Farmers claim UK, Jordan boycotting Israeli fruit
Yair Hason
Published: 16.01.09, 07:37
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1. What have you thought??
Sandra ,   Montreal   (01.16.09)
Sure we wont buy your products, what have you thought,?? after what we have seen from burning people and killing more than a thousand, we will never smell your products but full of blood smell...shame on you
Ariel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.16.09)
GREAT NEWS ! i pray that more and more countries will join the boycott in addittion to SANKTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL APARDHEIT STATE !!!!
3. Boycott?
Luana ,   Italy   (01.16.09)
Business is business, however I hope that Israel will learn from this retaliation where to send their produces in the future. The power of the media is immense. Of course, I suppose that all the food and products used by Sandra and Ariel will be manufactured and grown in countries where no exploitations, violence, blood and worker rights will be respected (So nothing from China, big part of Africa, big part of South America,Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan and so on). Because when one boycotts, the boycott must be total and not only for where the wind blows.
4. Shall we boycott the US and UK then?
Zvi   (01.16.09)
Just 2 UK bombs in Iraq killed 300 civilians in Falujah. Many more civilians were killed by UK and US bombs in Iraq. Shall we boycott these countries? How about boycotting Sudan (Darfur)? China (Tibet)? Syria (Hama and Hamas)? Jordan (Black September)? Libya?
5. should read "Israel's right to self defense boycotted"
Zvi   (01.16.09)
Defend the Israeli people.
6. 2
David   (01.16.09)
How about leaving, moron?
7. You don't deserve our fruit
avi ,   los angeles, usa   (01.16.09)
8. That is why I left the UK
Leah ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
They love the Arabs. How many times has prince Charles visited Israel. How many times has he visited Arab countries. Dont worry the Moslems there will turn against them again like 7/7 it is the only way they ever understand Moslem mentality when they get bombed.
9. Sad
rune ,   oslo   (01.16.09)
It is sad that so many are against Israel.Peace to Israel Peace to Jerusalem.God bless the jewish people.Psalm 73: 1Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.
10. Apologies from the UK
Neil Turner ,   Watford, UK   (01.16.09)
I am saddened to hear this news. I read with increasing regularity of attacks against Jews in the UK, and conclude from this that Britain has its old disease back. We saw this in the middle ages, and in the 1940's during the birth of Israel. As one of many Christians who love Israel, I grieve for my own country, as God is judging us because of this hatred. He blesses those who bless you, and curses those who curse you. I find it interesting that Britain lost its Empire after obstructing the birth of Israel. We are now a third-rate nation, infested with political-correctness and bowing the knee to Islam He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. You don't have to look to the Nations for your protection of provision, but put your trust in Him. Isaiah says that "He will keep Him (Israel) in perfect peace, who puts his trust in Him" My advice ? Put your trust in God. Ignore the (United) Nations, and God will put them to shame
mark ,   belgrade and tel avi   (01.16.09)
To all freinds of israel and to jewish people all over the world please go and buy only products made in israel for the next few weeks to help us in a time of danger to israel and jewish people everywhere . thank you
12. We'll live through it ....
Terry   (01.16.09)
Fresh fruit is a particularly vulnerable export. Finding new markets is costly & time consuming but eventually necessary. But I bet there is no boycott of high tech, weapons, pharmaceuticals ... Our internal market is limited but lower prices, if passed on to consumers, would increase local consumption. If boycotts are the price of our security, than we'll have to pay that price - obviously a cheaper price than our extinction.
13. Supporting terrorism
Raoul ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
Those supporting a boycott are supporting terrorism. Plain and simple. And will pay an unimagineable price sooner or later.
14. Sandra and Ariel
Chaim ,   New York   (01.16.09)
1. Farmers aren't killing or persecuting anyone. 2. Contrary to what you may believe, Sandra, Israel is not randomly targeting civilians. As evidenced by how the large majority of Palestinians killed in this war are members of Hamas. 3. Ariel, Israel is an apartheid state like my foot is an apartheid state. About one fifth of Israelis are Arab, and the Israeli Arabs enjoy the same rights as Israeli Jews.
15. i also stop buying israil goods
rashid ,   palistinian   (01.16.09)
i also no use computers no more coz some of it is israil technology believe me so no more computers for me ahmad.....where did you park the donkey, i need to go for a walk
16. Big deal
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.09)
Israel will survive no matter what. England is a joke as are some of these other countries. Anti semitic pro muslims always are in danger from the muslims they protect. Good, they're welcome to them. The sun barely rises on England the land of Queens ancd gays.
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.09)
Brition is now known as the land of fruits and nuts, removing California from that singular nickname.. "The English disease" has given them a slanted view, perhaps because gays and brits love the lubrication. BTW, when was Englands last victory? Hundreds of years ago. Next time England is attacked, they can call Cairo. Slimy limeys.
18. Boycott? Less fruits and nuts to fruits and nuts.
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.09)
who cares about losers who wail against Israels right to defend herself? WE FULLY SUPPORT ISRAEL IN AMERICA.
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.09)
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (01.16.09)
In any case, it's a better quality than what is in the markets here!
21. At least pallies themselves have no problem
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.16.09)
with Israeli goods.
22. #1 See what an Arab in Israel has to say about Gaza
yitzi ,   Jerusalem   (01.16.09)
You have been duped by the Jew haters of the leftest media. 99% of Arabs can't say what they really think. See the following utube from Gaza.
23. never really a boycott
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.16.09)
places actually exist(I've worked in one) where they re-label Israeli produce without hebrew and say that it was grown outside of Israel because Arab nations still want to buy Israeli goods but not have their people know about it, maybe the UK will get in on that now too. Means more jobs for Israelis that need them.
24. Fruit of settlement
marti ,   hamburg/Germany   (01.16.09)
maybe if Israel would mark fruits,who comes from the occupied territories,means illegal settlements on palestinian land with water you keep back from the arab farmers,more scand. fr exmpl have a choice to buy the real israel fruits.fruits of no apartheid.
25. Give the FRUITS to the IDF They DESERVE it
Shlomi   (01.16.09)
26. #9 is that your prayer
observer   (01.16.09)
before eating boycotted Fruits?
27. Boycott of produce
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (01.16.09)
Businesses: cut your losses and donate the produce the Israeli poor and soldiers fighting for our right to exist. At least produce will get eaten and not thrown away.
28. Israel should stage a reverse boycott
Sha-yid ,   Chicago   (01.16.09)
Essentilly put a slow down on all technology that comes out of the state of Israel. Imagine lets say that half the world woke up and their precious ICQ was done.....oops.
29. fruits to US
Alex ,   NYC   (01.16.09)
Please send them here, to the US. We love your fruits !!!!
30. Lets them eat "cake" (sh-t)
Texas ,   US   (01.16.09)
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