Attack victim: Bulldozer charged at me
Ronen Medzini
Published: 25.07.08, 16:13
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1. To Atty Shuki Kramer
Proud Israeli ,   Israel   (07.25.08)
Refuah Shelema!!
2. Lefties
Israeli ,   TA   (07.25.08)
Didnt you say it was a traffic accident?
3. This is a guy that has achieved 'Besimcha Tamid!
AB ,   TheRock   (07.25.08)
4. God Bless U, Shuki
Eric ,   Paris, France   (07.25.08)
Refuah Shelema, barouch hachem she ata hai.
5. Mr Kramer
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (07.25.08)
Don't depend on the Government to do anything. they all are selfish self centered individuals......You are an Attorney. Sue The family of the Terrorist for every thing they have. Take over their home, their business their life. Only the people will make a difference.
6. another casualty of the Olmert gov't
MK ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.25.08)
How many more, Israel?
7. There are US soldiers and Marines who remain on active duty
Rivkah   (07.25.08)
after losing one or both legs because the prosthetics are so great, they can learn to walk and run again. In fact, the Olympics would not let a legless man on prosthetic legs compete with other runners this year because he would have an unfair advantage!
8. Ignorant Rice is happy that arabs are working in Israel.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.25.08)
David   (07.25.08)
Shuki, may you recover speedily! Your ability to stay completely upbeat about the whole terrible situation you are in is a inspiration for us all. I truly wish you the best! David
10. May God make it easy on him.
Ramzi ,   East Jerusalem   (07.25.08)
I really felt sad when I read this: "At that point, I made my first phone call. When I'm in distress I always call my wife, Tammy….later my wife told me that I yelled on the phone: 'They killed me.'" I think this incident was terrible, and I wish that all parties involved be healed, including the attackers' family too.
11. 10 - Almost...
Erich ,   Liberated Jeursalem   (07.25.08)
You almost had it right, but then screwed it up with the moral ambivalence displayed at the end.
12. Attack Victim
Scottish Lady ,   Scotland, UK   (07.25.08)
My best wishes to this very brave young man for a speedy recovery. He is an inspiration to us all.
13. I am also an Attorney.
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (07.26.08)
I thought that these things just happen to our clients. The answer is that none of us are immune, regardless of our profession. I know that your leg will never grow back and that you will be reminded of this incident for the rest of your life. I hope and pray that you have the will-power and fortitude to cope with your condition, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and with your family at this difficult time.
14. best of luck
ari salomon ,   san francisco, USA   (07.26.08)
to a friend of a friend: best of luck to you on your recovery. our thoughts are with you and your family. it's inspiring to read your positive attitude. best of luck to israel and it's neighbors to move forward in peace and leave the brutality behind.
15. Wrong twice
Comforti   (07.26.08)
The disabled athlete was given permission to compete in the Olympics but he didn't qualify.
16. Usually it is the Client that hasnt got a leg to stand on!
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