08)
...and all other gay parents: YOU'RE AWESOME. Your children are lucky to have found you as parents, and may you have plenty of "nachat" from them. To people who oppose same-sex couples adopting children: you do realize, yes, that there are not enough adoptive parents in the world, and most heterosexual couples only want babies, not older children. What do you think if better for the child, to rot in an orphanage where nobody really cares about them, or to have two loving, caring, devoted parents? The kids don't care what sex/gender their parents are. They just want parents. Child abuse is not have them raised by a same-sex couple, child abuse is to deny them parents.
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