UN: Israel violated truce 7 times in one week
Roi Mandel
Published: 27.06.08, 00:31
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1. UNO sucks
UNOsucks ,   Germany   (06.27.08)
UNO loves palestinian terrorist. Nothing new.
2. The UN is PUKE
SES ,   miami   (06.27.08)
Another day another anti israeli UN report .. don't those morons get tired of wasting paper wrting their lies down ... the way i see it, 5 qussams and 2 mortars later, and the UN accuses Israel of breaking the truce ...sounds like the "i hate jews" arab/muslim voting block is back in force. Anyway, the good news is that everyone knows that the UN has become the home to a lying bunch of anti semtic scum. They are all up in arms against Israel but Robert Mugabe sits there cutting off the limbs of innocent civilians and the best they can is take away his knighthood ... what a pathetic bunch of losers. And the jokes in Saudi Arabia say its ok to marry a 1 year old .. if that is what Islam has to offer, give me that good old judeo christian ethics ...
3. The UN is full of it.
nachum ,   golan   (06.27.08)
The UN, like always is displaying its clear hatred toward Jews and Israel. It is time for America and Israel to withdraw from the UN because of the strong hatred.
4. Oh come on...
Jacob ,   UK   (06.27.08)
The UN always has to point the finger at Israel, never mind about the several violations commited by the Palestinians before and after the so-called ceasefire. Where do these stories come from? I doubt they came from credible sources. Talk about bias...
5. 1,2,3,4 There are 194 UN members, whose Charter
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.27.08)
to prevent another slide into another World War. The neighboring countries/ African Union (victims of European Colonialism) will never support an invasion, similar to the US vetoes against UN rulings whenever it pertains to Israel. The fact that the US and the coalition of the dummies waged a pre emptive illegal war against Iraq based on manufactured evidence resulting in the untold deaths, murder and displacement of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The fact that the IOF daily murders innocent women and children and as Israel repeatedly and consistently ignores numerous UN resolutions against Israel’s occupation and genocide of the Palestinians. Pray tell how does one force Mugabe to adhere to UN rulings. Take the beam out of your eyes before you take the speck out of the others.
6. United Nothing (UN)
Arul   (06.27.08)
United Nothing once again shows its biased view. Nothing strange.
7. No words
Matias ,   Argentina   (06.27.08)
I have no words to defend de UN. The are a waste of money of the nationts. If an arab terrorist attacks te building of the UN the say it was Israel. Maybe the UN must dissapear and a true freedom lovers for a group were the democratic countrys will sit down and takl.
8. UN sodden liars as usual
Rozz ,   San Pedro   (06.27.08)
I fail to understand how Israel and the USA could possibly remain members of the lying and dangerous UN. What a horrid bunch of filthy liars they are. What posesses both Israel and USA to remain members. Please, both of you, do yourselves a favour and dump the UN pronto! Have absolutely nothing more to do with liars and troublemakers. At whatever their job is they seem to be a bunch of useless idiots. Be done with them. You don't need that trash around. One look at Ban Ki Moons face speaks volumes. Ugh!
9. The UN should vacate Occupied American Territory
Jake   (06.27.08)
Nobody elected these freaks, who violate their own charter on a daily basis.
10. Israel "fired at farmers for 10 minutes", yet no injuries
Jake   (06.27.08)
Hmmm...Could it be that these "farmers" were approaching the fence in a threatening manner, and so the IDF fired warning shots IN THE AIR?! The UN report also forgot the Palestinian mortar attack, in addition to the Kassams. Oops. They must have "forgot".
11. truce
colin   (06.27.08)
UN with its lies again.What were the so called farmers doing in a prohibited area?? That is not violation of truce.Firing 3 rockets in one day is not a violation(Nobody was killed)Another rocket fired and Islamic brigaids brag that they are responsible is not a violation.Ynet is printing false stories.
12. The UN reporting facts does not constitute Israeli Hatred
Lev Bronstein ,   Moscow, Russia   (06.27.08)
Nothing is more disgusting than the incessant whining by the blind supporters of Israel who simply refuse to admit Israel's own failures and violations. The FACT that Israel was the first to violate the cease fire is a point of record, not something made up by the UN or the result of anti-Jew or Israeli bias. The tired old canard that everyone is against you may have once worked to dismiss all of Israel’s crimes and misdeeds, but it simply no longer works today. You people need to grow up and learn to take responsibility for what you have done in the past and are doing today, for anyone who looks closely will see right through your charades.
