Israel closes Gaza crossings over rocket fire
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 19.08.08, 23:48
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1. article above
i ,   jerusalem   (08.19.08)
Our beloved papa PM tells us its only our imagination.
2. Hey Olmert don't hold back
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (08.19.08)
You might not have figured this out, but there is a terrorist nation on our borders and it is attacking us!! Get you head out of that dark warm place you keep it
3. Hopeless!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (08.20.08)
When is Israel going to do what the West (and the Arab states) did years ago? Give up on the Palestinians.
4. The Height of Hypocrisy
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (08.20.08)
When Hamas abided by the two previous truces (one in 2004 and the other following the 2006 elections), Israel commits deadly raids (killing Sheikh Ahmed Yassin in the first one, and several Palestinians in the second) and 'justifies' these assaults by claiming that it is conducting "counter-terror operations". The fact that the international community has never even thought of criticizing these huge infractions is just another sign of global apathy towards the Palestinian plight. Now, to top it all off, when Hamas actually goes to great lengths to stop the rocket fire- and, mind you, manages to stop both its own fighters and Islamic Jihad from firing- Israel decides to violate its end of the bargain because members of ITS allies decided to break the truce? I mean, think about it: if the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades report directly to Abbas, and Abbas- let's face it- is an Israeli puppet, then doesn't this enable Israel to enforce the blockade AND ensure the absence of violence by prompting these fighters to open fire? In other words: Israel really doesn't want a truce, it wants to keep the blockade alive, while hand-picking the factions that carry out these meaningless attacks (and how they do so)... Interesting. You know, for a 'humane' people, you Israelis sure go to great lengths to maintain a Concentration-Camp environment in Gaza.
5. FINALLY--some common sense
hymie zoltsveis ,   NYC, NY, USA   (08.20.08)
WOW---it sure took a LONG time for common sense to prevail. DUH---maybe we should close the crossings?? A better idea: Cut off ALL water, electric, food, supplies---EVERYTHING. Force all arabs OUT of Gaza. BURN it to ashes. After it is ASHES, Jews take over. islam KAPUT!
6. Best form of defense is to Attack!
Bhaskar ,   Canada   (08.20.08)
7. To Terry from Chicago
Zze'ev ,   Haifa   (08.20.08)
The only proof that 'Hamas actually goes to great lengths to stop the rocket fire' would be the cease of that fire. As long as they don't deliver it I ain't going to believe they do enough to stop Qassams. Your presentation turns Palestinians into irresponsible children who are easily manipulated by the elders. I find it insulting towards the Palestinians. I came to a conclusion that the left is far more racist than the right.
8. Close ALL crossings- suffocate them until Gilad comes home!
Kim ,   Israel   (08.20.08)
9. How can you still talk about a truce?
S.   (08.20.08)
It was destroyed almost directly after it had been gone into force.
10. it's loll of fire, NOT truce
11. Kim , that's what i also want
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (08.20.08)
But close everything until this day .
12. #8 Gilad is not part of the truce, Open crossings are
13. Nr 4; Terry
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (08.20.08)
This is great, you know who is shooting Qassams, and who is ordering this. You have a lot of imagination and like all racist would believe anything just to accuse Israel of whatever you like. My tap is leaking, for sure Mossad is behind this.
14. #14 Really, well my light bulbs keep going out. I'm sure the
IDF is behind that!! ,   miriam,migdal Israel   (08.21.08)
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