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Israel's most beautiful synagogues – part 1
Sigalit Fishbein
Published: 05.10.08, 15:20
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1. I think you missed out the Belz Shul in Jerusalem.
Michael Berg ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.05.08)
It is undoubtably one of the top five impressive shuls in the world.
2. I guess beauty is in th eye of the beholder. To me,
Rivkah   (10.05.08)
the most beautiful Jewish place of worship is the reading room assigned for Jewish worship at the Chapel at Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia. The beauty was in its simplicity and the character of the people who worshipped there who were not given their own building.
3. Why don't you give the exact address of each synagogue ?
Gilbert ,   Paris   (10.05.08)
As a tourist visiting Israel every year, it would help me to have the exact address of each synagogue.
4. Great Article: Examine the 10 World Best
Mark ,   Boston   (10.05.08)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO ,   Singapore   (10.05.08)
6. If a camera could be used to photograph the presence of the
Rivkah   (10.05.08)
Lord in all His beauty and majesty in a house of worship which I have felt in some humble Jewish synagogues like the Norfolk Naval Base that would be the most beautiful synagogue. That is such a protection for the armed forces who do not appreciate the persecutions Jews in the military face while they continue to serve their country and protect the nation and pray for the nation and the military services and those in authority. I have also felt the most profound presence of the Lord in his love of Jerusalem and His people at B'Nai David Congregation in Visalia, California, like the walls of Jerusalem were surrounding the people there. Capturing that essence on film which is not present at all times in a particular location would be a deciding factor on what and where God admires the character of the people worshipping Him to make the building the most beautiful. I try to love what God loves and see beauty as He sees it. God looks at the heart, but people look at the building.
7. #3 - addresses for you
I looked on the web for you. The Cymbalista Synagogue is in Tel Aviv University but the University Page doesn't give the address in English. It's University Campus, Ramat Aviv, 69978 Italian Synagogue - 27 Hillel St. Jerusalem. The Ohel Yaacov sinagogue, in Zichron Yaacov, corner of HaNadiv and HaMeyasdim streets. Givat Ram synagogue, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem I couldn't find Megillat Or but I think it's in the center of town opposite the country club. Mike
8. For those visiting South Florida...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.05.08)
The Edmund Safra Sephardic synagogue in Aventura is quite a departure from "edifice complex" so often encountered in the Diaspora. Built abutting an overpass, it sits on a modest site within a complex of condos. The entrance walkway of brick and fountains, Sephardic style, leads to a building on the west side of the Intracoastal Waterway. The eastern wall on both sides of the ark is clear glass, allowing those facing Jerusalem to catch glimpses of boats going by. Personally, I find that very cool. Along the water are benches and tables where kiddush is enjoyed in lingual clusters - French, Spanish, Hebrew, etc.
9. The Great Synagogue of Nazareth Illt
Shaul Lavi ,   Nazareth Illit,Israe   (10.05.08)
You have a picture of our larger hall with the Siddur on the prayer desk,but you don't show the Synagogue itself, [450] seats which i truly believe to be one of the nicest in Israel.Our smaller hall can also hold over 150 people. Shaul Lavi, Administrator.
10. 6 cont'd: One reason there is such a mighty presence of
Rivkah   (10.05.08)
the Lord like the walls around Jerusalem at B'Nai David Congregation in Visalia, California, is that two of the members are Public Defenders, one the head of the Public Defenders' office in Tulare County. Many people are wrongly charged and wrongly convicted and the two Jews who defend the innocent and the guilty have been able to get aquittals in murder cases when the defendant is framed. Most people who are framed get convicted and that curses the land. There are other noble souls there, but those two are so outstanding they should be mentioned. They could earn far more money as private attorneys with their skills, but their hearts are with the poor who cannot afford attorneys. One of the Lord' names is the Advocate (attorney) and they are like unto the Lord in their profession: Michael Sheltzer and Lisa Strongin. Well done, servants of the Lord.
11. what's the address for the cimbalista shul
Rami   (10.06.08)
12. i asked mygirl about these buildings
shosho ,   jerusalem   (10.06.08)
she is9 years old . she said the first is factory.then a hallin a palace .a parlement hall .a theater .lastlyabuilding inairpot i think ancient judism synagaoge is different than all of these.have you pictures of old synagaoge i like to see and mydaughter like to seesuch pictures .mayshe can guiss better than this time
13. jewesh relegion should be more open to others
rami ,   jerusalem i   (10.06.08)
me as a muslim live in this country side by side to jewish residents ,know so lettel about jewish religion , the prayers , synigogs , etc , i guess their should be some websites to explain all these things
14. Israel's most beautiful synagogues??
Talula ,   Israel   (10.06.08)
You've got to be kidding? With the exception of The Italian Synagogue, Jerusalem, they are all ugly. Givat Ram synagogue, Jerusalem looks like a public convenience and the Megillat Or Synagogue, Caesarea looks like a public bomb shelter. Feh!
