Security Council approves truce resolution; US abstains
Yitzhak Benhorin and AFP
Published: 09.01.09, 05:42
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1. Not only the UK is hamstrung by the MCB
Rod ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.09.09)
Looks like the lame duck regime in what's left of the US are kowtowing. The same regime that mined the harbours in Nicaragua in the 1980s and supported any number of terrorist activities. Methinks the US is not much of a long-term friend for Israel; the latter had best find new friends before the US breaks up like the USSR did.
2. Ignore the UN, just like Hezbollah ignored 1701...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.09.09)
... as Iran ignored all the UN resolutins regarding its WMD and as Hamas will ignore them after Israel will accept them. Now it's high time to kick Hamas ass. Out of the 760 dead palestinians 580 are TERRORISTS and the rest are their human shields. Hamas is commiting War Crimes and I see nowhere any mention of that fact. And don't comlpain about those 580 (and counting) dead terrorists. Hamas asked for war for 8 years! Now they get it! War means dead combatants and I am VERY HAPPY that we can kill more of them than they kill of us (not that they are not trying). I hope that we can keep this number going up and that eventually it will also include the coward hyenas hiding in tunnels under Hospitals, schools and mosques, and behind doctor robes.
3. Hamas Won't Honor It
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.09.09)
An "immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire?" Which part of "Islamic fundamentalism" does the UN fail to grasp? Surely they must realize that Hamas has no intention of respecting or honoring anything.
ISRAEL DIDNT KNOW. ,   ..............DACON9   (01.09.09)
6. What about Hamas Rocket launching?
Jason   (01.09.09)
There does not appear to be anything condemning the instigators, the cause of all this war, the Hamas terrorists, who for years, and long before Israel retaliated, in response to these 8,000 rockets launched against its citizens, have ignored Israel's desperate call to stop the provocations and rocket launchings. I think Israel SHOULD not accept the draft resolution, especially NOW that they are so close to absolutely eradicating once and for all, the cancer of Hamas, the cause of all evil, chaos and mayhem in Gaza, the Iranian Mullah agents. The least this Resolution should have is, an unequivocal condemnation of the Hamas terrorists, and a clause excluding them (Hamas) from all future negotiations re: the democratic future of the Palestinians.
7. It is like ISRAEL does not exist!
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.09.09)
8. As useful as those physical attributes,...
Gideon Reader   (01.09.09)
...ordinarily found on female sus scrofa domestica, for providing nourishment for younger members of the species, on the Male of the species. The 'rabs, the USA, UK, EU, UN, EIEIO and the second stringof the Ladies Musical Knucle Cracking team of Antartica is now Happy. But, the small and insignificant question is: Is Hamas disarmed and pacified; no longer hostile in it's intent towards israel and will it not longer have the capability to attack. If not the game is NOT over and the war continued. Like it or not.
9. How many UN resolutions passed on 2008 Georgia-Russian war?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.09.09)
None? Oh, but only a few thousand people were killed in that one, so it doesn't really count. I am one Republican voter that can't wait for Rice to be replaced by Hillary.
10. Gaza Truce
Fred Downs ,   Gastonia, NC - USA   (01.09.09)
Gaza Truce? Again? How many more Israelis must die until the next one? Would the US accept this? (NO!) The free world needs to get their heads out of their butts.
11. USA Stabs Israel
Shmoyal ben Yehuda ,   Florida USA   (01.09.09)
Here we go again. The USA is going to stab Israel in the back. Where is the condemnation of Hamas? Where are the guarantees for Israel? Hamas is once again saved to fight again. There will be no one making sure Hamas doesn't re-arm. Israeli towns will continue to be the victims. I pray Israel tells the UN where to go and use the ceasefire documents to wipe their tuchus's
12. Hamas
Richard ,   Amsterdam Holland   (01.09.09)
Where Hamas'concessions in the deal ?
13. Another Defeat for Israel.
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.09.09)
Did anyone hear what will Israel get out of this? While Hamas will get cease fire, withdrawal of Israeli forces, lift the blockade, Israel will get accused of "The latest British draft available also "condemns all acts of hostilities and terror directed against civilians" and for "the lifting of the Israeli blockade" of Gaza. " OLMERT and Company could not wait but to loose another war rigth before the elections. Wait and see Hamas will become stronger as Hezbollah did right after the Lebanese War.
14. compromise?
ALAN ,   dallas   (01.09.09)
lets see, ......and exactly what does hamas have to not do? great. what a waste of prime real estate in NYC
15. Don't allow EU protect Hamas
mike cato ,   usa   (01.09.09)
and weaken and destroy Israel. Israel must keep on fighting until Hamas and the other terrorist groups are annihilated.The EU motives do not include Israel's welfare; they DO include the following: 1. Ensure their continued commercial contracts with Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Muslim Africa, and Iran. 2. Ensure the free flow of oil from the Middle east 3. Protect themselves against their restive, even seething, large muslim populations. If Olmert gives in once again to the Arab -terrorist-protecting EU and UN , then the upper echelons of the IDF must temporarily seize all decision-making power. It is this or eventual disaster.
16. UN Resolutions Helped Africa...NOT!
Warren ,   Israel   (01.09.09)
How many UN rsolutions were passed through the bloody conflicts on Africa? Where not only are women and children Killed, the are also raped along the way. If there were any valid resolutions it only kept the Tyrants in play to do the same thing the next year. Follow your hearts and Minds, dont follow your Ears! UN can keep talking with the Arabs, we are gona do what we must. God be with our Warriors. Bring them home safe with mission secured, Amen!