13. UN can go to HELL
Brod ,   USA   (06.27.08)
Israel can tell the Islamist-Jihadist contaminated and dominated UN to go to HELL!
14. We Love The UN, When It Lets Us Rob Them
M. Lewinski ,   Moronsvill, Il   (06.27.08)
The UN is real Kosher when it gives us 78% of THEIR LAND. Otherwise, they are anti-semitic war criminals. There is NO END to OUR double standards.
15. It's better for UN to watch how did it's resolutions worked
out with Hizbollah. ,   After Lebanon War   (06.27.08)
16. UN
Leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (06.27.08)
UN : The earth is flat
17. Israel Needs To Pull Out Of The UN
MK ,   Philadelphia USA   (06.27.08)
Israel has beaten-wife syndrome, with respect to the UN. Israel gains nothing from membership in that idiotic organization - as anyone with sense understands all competitionless, peerless organizations to be - and needs to withdraw as soon as possible from it. Israel wouldn't be alone, Switzerland's not a member. As long as Israel remains in the UN she will be beaten mercilessly and abused. History has shown this enough times for any reasonable person.
18. Just look at you!!!
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (06.27.08)
You detest the UN for saying the truth, the same UN that admitted you based on your acceptance of resolution 194 which you have never implemented!!! Spare me the BS, because you are full of it!!
19. they need to learn some math at the UN
zionist forever   (06.27.08)
Israeli soilders shoot at people trying to get to close to the security fence for pretty obviolus reasons especialy after what Hamas did to the Egyptian security fence. TUESDAY - mortar fired from Gaza WEDNESDAY - rockets fired from Gaza THURSDAY - rockets fired from Gaza Forgeting for a minute the justifictaions of Israeli soilder shooting how does the UN work out that palestians have only violated the terms of this so called truce once when for 3 days in a row we have had either mortars or rockets fired at Israel. More evidence that the UN is not an indipendent an unbiased organistion and if we want a truly indipendent organistion then its time to disolve the UN and create something new and better just the same way we disolved the Legue of Nations in favour of the UN
20. U.N
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (06.27.08)
This is just typical U.N Bias against Israel.
21. Un is bad
rune ,   oslo   (06.27.08)
22. Diplomacy, then violence.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (06.27.08)
On the last Friday before the Sharm A-Sheikh peace summit between then-Israeli Prime Minister Arial Sharon and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in February 2005, PA TV broadcast an official sermon which made clear to Palestinians the role, in Palestinian eyes, of peace talks. Ibrahim Mudayris, on February 4, 2005, delivered the sermon in which he called for Palestinians to use diplomacy to return to the 1967 lines, but violence to destroy Israel. The way to deal with these people :
23. UN
I Kemp ,   Nahariya israel   (06.27.08)
Scum always floats to the surface. Unfortunately in the UN's case it stays there and "no one disperses it".
24. shooting at Palestinian farmers attempting to reach land?
observer   (06.27.08)
big lie, nothing is called Palestinian, and nothing is called their land. The IDF should not stop shooting to prove those points.
25. no problem with shooting Palestinians; they do not exist
observer   (06.27.08)
but Palestinians breaching the truce is grave because it proves that they exist!
26. will Israel shoot the unarmed Friday protestors?
observer   (06.27.08)
27. Meanwhile in Lebanon...
ben mezritch ,   philadelphia pa   (06.27.08)
By-the-way, how is UN monitoring of Hezbollah going? Notice anything unusual going on? Really...
28. but the idf made it clear before, she won't let people
uli ,   jerusalem   (06.27.08)
approach the fence. that is no breach. firing rockets on civilians is a clear breach.
29. Sole purpose of UN is to bash Israel.
ecr   (06.27.08)
30. 5 rockets fired at civilians = 5 violations, Israel defendin
Zion   (06.27.08)
5 rockets from Gaza fired at civilians equal 5 violations, Israel defending her borders to dressed up terrorists equals no violation.
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