Obama's Israeli adviser: Next White House chief of staff?
Orly Azoulay
Published: 02.11.08, 11:25
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1. Maybe, could be, A last moment spin
Yohanan   (11.02.08)
To me, this sounds like a last minute spin
2. Big deal-He even speaks a "little" Hebrew
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko   (11.02.08)
OMG-He even speaks a "little" Hebrew and he served in the IDF. Are we supposed to be impressed with this? So Obama will have his token Jew in is repertoire. What other useless last minute electoral surprises to cinch the nomination will we get? Lets see an Israeli General as a sidekick, then the US might have some real trusted security, someone that has a true heart for Israel rather than just words.
3. Is he good for the jews?
Mordy ,   Raanana   (11.02.08)
Or another backstabbing liberal who wants to dismantle Israel, allow Iran to nuke us, and play Robin Hood stealing from the hard working tax payers and giving it to the lazy people who demand hand outs, and to the illigal immigrants like Obama's Auntie Zeituni (aunt Olive Oil)
4. He did not serve in the IDF! Get your facts straight.
Logic ,   Israel   (11.02.08)
I read his was involved with Sar'el - a volunteer program for foreigners (of all religions) who clean bases or dust off old equipment for up to a period of a few weeks. They are civilians and remain civilians and aren't Israeli. Many of them are senior citizens way past military age!
5. The way to get the Jewish Vote!
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (11.02.08)
Obama needs to line up his buddies Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Tony McPeak, Robert. O. Malley, Susan Rice, Tony Lake, Richard Lugar. Charles Hagel, Jimmy Carter, Zbignew Brezinski, Samantha Power,Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko,Cindi Miller, Jennifer Mason, Khalid Al-Mansour, Kenny Gamble, Mazen Asbahi, Minha Husaini and the rest of the anti-semites and throw them under a real bus! Maybe then we can believe that he is not a Jew hater like his buddies!
6. Friendship with Obama says it all
Ronny   (11.02.08)
7. Re #4
Elianah ,   Ramat HaSharon, IL   (11.02.08)
Yes, Sar'el remains civilians and many of the volunteers are senior citizens. However, they volunteer to do valuable work and really end up helping out. So hey, he served in Sar'el. It's not the army, but it's still good. Thanks, Sar'el volunteers!
IERGLIB   (11.02.08)
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (11.02.08)
10. Another fishy fact in this article
Logic ,   Israel   (11.02.08)
Bill Clinton was elected in November 1992. The First Gulf War was at the beginning of 1991 - more than 1.5 years earlier. Did Bill Clinton really begin his campaign so early and appoint Emanuel before the first Gulf War?
11. Rahm Emanuel
Jim Brown ,   Cookeville USA   (11.02.08)
Emanuel is a disaster waiting to happen. He can't be trusted just like Barach Hussein Obama can't be trusted. Anyway this is just spin to try and get the Jewish vote.
12. Who is this guy
Jim ,   Chicago   (11.02.08)
This guy is a big anti-Semite (against Jews and Israel) in Illinois. He will be very bad for Jews in USA. He is extremely corrupt. His friends include Farrakhan and Write.
13. #12 - all of your post is just filthy lies.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.02.08)
14. #10 - Illogic.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.02.08)
Yes, of course Bill Clinton began his campaign a year and a half before the 1992 election. Otherwise he would not have won. You are clueless about American electoral politics at the presidential level.
15. DON'T WORRY !! Another Leftist Jew is Obama's right hand man
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (11.02.08)
Obama's sandwiched between two Leftist Jews....Emanuel & Axelrod. What could be better for Israel?...Ummm...Errrr....A Leftist prime minister???? Suggestion to Israelis: If Israel votes for Livni...pull down your pants...put your fingers in your ears ...and BEND OVER!
16. Israeli adviser in the White house???Yeah right!!!
Moise   (11.02.08)
being a jew doesn't make him Israeli. Many Jews are anti Zionists and anti Israel. Stop diffaming the guy Ynet!!! He is American and American constitution doesn't allow any other nationality to hold a high political position, certainly not in the white house.
17. If his father is Israeli,then he is Israeli
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.02.08)
Why didn't he show up at the induction center at the age of 18 and do his three years. He is a draft dodger. Helping obama is a sign that he is willing to help destroy American and Israeli security and surrender in the war against islamofascism.
