Gaza op rallies in Tel Aviv
Vered Luvitch
Published: 03.01.09, 19:13
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1. Where were they when SDEROT KIDS WANTED TO LIVE?
Daniel ,   Washington, DC   (01.03.09)
What's really amazing and unfortunate about the left is that they only remember to protest when Palestinians get hurt. Where were they when Sderot kids had to run to shelters while in the midst of a meal? Had they been protesting the Hamas rockets while Israel hasn't yet responded, I would have had more respect for them. Now, they might as well lay low in shame.
2. OK, but where are the Jews of the world?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.03.09)
12,000 demonstrated in London today against Israel. 12,000 out of a city of more than 7,000,000! WOW! The protest was headed by the arch anti-Semites of the UK, George Galloway and Ken Livingston, ably assisted by singer Annie Lennox and other "left wingers" who openly side with the associates of the murderers of 52 people in London in the 2005 terror attacks! Israel is condemned by these notables for killing 420 Gazans, the vast majority who were terrorists. Where were they when Russia brutally attacked Georgia? Why are they not screaming about the atrocities in Darfur and Zimbabwe? Why are they not picketing the American Embassy about the 90,000 civilian deaths in Iraq? Already this year 35 Iraqi civilians have been killed! Those taking part in the "demonstration" who are not Muslims filled with hatred should ask themselves how can they stand with people who behead kidnapped Brits, who kill homosexuals and have no conception of Human Rights or Civil Liberties. The answer is they are bigots and only care about the destruction of the Jewish people!
3. anti-War Protests
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (01.03.09)
Children in Gaza and Children in Sderot may both want to live, but protesters are missing the point. The children in Sderot will not be allowed to live as long as the adults in Gaza feel it is okay to lob rockets at them. The children in Gaza will be in danger as long as their parents feel it is appropriate to hide behind them and their schools etc. War is not easy--but if I have to choose between the life of a Gaza child and the life of a Sderot child, there is no question as to whom I would choose.
4. There is One Who is above even
Mary ,   USA   (01.03.09)
all the Jews of the world, Who oversees His land and His people at all times no matter what the situation. It is in His spirit and power that Israel goes forward. He goes before them in every battle. If there were 2 Jews left in the world, He would go before them. He would be behind them and at each side. These are His people, This is His land. The comfort in knowing this is tempered only by the fact that some His people will be injured or killed, leaving behind, their families. I cannot wait until He comes to settle matters for good. Fast and pray. This is what I will be doing.
5. This is why, my friends, we don't listen to world opinion
Talula ,   Israel   (01.04.09)
We are alone - we need to fight these wars alone. The UK just doesn't get it. They'll only be happy when the Muslims take over London and enforce Islam on everyone. Poor blind stupid Brits.
6. Why don't you show pictures of enemy flags beeing hoisted
m   (01.04.09)
in Tel Aviv right in the middle of a war by the decree of the Supreme Court?
7. post-zionist lefty traitors
Al Talena ,   B'klyn, USA   (01.04.09)
These garbage ae the product of the Left's school system. But will the police ttraet them with the same assault as the police trated "hilltop youth" of Judea & Shomron? Will Barak brand these fools as traitors?
8. Mary's fast & prayer
Avi-former Sruggie ,   Israel   (01.04.09)
Thanks for your enlightening advice. Fast and prayer are exactly the same spiritual weapons used on the Hamas side. "God" is fighting also for them. Every religion reads its proper books and sings the same song. The nations in our region are being held in hostage by religious pigs so I say "no thank you" to your kind advice.
9. How proud I am of Israel. What an amazing country I live in.
Pamela Levene ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.04.09)
Can you imagine any other country in the world allowing such demonstrations? Enemy attacks on a daily basis; thousands of missiles fired at innocent civilians. Finally we take action to protect them and some people actually protest! And are allowed to do so. Publicly. Loudly. With no restraint. And you know what? I think it is fantastic! They have the right to express their opinion and they are given that right. WELL DONE ISRAEL. If only the Palestinians had such freedom of speech. Then I am sure they would speak up against their corrupt leaders and call for peace. Sadly it will never happen.
10. Tel Aviv-Israels city of gays,sexual deviants,cowards,and in
tellectual brain ,   dead IDIOTS! Shlomo   (01.04.09)
11. David , Karmiel, Israel
USA ,   USA   (01.05.09)
You won't have to worry about scud missiles in addition to your Kaytushas and Qassams. You're welcome.
12. Gaza Opposition
Jerusalem ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.09)
It is hard to set the hand behind Rabin square. Is it of Moabites, Ammonites or Ishmaelites. Will fight win?
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