IDF strikes 60 targets in Gaza; 6 troops injured
Published: 14.01.09, 07:16
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1. Jewish entity Israel was defeated in Georgia,same fate is smiling
Russian czar ,   Kazan, RUSSIA   (01.14.09)
2. in despair, Now white phosphorus bombing populated area
observer   (01.14.09)
the residents of thew bombed house miraculously survived a huge fire. Huge white smoke is still seen. In despair, Israel is breaching all international norms and perpetuating one of the most shameful genocides. Three sisters were shot point blank, two died in front of the eyes of the survived young sister,4y, who sustained a shoot to her spine rendered paralyzed. Al-Aqsa brigades killed 12 soldiers in ambush. On the TV, tap showing a sniper hit of a soldier, but what is most noticed is that at least four were standing in a line side by side, as if making the perfect target. Even during the second shooting, a couple of soldiers were still standing; taking no cover. Is it despair, incompetence, or negligence?
3. #2, so after all the claims
Danny   (01.14.09)
The best Hamas has managed is the photo of someone getting lightly wounded by a bullet. Not very impressive... one might think they are having the utter crap kicked out them...
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.14.09)
Funny name for someone who is so biased and full off hatred. To observe means to see what takes place in objectivity, in your case your as blind as a bat. Those shooting scenes were totally staged, if you think that IDF soldiers will stand in line like that to get shot, you need your head checked. Based on your naive reaction I do understand why Islam-facist propaganda works so well. These Islam facists are cowards who hide behind their women and childeren , in any man to man battle , they always got their arses kicked. Why don't you join the fight instead of giving your cowardly biased opinions from your couch, you are nothing but a whimp.
6. Israeli attempt to silence the Hamas
theterminator ,   UK   (01.14.09)
Israel should not agree to a ceasefire until and unless the UN can guarantee the safetey of Israeli citizens. This can only come about if the Hamas is disarmed and its capability of launching missiles against Israel removed completely. Israel should not give in to world demands of a ceasefire when they do not ask the Hamas and its supporter Iran to stop the terror attacks. Israel may not get another chance. Do it now. Accomplish all your objectives of this military campaign.
7. Ohh wasn't that friendly fire ???
Akram ,   ramallah   (01.14.09)
i can't belive that some israeli soldiers were injured, i have been brain watche to belive that the only way an israeli may get injured or killed is by friendly fire.
8. 7
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.09)
So Akram who was watching your brain? Was this in a laboratory under a microscope?
9. n 1
aline ,   israel   (01.14.09)
10. #7 Akram
Ariel ,   Spain   (01.14.09)
Well... believe it. BTW, Israeli civilians are being killed as well, believe it. Eve if it's hard for you, attached to your brainwashing Hamas TV... believe it.
11. #3,5
observer   (01.14.09)
instead of indulging into waste effort of finding excuses, try to train your brains: is it routine for mighty army to manage shooting situation in that way? were those regular army or reservists? were their morals too high to mind the unexpected? indeed Hamas hide behind children and women, but one little detail; those are dead, that is why Israel has hit Gaza's cemetery with heavy bombs. do you think that 310 kids and 85 women died because 300 Hamas fighters found the time to collect all those in front of them? those Hamas fighters must be so strong to enforce 400+children and women into human shields. Hams found the time to hit 17 soldiers in the last 24 hours, while controlling their human shields, viva the mighty. what matters for you is to defend the technicality of the IDF, what about morals?
12. #3,5 no more lies?
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