South Ossetia leader says 1,400 dead in fighting
News agencies
Published: 08.08.08, 23:25
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1. Russia should stop
Brod ,   USA   (08.08.08)
behaving like the old Communist order. The new President Medvedev should try to control Putin who is out of control. There is no point bulldozing Georgia like this. Russia should stop meddling in Georgia's internal affairs with tanks and planes.
2. Cold Water on Hot Olympic's ?i
Marcel ,   Florida   (08.08.08)
If not for thr start of the 2008 olympics in Beijing today this story would have exploded in the major world media. They are downplaying it to keep the facade of world unity and peace alive.
3. UN meeting to condemn settlements
Ilan ,   Ariel   (08.08.08)
More important things than open warfare between Russia and it's neighbors.
4. S. Ossetia "President" learned his cue from Saeb Erekat
Jake   (08.08.08)
and the big lie of the "Jenin massacre with 500 killed" that he used to shock and awe the world. S. Ossetia is a sovereign part of Georgian territory. Russia should end the occupation of the Georgian territory and stop inciting separatists there, especially considering it has similar problems in Chechniya, Ingushetia, and Daghestan.
5. With Russian forcing invading Georgia
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.08.08)
Israel should sell any defensive arms the Georgian want. Time for the Russians to get some of what they hand out back
6. Russian response to World...
Al   (08.08.08)
"This is internal Russian affair..Goto hell"
7. You hear USA bashing all the time but ...
Ben ,   London, UK   (08.08.08)
... bashing Russia does not exist. Russia waged a war in Afghanistan were it PURPOSELY targeted children, waged war in Tchechnya were it destroyed the country in total inpunity, it supported, funded, and armed a bunch of murderous groups around the world and it supported communist China, Kim Jong Ill in Korea, Che and Fidel in Cuba which brought millions of dead people around the world. I forgot to add that Russia armed and trained all of Israel enemies including Arafat which is definitely a pure product of the KGB. I still have doubts on Arafat's "Palestinity". To me he is Egyptian (but I could be wrong). All that to say that they are no usual leftists liars to denounce this horrendous country, yet bashing the US and Israel (which are far less criminal than Russia) is just all we hear.
8. Who's going to pay for damages?
Damir ,   Russia   (08.08.08)
The Russian Army has already moved in Ossetia. The war is over. But who's to pay for rebuilding of the city?
9. Georgia is a very ancient and peaceful nation
Jake   (08.08.08)
despite being wedged in Trans-Caucasia between Russia and the Islamic world, and having been invaded and dominated by both, Georgia has had a tradition of strong identity and peaceful nature. Despite the fact that Georgia has been Christian longer than almost any country in the world, Jews have lived in Georgia for more than 2000 years and had a tradition of excellent relations with their neighbors, and relatively free of anti-Semitism, except during the period when Georgia fell under the domination of Tzarist Russia and Soviet Union.
10. 1000 a day?
Arie ,   Minneapolis   (08.08.08)
It took Israel a full month of "indesciminate" bombing to kill 1000 Lebanese "civilians" in 2006 and the Georgians did the same in S. Osetia in a day? What efficiency! Something doesn't add up.
11. Russia takes no BS from anyone
Al   (08.08.08)
They would never accpet a Sderot they would have creamed the Pali to history. Russia is Russia..they are not to be fooled with. Their soldiers dont need a hug and a kiss they know full well they are expected to be soldiers. Their mothers dont message them by Blackberries. The soldiers commanders are tough with them They are expected to follow orders to a T. Thats why Russia is back in the saddle and will give the Americans and the Chinese a run for the money. Russia is back in business. Its time the Israelis learn a thing or two on how to deal with an enemy.
12. #11 you forgot to add...
Mike Sjovic ,   NY USA   (08.08.08)
that wonderful russian soldiers sell their tanks and guns in the black market for a cigarette. they may also be heavy on the vodka side and may mistakenly crash their tanks into village houses while taking a fun ride with them! they cry and run away when they meet likes of real soldiers like Mashadov and his solediers. they are just kids who are so scared to fight and more scared to run away because of severe punishment they would get. so in overall they are a mess!
13. Israel should arm and train Georgians
jason white ,   afula,israel   (08.08.08)
Just like the russian pig farmers arm and train the arabs. Our aim should be to spread terror in russia. Let them bleed like we do. Where the hell is n.a.t.o.?
