IDF strikes home of 'Hamas chief of staff'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 11.01.09, 08:33
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1. someone get that men.
John ,   Israel   (01.11.09)
Kaleemulla ,   Saudi Arabia   (01.11.09)
Whole world know whatever is done by Israel is wrong. Truth will shine one day. Israel is killing innocent people to acquire their land. They don't have value for human lives. It's really inhuman. Why US is supporting Israel to kill innocent people? Even American citizens don't like all these. Palestinian want to leave peace life, Are they not humans? Israel is playing politics today, one day it will pay for all these. Think from your heart, whatever is happening in palestine is right? Israel has blocked the palestine from many years. Every country has the right to safe guard itself not only US & Israel. All this is happening because of BUSH. Bush has killed millions of innocent people and he is supporting Israel to kill innocent people in GAZA. Do you think Palestine can attack Israel? They don't have proper food to eat and home to stay, how they can attack. palestinians are good hearted people. Love them, they will give their lives for you. Shame on you.
3. hiding in civilian populations
aaron ,   new york, ny   (01.11.09)
The IDF should hit all the hamas men they can, regardless of civilian casualties, b/c no one is gonna feel any different towards Israel if they don't, and they may not get this chance again. All of hamas must be killed, thats the point of this operation, otherwise it's been a waste of time.
4. 16 days later, You cannot even advance
Salameh ,   Gaza, Palestine   (01.11.09)
Your F16s, Apatchis, Tanks, naval warships, infanrty and soliders cannot defeat our steadfastness in our land. Israeli aggression is doomed. The entire world sees every day how immoral you are, The blood of our civilians, women and children is winning over your might, Occupation can never win. We will fight you up to our last breath. You might fight for election points, but we fight for freedom and liberty!
5. Kadima vs. the IDF
Rami ,   London   (01.11.09)
The IDF now has an opportunity a window to win, but Israel's government wants to ensure they lose. This is of primary importance to Livni and Olmert for their own purposes, which have more to do with the thickness of their envelope donations than the reputation or future of Israel and the Jewish people. Now they have turned the IDF into the proverbial sitting duck FOR THE SECOND TIME IN 3 YEARS.
6. #3: I feel insecure knowing ppl like you exist in my city
nick ,   new york, ny   (01.11.09)
how inhumane and blood thirsty??
7. a kind of revenge from all chiefs of staff
observer   (01.11.09)
for their rules in the friendly fire situation.
8. let the generals do their job
Mark Katzman ,   San Francisco, USA   (01.11.09)
Leave it to the politicians to mess up the operation. Why not just let the generals fight the war--turn them loose and let them destroy hamas before hamas seriously hurts Israel (Rehovot, Dimona).
9. To Salameh
Yossi ,   ISRAEL   (01.11.09)
Dear Salameh, I disagree with most of what you said and I agree with one point. a. You are free, but you are stupid. From the moment we pulled out of the Gaza Strip, there was not only ONE Israeli there b. Instead of building your own state, like we did, you preferred to elect the Hamas, armed yourselves and shut Kassam to Sderot and Grads to Ashkelon c. You do not fight for Freedom and Liberty, you want the Jews be thrown into the sea, and this will not happen I do agree with one point: I agree that you fight until your last breath and last Palestinian.
10. To Nick
Yossi ,   ISRAEL   (01.11.09)
Nick, I bet you had the same humanitarian feelings when OUR people were killed, when you guys fought in Vietnam, Iraq and Pakistan….
11. Salameh, Gaza
israeli ,   israel   (01.11.09)
Salameh, I thought there was no electricity in Gaza. But I can see that you still have internet. Can you use skype too? Still, if you can use the net, you are probably in a bunker. But don't worry, the IDF will find you soon.
12. The terrorists hiding..#To aaron NY
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
If the IDF waits to hit the terrorists because of collateral damage,the job will go on forever.We must strike irrespectively for otherwise the job will reach a stalemate,and we do not wantthat.I agree with the IDF Senior Officer who believes(and correctly so) that theoperation must be expanded in order to deepen the achievements and the damage caused to Hamas and refrain from missing an opportunity in th elong run. I am all for it(inspite of having family members who are serving ).No wants more casualties of our soldiers,but unfortunately NEEDS MUST to finish the job and not leaving it HALF BAKED! Am Yisreal Chai!! And Good luck and blessings to our IDF?IAF
13. To Kaleemulla in Saudi Arabia..Why not look..
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
Into your backyard mr.kaleemulla.Does your moniker suggests you are one of those mullahs who teach hate?Since you think the US and Israel are all wrong,how about your own country with its dreadful regime? Israel wants to live in peace,and your brothers only want that what you are promulgating? If Bush killed millions as your say,remember it was to keep YOU safe.You very conveniently forgot to mention it..get something straight, Gaza is a terror entity,and their leaders are the REAL murderers of the Gazan.Wrong about food,which is allways the answer from such as yours.If they were starving how can they afford the multi weapons which costs millions? If you are honest enough you will admit this truth.But then to your likes TRUTH IS FICTION. Also it is you all Arabs in the region who have used and abused these so-called Pals.You have kept them as pawns for 60+ years and you continue to do so. Israel will continue with their attacks and the population will suffer because their leaders are cowards who operate in their midst and jide their weapons among them..They are barbarians and shame on them for using THEM AS CANNON FODDER and human shields. last but not least: Israel wants peace,and we always say:L'echim=To life,and yours is:JIHAD.There is the big difference between your lot and OURS. Thank you
14. Bombing empty home after warnings when he is in hiding!
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.11.09)
Defense establishment officials have said in recent days that although information has been received on the hiding places of the Hamas leaders, the IDF refrained from attacking them, often for moral considerations, as they were deliberately hiding in populated areas, using civilians as a human shield.
