Photo: Ohad Avidan Keiner
Shuki Kramer says he's determined to overcome injury
Photo: Ohad Avidan Keiner

Attack victim: Bulldozer charged at me

Attorney who lost his leg in latest Jerusalem bulldozer attack recounts moments of horror

Shuki Kramer says he "remembers everything." The attorney who was seriously wounded and lost his leg in the latest bulldozer attack in Jerusalem told Ynet the memory of the attack "lives on inside him" but vowed not to let the injury stop him from enjoying life.


"It was a regular work day," Kramer says. "I was supposed to meet an old colleague so I rushed for the meeting. I made a mistake by deciding to take my Mercedes instead of the motorcycle I usually ride."


At first, Kramer says, he failed to realize he was in the midst of a terror attack.


"I was talking on the phone, and suddenly I felt someone hitting me from behind…I came out of the car, and saw a bulldozer charging in my direction," the attorney said. " At that point I immediately realized this was a terror attack. I was completely focused and aware…I told myself: 'Shuki, you'll come out of it.' I tried to run to the sidewalk. He drove wildly towards me; I could feel terror getting closer."


Kramer says he also clearly recalls the moment he was hurt.


"I got away, but I felt that my left leg was hurt…I saw the Mercedes upturned next to me, and my leg was in the other direction, barely connected to me," he says, but notes that he was treated within a matter of seconds.


"A young guy showed up, he had curly hair and a beard. He was about to go on a trip so he had a first-aid kit. A short time later, a paramedic arrived from the King David Hotel," Kramer says. "At that point, I made my first phone call. When I'm in distress I always call my wife, Tammy….later my wife told me that I yelled on the phone: 'They killed me.'"


As a result of the injury, the doctors had to amputate Kramer's leg, yet he is optimistic despite the injury: "I'm surrounded by family and friends and I'll do everything possible, times a hundred, time a million, to go back to a normal routine. I won't give up anything in my life, not even sports."


Kramer says he is only angry at authorities for allowing the bulldozer driver who had a criminal record to drive such heavy machine.


"How do they give a guy with a criminal record and convictions such lethal weapon?" he says. "This is something that can be fixed immediately. This isn't for my sake, but for the next 'Shuki Kramer,' so at least other people will get to keep their legs."


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