A fatwa against Mickey Mouse
Published: 16.09.08, 17:27
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31. do muslims have a sense of humor?
32. Mickey Mouse is evil?????
Anita ,   Florida,USA   (09.17.08)
Mickey Mouse is a cute little cartoon character. How the sheikh sees him as evil is beyond my imagination.There are far too many extreme ideas floating around, in certain religions. To each his own religious beliefs, but extremism has no place in any religion, to be well balanced.
33. Saudis invest in mickey mouse.
nros ,   Sweden   (09.17.08)
The Saudi investment company kingdom holdings actually holds stocks in mickey mouse(walt disney). I wonder what the imam thinks about that?
34. cartoon religion fights cartoon characters
Bill ,   US   (09.17.08)
35. Cartoons! And thye are ruling a country!
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (09.17.08)
36. Walt Disney must be rolling with laughter in his grave
Maxwell Smart ,   BEAUTIFUL USA   (09.17.08)
37. So why did HAMAS use a fake Mickey Mouse?
Zvi   (09.17.08)
Of course the fake Mickey really WAS repulsive and horrific and used to teach hatred, but the original Mickey is utterly harmless and sweet. This cleric is, as #15 says, clearly demented.
38. 10% of Euro Disney is owned by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed
william ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (09.17.08)
What a retarded hypocrite...French company Euro Disney S.C.A., a public company of which 39.78% of its stock is held by The Walt Disney Company, "10% by the Saudi Prince Alwaleed" and 50.22% by other shareholders....
39. #30 you hate family guy?!?! you evil evil man!!!
ari ,   israel   (09.17.08)
40. Fatwa against Mickey Mouse
Millicent ,   Israel   (09.17.08)
So does that mean that Muslims will no longer be going to Disney World or Disney Land for fear of running into Mickey Mouse? Does that mean that "Mickey Mouse" will now need body Guards to protect against attacks, then again Disney World has very good security on property in the parks!
41. Oh dear they`ve really lost the plot !
Simon ,   TA Israel   (09.17.08)
Dont you just love religion?
42. O please Satan, not Bugs Bunny
chop-chop   (09.17.08)
Diplomacy at his best a la Saudi,as per monsignor Muhammad Al-Munajid. A Fatwa against Mickey Mouse ?, it's a crime against humanity, punishable by "stoning" --- The Mouse is a very important part of our ecology and it's a sacrilege to vilify it. Is he going to include; I ) the 3 little Piggies ? (not kosher) 2 ) loveable Pluto ?(a dog) 3 ) Bugs Bunny ? 4 ) gefilte fish ? (it's Jewish) 5 ) grapes ? (it makes alcohol) 6 ) bikinis ? (sold by the millions in the muslim world) 7 )Bordellos ?(except harems - a muslim favorite) Walt Disney must be turning in his grave. And the Western World remains silent ? I am at a loss...!
43. Proves a point
Tom ,   Wichita, KS   (09.17.08)
These guys apparently can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality? The religion of peace has put a "hit" on a cartoon character, it would be funny if it were not so sad.
44. Mickey Mouse is an agent of satan?
Erik H. ,   Sheffield Ohio   (09.18.08)
This kind of stupity makes my blood BOIL. I'm glad i'm an atheist so I don't have some religous nut trying to brainwash me.
45. HOW DARE U!!!
alex ,   USA   (11.16.09)
SDFU!!! u lowlife piece of garbage!!! how dare u talk about the koran that way u unrespectful pig!!!
respect the muslim world u complete moron!!!
47. SDFU!!!
its the truth u idiotic moron!! Israel did take palestein!! and jewish try to change palestein's history so that they want palestein to become officially israel!! Those lying savages just take land and say that its theirs!! Just look at the war in palestein and if ur clever enough you'd know who is causing all this violence and war!!!
stop being soo racist and respect other countries!!! did ur parents teach u anything??
49. #30
not as rediculous and so sarcastic as u!!!
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