Report: Hamas agrees to ceasefire in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 14.01.09, 17:47
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1. Have heard this before ...
Christy ,   Boston, MA   (01.14.09)
... and it never works, unfortunately. Hamas doesn't want peace with Israel. Hamas WANTS Israel (minus the Jews).
3. Obama is going to screw you soon.
4. No details - means they have asked for something big
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.14.09)
Even though 'a Hamas spokesman said the militant group had "no other choice"' there are no details and you can bet that there are clauses in this that would allow Hamas to declare a victory. When they hide the details it is a propaganda press release.
5. Looks like ground op was a waste of time
dr. dave ,   nyc   (01.14.09)
All Israel has to show for it is a few hundred dead coward "shahids" who hid behind their mother's skirts. These cowards need to die by the thousands to feel anything.
6. I heard on Sky it is a 10 Day Sies Fiya
Alan ,   SA   (01.14.09)
7. Has Israel Learned Yet About Negotiating In Middle East?
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.14.09)
Being born here, even many generations here, is no indication Israelis have learned how to negotiate with Arabs. To jog memories, every time Israel has negotiated an agreement, we have agreed to something only to find out AFTERWARD that the Arabs didn't "really" understand or mean this or that, changes are needed, conditions added and, pitom, what we agree to has become unrecognizable and the Arabs, who were humiliated in fighting, walk away laughing. Wise up this time!!! Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Orthodox Jew (Teimani Baladi Dardai) Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
8. This is a bargaining technique.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.14.09)
By publically saying they accept a truce, they mean to put pressure on Israeli negotiators when in fact, details & terms are not agreed upon. They intend to put the burden on Israel - so that it looks like we are the ones not accepting a truce. There is also the question of Gilad Shalit & only his unconditional release is acceptable. Barak likes the truce, no doubt on almost any terms, because he will get the credit since the negotiations are through the Defense Ministry. Livni, for all her tough talk, also wants an end to the Gaza Op but with no formal terms - just a unilateral pullback. Our politicians cannot be trusted, as I often say. They only see their own political interests to the exclusion of the nation's interest. They always think that enough ''spin'' can hide reality from the voters. Unfortunately, with the aid of our cooperative media, they usually succeed. The sad truth is that so many Israelis are easily manipulated by our unscrupulous politicians.
Sandra ,   US   (01.14.09)
10. Ceasefire
Marek ,   Czech Rep.   (01.14.09)
Smash Hamas first. Free Shalit. Then talk about ceasefire.
11. Truce, haha
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.14.09)
Why are they negotiating with Egypt? Hamas must be eliminated.
mike cato ,   usa   (01.14.09)
When dealing with Hamas, and all the other terrorist groups, there is no such thing as a "truce'" Israel must enter Gaza and destroy every Hamas terrorist. Then there will be a real truce with Hamas. We have been there before. It doesn't work. It will never work. The cowards Olmert and Livni are afraidof bad PR in Europe and the US. Most of this comes from immigrant Muslims and left -wing groups which will be anti-Israel, no matter what Israel does or does not do.
13. And is Gilad Shalit in the truce agreement?
Amy ,   off rt 40   (01.14.09)
14. The evolution of Hamas statements...
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.14.09)
"This would be another hard loss for Israel like in 2006!" "Gaza would be your graveyard!" "Oh, you killed our chief rockets commander! Our revenge would be harsh and painful!" "OK, so you can bomb us from the air allright. but you're too chicken to face us on the ground!" "Just try and advance on the ground! Our hero soldiers are preparing a death trap for you!" "Ok so we suffered some casualties in ground battles. But our resistance only gets stronger, the divine victory is near!!!" "Ok, so your troops managed to conquer some parts of the strip. But our hero fighters are waiting to make bloodbath for you in Gaza City!" "Europe, please tell them to stop killing our soldiers in Gaza city!" "OK, OK, cease fire now! But only on our terms!" "OK, OK, OK! Cease fire now! On ANY terms! Please, cease fire!!! Europe, Egypt, Turkey, tell them to stop firing!... Cease fire pleeease!!!"
John ,   TA, Israel   (01.14.09)
16. What about Shalit?
Sam C ,   Tennessee   (01.14.09)
What about the release of Gilad Shalit? Israel should agree to release those Hamas fighters captured during this war and only those fighters.
