Report: Bush offers swift Golan withdrawal
Roee Nahmias
Published: 17.10.08, 10:22
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Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.08)
2. How about Peace for Peace?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.17.08)
3. Who believes this crap?
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (10.17.08)
This is a top story?
4. And what does Israel get? Wyoming?
adam eliyahu berkowi   (10.17.08)
So we learn several things from this. Where Olmert and all the left wing nuts who are pro-talk with syria get their money from. Why peace talks with syria seem oddly devoid of any structure that ensures peace or security for Israel. Why America favors Abbas and other anti-American countires over Israel. Let's face it. Israel has been sold to serve American interests.
5. And Olmert goes along with selling Israel
eliyahu   (10.17.08)
This is the height of corruption. What right does Olmert have to even open his mouth in public. And here he is pushing forward a program that is 100% revealed as selling out Israel for foreign interests.
6. Why did he not
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.17.08)
throw in Texas for good measure. At least it belongs to him.
7. Give California to Mexico first BUSH!!!!
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (10.17.08)
Better yet tell Damascus if they don't stop we will take more of their land. The taurine excreta of giving up Israeli land has to end. When did israel become a US holding?
8. Israel gets early grave...thanks bush and olmert end
9. Good for Syria, bad for Israel!
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.17.08)
If Syria is smart it should accept this offer, get back the Golan, and resume ties with Syria. With this deal, Syria can only gain and Israel can only lose. Surely us Jews are not so stupid as to fall for this!
10. Is this a Purim joke?
Stephanie ,   Israel   (10.17.08)
because it really is Succot. If anybody actually believes Syria and all this crap they are stupid and ignorant.
11. it is true believe me i was there
rashid ,   palistinian   (10.17.08)
i gave asad this letter personally so i know this for a fact we are so happy here in gaza that bush soon give israil to us the palistinians, that we have decide to name a big project here in northen gaza to his honour the george w bush sewage works will soon be functioning again here in northen gaza i am happy really happy
12. Shame on Bush
Brod ,   USA   (10.17.08)
Bush should not play god on Israel. And he should not be involved in this kind of crap. The fact is the Golan is part of ancient Israel which Israel liberated from the Islamist-Jihadist occupiers in 1967. Bush and his advisers show that they know nothing about the history, nature, modus operandi, agenda, and goal of Islamist-Jihadism led by Ayatollahism and Wahhabism.
13. Does the W in G.W.B. stand for wittless?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.17.08)
This lame duck fool and his poodle olmert will be long gone and the Golan will still be a part of Israel.
stude ham   (10.17.08)
Or is it just some tabloid type of story of the 3-headed baby birth to a kwik-e-mart cashier? The report sounds very very fake.
15. No, No, No ! Mr President
Gershon Hunt ,   Wexford, Ireland   (10.17.08)
B''H Never have I written to be critical of George W. Bush, prior to today. I now however, do so in the strongest terms possible. What right does this arrogant has been have to promise any part of another sovereign state away to a group of murdering terrorists. Enough is enough, the people of Israel can only be pushed so far. Whatever Mr Bush chooses to bargain with to rescue his memory in the annals of history, let the message go to him that Israel is not for sale, any part of Israel, be it Golan, Jerusalem or indeed anywhere else. Mr Born Again President, your people have the right to America by conquest, the Jews have the right to Israel and, I mean the whole of Israel (including territories currently under control of the PA)by title deed given by G-D to the Hebrew People. What is the role of the disgraced Ehud Olmert in all of this, total complience, you may bet. Why, oh why is this traitor not incaracerated for life.
16. next week: Ynet will report from Mali and Malawi media
Sheine   (10.17.08)
Well, I think it's time to shut down ynet, I think here we have definitively hit bottom.
17. This is Nothing Obama is going to do much worse....
Gr ,   USA   (10.17.08)
andrew ,   miami,usa   (10.17.08)
19. For Israel, it is of paramount importance not to abandon ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.08)
For Israel, it is of paramount importance not to abandon the Golan Highs. Syria is collaborating with the enemies of Israel – so first of all lets keep the Golan ! For Israel, it is of paramount importance not to give away the Golan Highs. There will be nothing preventing Syria from violating any agreement reached once Israel gives up its strategic advantage on the Golan Heights. More at :
20. Anti-Zionism and “Peace”.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.17.08)
The Western champions of "peace" have opted to sell Israel and the Jews out to the Jihadists because as anti-Semites, Western "anti-Zionists" fear Jewish power and therefore want us to be weak. So it is that for the past 40 years, European governments and the US State Department have bankrolled anti-Zionist groups in Israel like "Peace Now", "B'tselem" and "Four Mothers". So it is that they have blamed Israel for Palestinian terrorism. And even when Israel succumbs to all their demands for territorial withdrawals, they always manage to demand still more. More at :
21. Golan was promised to Syria since Rabin time
George ,   Canada   (10.17.08)
only the water issue still not compromised.refer to archive and don't panic .It is time to weak up from this biblical wishful thinking
22. Remember what happened with Gush Katif
Jackie ,   Florida, USA   (10.17.08)
Bush promised that the US and other countries would prevent strikes against Israel if the Jews would get out of Gaza Strip. Last time I noticed, there were rocket fires on Israel almost immediately. Response from Codi Rice was that Israel Must give up even more land.
23. Mr. Bush - Israel is NOT 4 SALE ! ! ! !
JM ,   Bet Shemesh   (10.17.08)
Why don't you give them Texas? Our country is small enough - sallow your pride, you do not need to be remembered as the President that got Israel a worthless piece of paper and lost Israel is security.
24. Israel stole the Syrian Golan!
Sayid ,   Sweden   (10.17.08)
Go and read Moshe Dayans memoars, he admits it!
26. Give Assad California Mr Bush!
Ram ,   London   (10.17.08)
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (10.17.08)
Another story on this said that Bush merely offered to push Israel to give back the Golan, and didn't go so far as to promise Israel actually would give it back (and what about access to Kinneret? give back to the 1948 -1967border or to the Mandate border which gave Palestine a strip all around the lake and no Syrian access?). The important issue is not that some desperate lame duck in the White House is trying to leave a "legacy" -- something in his foreign policy he can brag about -- but whether he is getting frustrated with Israel and is loosening ties, going to apply pressure.
28. Jordan must be Palestine, first
Avi   (10.17.08)
29. Israel Worships Bush
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.17.08)
The God of Israel says ,'Don not give My Land away to my enemnies. Bush says give it away for no peace. Israel says ;YES we will obey you George our false Moshiach. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify [himself] in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand. Daniel 8:25
30. The movie "W" exposes the real Bush
Mark ,   USA   (10.17.08)
A complete failure and liar in charge.
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