15. to #2; Kaleemulla , Saudi Arabia
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.11.09)
You are a Jew and Israel hating fraud! Your county was formed in 1933 after King Saud slaughtered most of the inhabitants! Then your country forced the later named "palestinians" out into Israel (palestinian mandate) because your country is in the cast system and the "palestinians" were considered a "sub human species" by your country! If your were concerned about "palestinians" you would provide food and welfare for them and take them back into your country! BUT YOU HYPOCRITES DO NOT EVEN ALLOW JEWS TO LIVE OR EVEN VISIT YOU COUNTRY!
16. To Yossi on Salameh..It seems He wants
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
Yossi According to Salameh and his stupid wishes,it looks like he'll be the only one standing and the rest will perish.What stupid thoght process do these peple have? He forgets to add that our IDF are working hard to avoid his brether's causalties.he also forgets the IDF are there with BOOTS down and not all is being done by the IAF except to give assistance to the round forces and pinpoint where the tunnels and weapon factories are and we are destrying them.What does one expect from their usual BRAGGADOCIO? And what is this all about calling it Palestine?No such place exists and he knows it. Without having to repeat what you said in your last paragraph: The agreement he will fight until his last breath? Well thye have been trying,but the BREATH IHAS BEEN EXHAUSTED and he knows it too well..Silliy Salameh..Wake up..
17. To #6 ;nick , new york, ny
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.11.09)
Your comment reflects that you would rather see Jewish civilians killed in Israel!
18. I heard Jabari is in Egypt, and Israe;l knows this..
Victor Hobbs ,   UK   (01.11.09)
so why bomb his house?
19. #2 Gazans can blame themselves for this.They voted terrorist
to head their govt. ,   Leopards spots stay.   (01.11.09)
20. What Hamas leader to nail
Phil ,   Syracuse NY   (01.11.09)
The main men are Meshall and Haniyeh. Mossad should take care of the former and the IAF the latter. Kill these two top rats and watch Hamas crumble to pieces.
21. Hamas cowards, get out your little mole holes!
22. you guys are either idiots or simply incompetent
David ,   USA   (01.12.09)
"Defense establishment officials have said in recent days that although information has been received on the hiding places of the Hamas leaders, the IDF refrained from attacking them, often for moral considerations, as they were deliberately hiding in populated areas, using civilians as a human shield. " Couldnt the IDF have targeted Haniya and the leaders of Hamas from day one and be done with this charade? or are you keeping them alive to have to fight another day just like you did with Nasrallah? pathetic indeed!!
23. Thank you Ynet
kathy   (01.12.09)
I'm sure if you posted my previous comment, I would be a sure hit for a terrorist.
24. well yossi just one major correction
ss ,   isr   (01.12.09)
you said it right, but there is one Israeli left in Gaza. His name is Shalit, Gilad and if this operation wont get him back home then we have not done the job.
25. #6, Nick: ignorant or worse
Dennis ,   NYC, USA   (01.12.09)
You take to task your fellow NYer for wanting HAMAS, designated a terrorist org., by the US, EU, & Canada, destroyed in the wake of thousands upon thousands of rockets/mortars launched against Israeli civilians. You call him "bloodthirsty" because he sees through the game of pressuring Israel to stop destroying HAMAS because of civilian though the Allies ought to have stopped and sued for peace when French civilians died in droves starting on D-day. Israel's fight against terror is no different than any any other front in the war against terror, and in fact, it's more up-close and personal and purely self-defense: Israel has proportionately suffered way more murders, maimings and long-term psych. terror -- five (5) rockets a day into Israel by HAMAS on average since Israel left Gaza in Oct. '05 through the end of '08 -- than have Americans, even NYers, i.e., most NYers I know (much less Americans overall) didn't know well someone killed on 9/11 while there's nary an Israeli who doesn't know a terror victim as a close friend or family member. What Aaron's said, perhaps not so tactfully, that you find so despicable, is that Israelis has a right to live free of terror, and that the only possible way of obtaining that right is through Israel's own hands, through dealing a severe blow to HAMAS, which wants to keep terrorizing and killing Israeli civilians, which does not care how many of its own civilians die in that Holy [sic] effort. Get an education, for God's sake.
26. if they realy wanted to they would
observer   (01.12.09)
#4 if israel were such a war hungry nation as so many keep trying to say, then why is there still a gaza, if israel wanted to, they could have literally wiped you off the map already in less than 24 hours, just the same way iran has kept promising you all for the last couple of years. Btw, where is iran, they like to talk the talk but still dont walk the walk, they promise palistians everything, and yet all they seem to do is sell them weapons, now tell me who's realy having the best deal there, the iranians who keep making money out of your missery or the inocent palestian population who are forever living in the dirt, becouse their power hungry hamas who are destroying any kind of normality for gaza becouse of their own gain. Do yourselves a favour, if you think israel realy does want to destroy you all, simply stop the rocket fire, the war will cease, and if israel still carries on fighting, then you can tell the whole world you were right. By that one simple action, everything can change, You have nothing to loose and everything to gain, becouse then if your right , then the world will have to help.
27. Irsaeli Blue/White flies proud tonight
Milo Perez ,   Tijeras/USA   (01.12.09)
Brothers and Sisters of the Israeli blood, You are doing all you can to stop this insult upon the "Land of Milk and Honey". Never faint or lower your standards against this low "sinister" hamas which is shrinking smaller each day. Stand strong and know, Israeli Brothers and Sisters, you are the next generation to carry the State of Isael. Be strong and know that God blesses you in all your efforts
28. Jabari is 'managing the fighting'
Kev ,   London   (01.13.09)
...from a hiding place. May he get assassinated very shortly. Stay safe, IDF. Thank you for what you are doing for freedom, civilisation and the liberty of humanity.
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