17.  This is grabage
Marvin ,   US   (01.09.09)
THIS works against Israel. The US UK and France caved in to the Arabs. Well folks the February elections are coming up soon.... wonder if the so-called cease fire will last that long. Good going Olmert and Livni . Reminds me of UN Res 1701
18. UN resolution
Dr John ,   Rechovot Israel   (01.09.09)
The peace- loving Arabs, The 2 faced United Nations & our " Real friends" France, Great Britain & the USA have decided on an immedite cease fire, with Hamas demands it. No where do I see any of Israels demands addressed! So presumably any time Hamas decides to fire rockets at us That's fine. Whenever they rearm That's OK! But if we retaliate, it's our fault for having the audacity of defending ourselves The UN are a bunch of Israel- hating hyporcrits.& the world & its leaders would never let Israel win.They have shown this on many many occassions in the past!!! I f only we were like most other people ( Kill your enemy, hit him hard untill he begs for mercy) We are called murderers by all & sundrie.Is there any other country on earth that would allow a cease-fire for a humaniterian convoy to reach its enemy, even while the latter continues to fire at our civilians at the same time as it is underway ! The world did NOTHING to try & stop the slaughter of 6mllion, so really nothing has changed!!!
19. Just say NO
William ,   Israel   (01.09.09)
A lifting of the siege will effectively negate the more important issue of a cease-fire - disabling all options of Hamas to re-arm itself, which requires around the clock observation of them by intl observers with a mandate to actively block anything suspicious, in conjunction with PA and Israeli forces. Treat Hamas as WWI Germany and humiliate it (no offense to Germany). Just today 38 pallets of terrorist uniforms were hidden among humanitarian aid, so the need for a strong hand against Hamas is necessary. Anything less will invite a repeat with more deaths in the future.
20. Just for clarification on intl law
William ,   Israel   (01.09.09)
Everyone is demanding Israel open her borders for free movement of goods and people in and out of Gaza. Wait - last I checked, any sovereign country can open or close its borders at will for any reason. Did Israel somehow lose the right to govern itself and its borders? Surely Switzerland and the UK decides who enters and who doesn't, even to people just passing through. Am I wrong to suggest Gazans go through Rafah only?
21. United States isn't a reliable ally
New York, USA   (01.09.09)
Israel should consider closer relations with Russia. Russia is more consistant and will side with Israel at the UN just for the fun of sticking it to the United States. At the very least Israel should consider it. America's and the west are clearly vulnerable to Arab terror in their own countries and it shows. As for the US aid to Israel, it will not last, America's economic problems are dire.
22. Who cares - The UN is as irrelevant as ever. (end)
Gary ,   Tampa, FL, USA   (01.09.09)
23. NO to this immediate withdrawal crap
Brod ,   USA   (01.09.09)
Israel should reject this 'immediate withdrawal" crap. This is typical of the Islamist-Jihadists' crap. Israel must also insist that Shallit be released to them immediately and unconditionally. "Immediate withdrawal" is the Arab Islamist-Jihadist language for Hamas victory in its war with Israel. Hence, Israel should reject this Ceasefire Crap proposal. The bottomline is that all Hamas rockets and armaments must be surrendered, confiscated and destroyed. Gaza must remain demilitarized. Hamas must be dethroned completely. Gaza should be governed by NATO nation builders until such time, it has produced enough professionals to be self-governing.
24. America held out for 14 days no more
USA   (01.09.09)
The weakness and vulnerabilty of this once great power can not be more obvious. Let's face it Al Quida isn't a real terrorist group, it's a phontom organization. Hamas is a real terrorist group and they're shielding them.
25. A Piece Of Paper Fit For The Wastebasket
Norman F Birnberg   (01.09.09)
This so-called "ceasefire" resolution is a piece of paper fit for the wastebasket. Israel is not a party to it and Hamas is not a party to it. Its terms cannot be enforced. Any one who thinks Hamas will stop shooting at Israel is deluding themselves. The war will go on UN resolution or no UN resolution.
26. israel we are with you
frank linet ,   atlanta ,ga usa   (01.09.09)
the U.N. does not speak for hashem ... protect the 51st state .. hamas does not belong to the U.N they will not abide by any resolution .. keep fighting these terrorist bastards .. go israel .. baruch hashem ..
27. Hamas won after all
observer 2 ,   worldwide   (01.09.09)
i told you so before, but the problem of you israel you live in 5000 years dream. wake up. it is 2009.
28. UN
jared Chiert ,   sydney australia   (01.09.09)
I wouldl ike to know , why the UN do not act as promplty and quickly with the situation in most africa countries as they do over a few people in the middle East. where are they in Zimbabwe , Sudan < Rawanda and all other areas ?
29. to william #20
DJ ,   usa   (01.09.09)
Israel has the right to close her borders, but not the right to close Gaza's non-Israel borders. Since Israel is (prudently) preventing movement through the sea border and the Egyptian border (both of which I assume are against international law), it would be disengenuous to insist upon letter of the law vis-a-vis the Israeli border. Can't have it both way! Don't you agree?
30. it's over, the myth of the undefeatable army..
mamud ,   South Lebanon   (01.09.09)
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