15. #2 has no class - Naval Base????
Talula ,   Israel   (10.06.08)
The most beautiful synagogue in my mind, is the Budapest Great Synagogue - it's stunning, inside and out.
16. Talula , do you know ...
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.06.08)
Al ta'am vereach ein ma le'hitvakeach ? Or is it your permanent anti religious sentiment that blinded you ? Don't forget thet we live in the 21st century , and those are modern buildings .
17. Rami , Natseret .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.06.08)
If you are so much interested , do some research on the web . There are enough sites explaining it .
18. #16 Calm down Charlie
Talula ,   Israel   (10.06.08)
It's got NOTHING to do with religious sentiment!!!!!!! It has everything to do with architectural design. And this lot are BUTT UGLY!!! Can you honestly tell me that the Cymbalista Synagogue in Tel Aviv doesn't resemble Riding Power Station? huh? I personally think Westminster Abby in London is one of the most stunning buildings in the world – not because of any religious affiliation, but purely because of the architecture – doesn’t mean I’m a Monk or a Christian or Catholic. Not every comment has to be religion related!!! You know what Charlie, if you want to say something - at least think before you post something - don't just spew out anti-Talula rubbish - I'm getting a little tired of it now.
19. One Noticably Missing From List
emanon ,   USA   (10.06.08)
Why wasn't that beautiful synagoge shaped like a Magen David mentioned? Oh, that's right, it does not exist any more. That was in Gush Kaitif.
20. #11 - see post #7
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (10.06.08)
21. Talula , be less hatefull
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.06.08)
It's not in one or two tb's that you show your hate against everything Jewish . That's always rubbish from you . Be more tolerant .
22. 15: What makes any house of worship beautiful is the
Rivkah   (10.06.08)
presence of God in the hearts of the people. It has been described as the banner that flies over the castle of the heart when the King (Lord) is in residence. (Henry Drummund description of love). Unless you love the things of God (goodness and love in the hearts of those who love the Lord) more than the things of men (buildings and earthyly possessions), you have no class except to other worldly people. I have seen many beautiful buildings in the world in many places, but none compares to the presence of the Lord and the wonder of such moments.
23. #13 rami
i am glad that as a muslim you are curious and interested to know about judaism. it is very simple really....just go to and click on books and then on judaism. there is a wealth of books in there that will teach you all you want to know. it will also help if you talk to israelis more. not those settlers, but religious moderate israelis whom you can relate to and who will be more than happy to shower you with all sorts of information. also, it might be interesting for you to attend a synagogue service and see what is going on. good luck!
24. #21 Don't educate me Charles. There's a good boy
Talula ,   Israel   (10.07.08)
25. Talula , you need some education
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.07.08)
in the field of tolerance .
26. #22
Talula ,   Israel   (10.07.08)
I think I looked heaven bound about 10 times while reading your TB and yawned at least twice. Rivkah! darling! We are all Jews here - some take it to the extreme and others are just born Jewish and plod along the Jewish path laid down by our ancestors. Having said that, and looking at it purely from an architectural stand - the synagogues here, in this article are ugly. That is my personal opinion. Whether God is in residence or not – they are eye sores.
27. 26 , Talula . Rivka your darling ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.07.08)
That's an ugly choice , but i know , your taste is very bad , not only regarding architecture .
28. #27 Charles, Petach Tikva
Arieh ,   Kfar Saba   (10.07.08)
Your not in Talula's class so don't try - just give up please. I'm also think that you are not reading what she writes. she wrote only about what the bet knesset looks like and nothing about the religion she's also makes me laugh - she's very funny!
29. 26 Talula: Studies have shown that Jews are less likely
Rivkah   (10.08.08)
than Messianic Jews to have supernatural moments of the Lord's presence which is beautiful beyond imagination. It is like the whole room turns white or the color of Jerusalem stone. Why is it that Messianic and grafted on Gentiles to the tree of faith feel the presence of God more than the Jews who are the root? The root does not see the sun; but without the root, the branch that does see the sun would wither. Both are necessary, but the root is more needful even though the root is blinded to the sunshine.
30. Arieh , read what i wrote !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (10.08.08)
And don't write before understanding what i wrote . Do you know : Al Ta'am vereach en ma lehitvakeach ? that's what i wrote . But it are her anti religious sentiments that i'm attacking , and i'm secular
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