Olmert: Discrimination against Arabs deliberate
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 12.11.08, 19:51
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1. will we ever learn
Yossi Schneider ,   Canada   (11.12.08)
Hey ehud. One simple question. How many times has an arab employee, turned on his Israli employer? The answer is more often than any of us can remember. Does a Jerusalem tractor driver trigger any recollection in that feeble mind of yours. Why don't you just stick to returning Israli territory, because once the arabs have control of anything, they are such a peaceful band of.....
2. shut up already
I thought you resigned
3. When will this traitor get out of our lives???
Norman   (11.12.08)
4. Do National Service/Sherut Leumi
Sane Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.12.08)
All Israelis, I repeat all Israeli citizens must either serve in the IDF or undertake sherut Leumi. Only then will all Israelis be treated the same. Arabs must do sherut leumi and serve in hospitals, educational institutions like the Jews (who don't do IDF service) No normal employer would employee a Jew without IDF service or sherut Leumi so why an arab? If the arabs cannot stomach doing sherut Leumi in Jewish institution then they can do sherut leumi in arab hospitals, arab matnases in arab villages etc.
5. another christmas for our enemies
observer   (11.12.08)
The past 2 years, with olmert in our presence has been a gift for our enemies.
6. olmert knows
marcel   (11.12.08)
The one who cost 150 israeli dead in lebanon, who lost to hamas, who left jerusalem in debt and dirt, who traded 1000 arabs for 2 dead israelis, he knows eh. Arabs can move to palestine if they want an arab state. Ehud knows, yeh, like envelopes of cash, like doublebilling charities,yea , he knows. He is so wise, he appointed a dumbkopf peretz as defense minister and thereby caused israel to lose to hezbollah. Ehud, take your wife and kids and move to ramallah and become an arab. In the meantime, shut up and go to jail fast.
7. Does anyone remember the "GONG" show?
aL   (11.12.08)
Its time to yank this sucker off the stage. Enough are tiresome dude. Get lost already and take your staw haired wife with ya.
8. discrimination
MC ,   UK   (11.12.08)
What about discrimination against Jews! This man has forgotten where he is and what his job is. He is not fit for purpose and should be made to leave office!
9. Read my lips, my right wing neighbors: Olmert is right
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.12.08)
Despite the racist crap that is sure to fill the talkbacks for this article, Olmert is right on. Yes, I'm a settler and live over the green line. And too bad if you don't like what I say, but Olmert is right. For over 20 years I've worked in industry and in media with Arab Israelis, and yes, they are discriminated against regularly and no, 99.9% of them are NOT terrorists and do not turn on their employers or fellow workers. Actually, with a million Arab citizens, that number should be more like 99.999%. What makes us strong is our democracy. What makes us weak is our pretending that democracy only applies to Jews. Looking at the results of yesterday's elections is an indication: 80% voter turnout in many Arab towns, and half that or less for the Jews. Maybe we do need affirmative action here.
10. To Yossi Schneider in his armchair in Canada
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.12.08)
Take off, eh? Ya hoser. What the #@^! do you know sitting in front of your boob tube sucking down another beer and thinking you're an expert on Israeli society? The answer to your stupid question of how many times an Arab employee has turned on his Israli (sic) employer is this: almost ZERO. Do you even know how many Arabs work in Israel? Ten? A hundred? 300,000? 400,000? More? Less? And if say 150,000 of them have Jewish employers, then wow, that must be THOUSANDS of attacks every year, right? Wrong, you dumbassed racist hosehead. Why not do us a big favor and list your favorite top 10 attacks. Then let's dig up the police stats about how many times Jews attack their Jewish bosses. Why don't you stick to watching the hockey game and leave us Israelis to running our own country....
11. Olmert greed
Thunder   (11.12.08)
I doubt, is Olmert still an Israeli and a jew or is he becoming a Palestinian muslim ? or perhaps some rich emir has open his paycheck in Olmert favor. Olmert is renowe dfor liking money
12. Kol ha-cavod mar Olmert!
Avi ,   USA   (11.12.08)
13. what is happening to this man?
nate ,   Canada   (11.12.08)
I know part of it is that he is trying to deflect attention from his numerous scams and criminal investigations, but he seems to be getting a bit senile as well. Can someone get this man to shut the * up already and stop trying to make a name for himself? His name has already been ruined. One of the worst, if not THE worst PM of Israel's history. Every couple days I'm blessed with another Olmert ranting to read about. I would rather not have to deal with this anymore.
14. They don't hate the arabs. They hate you Olmert
Danny   (11.12.08)
15. I totally agree
Yoel ,   Ra'anana   (11.12.08)
this when Moshiach will come.... This will be possible when discrimination against Jews ends in Ramallah, in Gaza, when throwing stones against us will end beeing considered as tradition. This PM is our worst one, and this is what will be remaining of him in historical books. A pity !!