17. No cease fire! No truce! Unconditional surrender!
israeli ,   israel   (01.14.09)
18. A Ceasefire with Snakes, a big Joke
AlbertoGA ,   St. George USA   (01.14.09)
As soon as the Ink will be dried the Hamas Snakes will restart the games. And we know what it is ...The Destruction of Israel. The Fatah is just the same...but with nice costumes and cravates. No Cease fire until they are gone in Egypt permanently.
19. another resolution 1701 and Hamas victory ?
zionist forever   (01.14.09)
If Hamas are happy to accept the conditions of this Egyptian plan then its bad for Israel but if Hamas have agreed then Israel has been backed into a corner and will find itself under preasure to accept it. Kadima & Labour of course will be delighted that the war is over because both Livni & Barak want to get on with the last three weeks of campaign time remind the public whay heros they are. They are Israels saviours, all Bibi has been able to do is promise what he will do but we were willing to do what needed to be done and went to war and we destroyed Hamas so vote for us. The idiot centerists who will be the ones that will decide the outcome they were going to vote for Bibi because they didnt think Kadima / Labour had been tough enough on terror will now vote Kadima because they now think Livni is a little more left wing than Bibi which we like, she is a new face and she has proven she will fight terror when needed. Everybody will forget we got into this whole mess because of the Kadima / Labour policies. Bibis best hope now is to split the lesft wing vote and hope that Baraks increased popularity will steal back traditional Labour voters that would have gone with Kadima. Soon we are going to see if the terrible trio give us another 1701 and turn `Hamas into the winners or if they actualy negotiate a political victory now the IDF have given us a military victory.
20. Another lie from the cousins..
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (01.14.09)
pay no attention. Just finsh the job once and for all. Palestinians want to be rid of Hamas as well. Typical middle eastern lies to negotiate and pretend they have won. Let us say that this was our finet hour and that we finished what we came to do!!
21. another bitter defeat for israel
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn ny   (01.14.09)
under the leadership of these three crimiminaly insane traitorous self hating leftist pathetic cowards Olmert-Livni-Barak the lesson the IDF has to learn from this debacle,is that before you go to war to eliminate your enemy,you must first eliminate the enemy within. Citizens of israel do not miss your chance to defeat this enemy next month with your votes,you can get rid of this enemy with your ballots instead of bullets
22. #14
motherland   (01.14.09)
23. Three things.
Daniel ,   San Jose, CA USA   (01.14.09)
1. Shalit must be returned to Israel. 2. Hamas must agree to allow UN peace keepers to patrol the region, and man the boarder crossings. 3. Hamas must understand that Israel will take a zero tolerance policy on any terrorist action. One bus bombing, one rocket, and we will not be so choosy about where our bombs drop the next time.
24. Is Gilad Shalit release part of deal ???
Norman   (01.14.09)
If not we have the worst politicians running the country.
25. What is the purpose of a truce?
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.14.09)
Is it only postponing suffering? Why? What the hell these people mean by truce ,coexistence, peace talks and by other kinds of BS? This matter must be resolved and there is no other choice:us or them. So let the wickies ask for peace since the cowards are feeling Israel and of course fearing Israel.Cowards are cowards. Israel should keep on untill palis are at their knees and then,with international diplomacy,find a place to them among their own and retake Gaza to never give it back anymore.
26. I agree with #10
dave ,   uk   (01.14.09)
27. Hamas
Rick S. ,   Florida   (01.14.09)
Isn't it interesting that the shots are called by Mashaal who lives very comfortably in Damascus, and looks quite well fed, while the poor slobs in Gaza take all the hits. The stupidity of the worlds leaders who support the Pali criminals while denying Israel it's right to live in peace.
29. ceasesfire
clive ,   England   (01.14.09)
I feel so sorry for our fellow Jews in Israel. The country is being run worse than a ship without a captain. It is being run by fools who once again are playing straight in to the arms of our enemy. Like Hesbola, Hamas have played the Olmert Government to perfection. They will be celebrating a victory and in the so doing, they will be planning the deaths of many Jews who would otherwise have lived... and so it goes on.
30. "Palestinian" Blood
Chatich   (01.14.09)
'"Hamas responded positively to Egypt's attempts to bring an end to the shedding of Palestinian blood, during the talks that were held in Cairo in the last three days," an Egyptian official told MENA.' -------------------------------------------------- And what about an end to the shedding of Israeli blood? And an end to the constant rocketing and terrorizing of Israeli civilians? And an end to the indoctrination of arab children to hate and kill Jews? *Crickets* Isn't Egypt supposed to be our "peace partner?" Good thing we gave them back the Sinai.
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