Bibi: Schools should teach Ben Gurion, not Nakba
Niv Lillian
Published: 26.08.08, 20:34
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31. To the concerned and ignorant Israeli
Avi ,   Israel   (08.27.08)
Have a closer look at the Scandinavian countries that built their world-known welfare societies based on sane social democracy. Apparently your black-white world view indicates you only the USSR or any ther communist reality. Use your common sense!
32. #24 - Exactly the way the Arabs removed 1400 years...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (08.27.08)
Exactly the way the Arabs removed 1400 years of brutal occupation and dehumanization of non-Muslims from the history books? Oh, wait, I forgot- they weren't removed because the Arabs refused to add them to the history books to begin with! Don't talk about things you are clueless of...
33. #24, Yes. Everybody needs to know about the Arab occupation
JAyyy ,   Israel   (08.27.08)
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