14. we dont need to hear about this believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (08.08.08)
the only thing we need to hear about is how many inocent palistinians fighters got killed by the israil one palistinian dead by israil is big news in the world believe me thousands killed somewhere else? who cares we plistinians are the most important people in the world the whole world loves us as long as we have a dispute with the djews if we had a dispute with anyone else believe me we would be wiped out long time ago
15. #13 - Israel does...
16. Two sides to the coin - unlawful theft of kosovo
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (08.08.08)
Russia was strongly against the theft of the serbian province of kosovo from Serbia. That didn't happen, some western countries made the theft a fact. Well now Russia will simply do the same thing. Whats the problem? Only muslims allowed to get countries in Europe?
17. To #12 - Thanks, Mike. That needed to be said.
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (08.08.08)
Anyone touting Russian tactics is living in a la-la land where they don't have to live with the corroded culture.
18. RUSSIA SAYS GEORGIA -STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TANYA ,   RUSSIA   (08.08.08)
19. 08.08.08
20. Russia is using the clause option here as the Muslims do.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (08.09.08)
They have a clause that states: When our government is strong enough to take back what we lost from our previous military occupations, we may do so. The excuse will be they tryed to steal a sliver of some of our the Palestinians, and Lebanese use on the Jews, to start wars. This gives Russia the authority to walk right in, and take back the entire country. They are at the olympics you know.....this is a sporting event. Germany used the exact same reason on Poland. They even attacked Germany with a fictitious Polish army to accomplish their goal. They should let Georgia into NATO immediately. Russia only inderstands force. Bomb Russian oil pipelines as well. Russia bombed the pipelines running through Georgia. They facilitate the Iranian regime with Nuclear technology. They have ulterior motives of grandeur to say the least.They are a rogue empire. Thay have morphed back into a country that wants a kingdom at others expense. The statement saying they just want to protect Russian a total sham. They plan on taking Georgia back by force. Russia was just sleeping and building it's bank account back up. Time to conquer and pillage again.
21. Well thankfully
Steve from Raleigh   (08.09.08)
The UN will blame this on the Jews. You could ALL the Ossetians and you wouldn't even get one of the UN's sternly worded letters. Unless they find the super secret evidence, that they always do, that some Jews are behind it.
22. Here comes the bull in the china shop.
Robert ,   USA   (08.09.08)
23. president of the Georgian breakaway region - LIAR
USA   (08.09.08)
Pallywood style. Take your Russian paws off of Georgia. The USA will protect Georgia -- Mark my words. Georgians have been some of the bravest troops fighting in Iraq.
24. wimpy bush
mort   (08.09.08)
any US president that had the slightest guts and I mean the absolute minimum, would walk up to that russian dirtbag at the olympics and " TELL" not ask sourpus putin that he has 15 minutes to stop. cold and hard. stop now or you will deal with US forces. put that russian czar in his place. he would collapse like a bowl of jello. the russians are absolutly scared shitless of the US. they know that their entire military would fold under in just one hour if the US helped Georgia. OK BUSH what are you waiting for? one of your last chances to prove that you can move from being one of the 3 worst presidents to one in the middle.
25. #14 LOL So true, but one correction...
Innocent Fighter ,   Dhimmiland   (08.09.08)
You pallies , the "most important", militant Muslim terrorist gang, have the territory and 'spiritual" dispute with Israel, and ... rest of the world. No to Muslim occupation of the World! Long live Georgia!
26. Russia did not begin the WAR!!!!!!!!
Ann ,   Russia St Petersburg   (08.09.08)
People!!! All that you see on your TV - is not really!!! Russia tries to help South Ossetia!!!! georgia began to kill people in the night...people were sleeping and did not wait bombs..... now more than 1500 people in Osettia are killed.... All my country are crying....we are not sleeping....we are waiting ....STOP THE WAR - we are against the war!!!!!!!!!!! Georgian`s president is LIER!!!!!! he is killer!!!!!! We are asking - DO NOT KILL !!!!!!!!!!!
27. It need all of us
katya ,   Russia   (08.09.08)
Make love. Not war.
28. Some people forgot 'their' sins in Yugoslavia, Iraq
JP   (08.09.08)
... some people forgot 'their' sins that they had done in Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Iraq ...too quickly, I guess... And how do they dare to blame somebody ? That were them who contrived these rules....Oh, I guess some of them really think that it was justice... poor people ... it is so foolish...
29. #10
Tr   (08.09.08)
So cynical... And as for your own life and your family: would you be so cynical too? there are victims among innocent civilians, doesn't matter 10 or 1000, and Georgia is guilty in this, and it's the fact...
30. just don't know History...
Ann   (08.09.08)
....or you distorted it advisedly...
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