16. Damaging and bordering on insanity
Josh ,   CT, USA   (11.12.08)
His statements are enough to lock him away in a lunatic asylum - the amount of permanent damage he is causing Israel and its diplomatic reality is overwhelming and growing each day. I can't recall such a head of state which lambasts his own country and interests with such passion as does Olmert. It's a wonder the Israeli public sits through like lambs instead of spontaneously bursting into the streets and protesting the crazed lunatic destroying Israel this very moment. Examples: - "Israel should withdraw to the 1967 borders" - "East Jerusalem will have to be returned" - "There is deliberate discrimination against Israeli Arabs in government posts." These statements - particularly the third, are harmful for Israel, and even if 2 is partially true - it is a card to be played in negotiations and not in wartime, with a soldier still held hostage by Hamas. The public has to cry mercy for Olmert to stop!
17. JPS, Efrat, I sign your EVERY word!
John ,   Europe   (11.12.08)
Thank G-d that there are sane people here! I noticed that MOST of the racist slurs and commentaries comes from USA and Canada! Get up, dear "Chosen among Jews" - and get your sorry asses to Israel and THEN criticize! I do not particularly like Olmert but YES, he is right here!
18. JPS, Ya Chabibi
Abdullah ,   Al Khader   (11.12.08)
JPS is not writing from Efrat, he is is my next door neighbor in Al Khader (just a stone's throw away from Efrat). And yes, you Jews discriminate against us. How dare you defend yourselves against our would-be shahids? Thank you, JPS, for defending our legitimate rights with the eloquence and intelligence befitting our cause.
19. Integrating Israeli-Arabs...
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (11.12.08)
Israeli-Arabs are not the enemy. Integrating them in the israeli economy and the collective israeli society will only make israel more stronger, prosperous and secure..
20. Olmert has gone crazy...
louise   (11.12.08)
Has he gone crazy or does he hate Israel this much? Something has gone even more wrong with Olmert. Get him off the world stage. It is past time to retire him from public view before he damages Israel even more than he already has. Something is seriously wrong with this man.
21. #1 - Yes Yossi, When will we learn
Turn the Tables   (11.12.08)
How many times have Jews turned against their host nation.... The answer is more often than any of us can remember. Does AIPAC Johnathon Pollard or the Rosenbergs trigger any recollection, or perhaps for you it would be the theft of Canadian passports for use by the Mossad eh? Why don't you stick to removing your settlers from Palestinian land as Israeli Jews have proiven that they are such a non-peaceful band .....
22. Discrimination
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (11.12.08)
You have a valid point. So why did you nothing about it all of the years that you could have made changes. Now that you have one leg out as prime minister and one leg on the road to jail, you are too late ,and your mouth is working overtime. Neal the Hasmonean
23. Olmert
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (11.12.08)
Please G! Make this "man"bite his tongue and disappear from between us!!!!
24. 99&44/100% Pure
Gideon Reader   (11.12.08)
So ya' see pard, the trouble with incompetent corrupt-o-crats is that they have never really paid attention to anything but the original plan of personal enrighment and satisfaction of their almost carnal need to maintain power. The reality of life and death. survival or failure as a nation has no meaning to them except as a vehicle for their own personal agenda. Screw the problems and those plagued by them. It's living in a bubble for them. Fed. Coddled. Protected and on and on. Now this pure Putz does not guess that putting threats into place in government can actually damage the nation. I assume that aftet the cops have sweated this polititurd chazer for the 20th time he will be forced to leave the stage. Maybe not.
25. Sorry Abdullah, but isn't Al Khader part of Efrat?
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.12.08)
Ya saadiki Abdullah!! And here I thought that Al Khader was a northern neighborhood of Efrat :-)... It's those .001% of the population that likes doing the shahid thing (suicide bombers, for those readers who don't know the word), and shahids certainly don't believe in civil rights. However, I'm trying to leave the shahids and their bosses out of this and concentrate on what I think is the Arab majority that wants to get an education and job and house and family. Just a reminder that on the other side of the coin, the Palestinians are going to have to learn not to discriminate against Jews. It's a two-way street and living in peace is going to take a lot of work from you folks too.
26. To Rami in Nazareth
JPS ,   Efrat   (11.12.08)
I agree, but the problem is how to overcome the racism and insecurity that makes Jews block Arabs from getting equal access to jobs. The government is a good place to start, and government corporations are a second target. The private sector should be worked on as well, and it could be that Arabs should either start their own MBA school or partner with an existing school where the administration will help promote the Arab graduates into the private sector. Yes, government incentives would help too, like tax breaks for the first 3 years for Arab managers and senior staff.
27. Olmert Shmolmert
Salomon Mizrahi ,   Sao Carlos/SP/Brazil   (11.13.08)
More few interrogations by the police and he will convert to Islam...Then he will say that the investigation is due to jewish racism against an a servant of Allah
28. They hire people they can trust. Simple as that.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.13.08)
29. The failed Olmert
Frank ,   Canada   (11.13.08)
Olmert has failed on all areas: diplomacy, military, politics and now relationship with the Arab minority.
30. Olmert insists on going out like a flaming idiot.
Stewart ,   U.S.A.   (11.13.08)
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