18. Don't count on a Jewish Chief of Staff for Obama...
Rivkah   (11.02.08)
Read the article, "Iranian Leader in Secret Meet with Obama at US Military Stronghold in Hawaii" by Sorcha Faal, and as reported by her Western Wubscribers/October 25, 2008. Obama is a closet Muslim and a closet Communist. The US Generals who arranged for Obama to meet Iran's President Ahmahdinejad in Hawaii when Obama pretended his grandmother was ill and Ahmadinejad pretended he was ill in Iran, does not bode well for Israel. The Generals prefer a Communist Muslim leaning President to Senator John McCain which is shocking. Where oh where is Condoleeza Rice and where oh where is President Bush while foreign policy is plotted behind their backs and without their knowledge or presence at such meetings??? Oh, Secretary of State Rice is too busy letting Africa Muslim dissidents into the USA such as the 25,000 Somali Muslims recently sent to Minnesota to disrupt that area. Her objective is anti-Jewish, pro-Palestinian, pro-African Muslim instead of pro-Darfur Christian and pro-Ethiopian Jewish immigration. The sight of her nauseates me as much as the sight of Obama does. He is not even eligible to run for US President since his grandmother in Hawaii said she was at his birth in Kenya!
19. AMERICAN LAW: Volunteering to serve in a foreign Army
Meir Elazar   (11.02.08)
Dual citizens in Israel who are drafted to the IDF must get a letter from IDF stating that they were drafted - NOT VOLUNTEERED - and submit it to the US Embassy in order not to risk losing their American citizenship. Volunteering to serve in a foreign army would risk their American citizenship and would spell disaster from one running (I know he would be an appointee) for a government office.
kachol v'lavan   (11.02.08)
21. 19 Meir: An American moved to Canada and renounced his US
Rivkah   (11.02.08)
citizenship. That case went all the way to the US Supreme Court which ruled Americans do not lose their US citizenship if they are dual citizens of the US and another country. America is so desperate for volunteers in its military to hold down the costs of mercenaries like Blackwater troops that cost three times as much, that foreign nationals are allowed to join the US military and are eligible for US citizenship in just six months instead of four years and a re-enlistment. That's nuts and compromises the security of the US military in my opinion, but who listens to me?
22. Oh Yeah. Great friend of Israel.
Gideon Reader   (11.02.08)
Rham is as Israeli as Professor Sternhell or any of Ehud the Failed's children. His support of a free and strong Israel, safe from Arab agression is as upright as Abu Abbas. He is a strong supporter of Obama, who has an unlimited number of friends and asssociates that are rabidly anti-Jewish and anti_Israeli as can be found on the North american continent., and that makes him as Kosher as a BLT or a nice pork roast, done to a turn. Pssst. You ARE known by the company you keep. Still it is always reassuring to find the presstitutes flogging their bent viewpoints. It provides consistance in this world.
23. #14, actually Clinton started running in Oct 1991
Danny   (11.02.08)
some six months AFTER the Gulf war. Just because this presidential election is never ending doesn't mean every one was.
24. To number 17
Shimon ,   Poleg   (11.02.08)
You are correct. Israelis don't volunteer they are drafted and serve their time. This guy did not serve as a soldier for a day. He volunteered on a foreign programme called Sar'el. They clean jobnik bases. As the son of an Israeli and therefore an Israeli himself he certainly has dodged the draft!
25. More Than One Lie In This Micket Mouse Story
Kavon ,   NYC USA   (11.02.08)
I like Ynet more than the Jpost because I think it's more representative of the amateur level of what passes for journalism in Israel. Emanuel is not an Israeli, has never served in the IDF, we have no idea about his wife's conversion and therefore no idea whether his children are Jewish. What we do know, and the story doesn't mention, is Emanuel has been a fast-rising careerist and he's a typical left-liberal Jew who couldn't care less about Israel, only his place at court.
26. Better Rahm Be There Than Not Be There
Wisconsin Marshall ,   USA   (11.02.08)
Emanuel is part of the Chicago Democratic crew. He knows Obama and is himself a power in Congress. He will have the ear of President Obama. For all those concerned with Israel's future, all we can do is hope for the best.
27. #7 but #4 is right
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (11.02.08)
I hardly bother to read articles or to post to talkbacks to any English version Israeli newspapers anymore. They are inacurate and they censor. #4 is simply pointing out that Rahm Emanuel didn't serve in the IDF. Mike
28. Emanuel's father was in the Irgun
Andrew ,   USA   (11.05.08)
This article forgot to mention that Rahm Emanuel's father Benjamin M. Emanuel was in the Irgun.
29. birthplace of Emanuel's dad
Michelle K. Gross ,   San Diego, USA   (11.06.08)
If he served in the Irgun, would that make him Palestinian-born? Or is it not PC to say that?
Sarah Brosan ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.06.08)
Good luck and enjoy the job!
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