New Zealand pubs ban Israelis over Gaza operation
Anat Shalev
Published: 16.01.09, 11:48
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1. A world without memory
PAZ ,   Latin America   (01.16.09)
Don't worry people will forget the operation in Gaza as fast as they forgot 10000 deaths in september 11, other 1000's in Europe, 100's in India, Africa, Asia. ALL OF THEM CAUSED BY ISLAMIC TERRORIST.
2. soon we take new zeatland too
rashid ,   palistinian   (01.16.09)
3. sue the bastard.
fish tel-aviv   (01.16.09)
4. Ban Israelis from pub
Tel Aviv   (01.16.09)
First of all Israelis living abroad should not give business to pubs supporting terrorists of any kind. Second of all if the pub owner was a photojournalist he should know that there are always 2 sides to every story and both sides should be heard. Discrimination is discrimination no matter what you decide to call it
5. #1
john   (01.16.09)
seems like youre trying to make up for peoples' memories. 10,000 dead in sept 11? 1,000s in europe? do you want to take a look at your figures again? not saying that youre not correct in your assertions, i just hate when people feel that exaggerating figures is ok as long as theyre doing it in favour of something they believe in.
6. What Is The Problem With New Zealand
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.16.09)
New Zealand seems to be full of anti-Israel or anti -jewish sentiment.They are thousands of miles away from the middle east,why are the New Zealand people so obsessed with Israel? Most odd.
7. Israelis are welcome here anytime...
Chonny ,   Colorado, US   (01.16.09)
You're always welcome in the United States, the other country hated around the world for no good reason.
8. These area tiny minority and hypocritics
JO   (01.16.09)
Most NZanders are appalled by this. Muslims certainly do have double standards. Where was the screaming when muslim arabs murdered muslim Africans, and I am talking of hundred of thousands of people dead. They did not stand up. So, tell us, who is the hypocrites here.
9. To the NZ Publican.
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (01.16.09)
I hate to dissolusion you BUT it is the Palestinians that are killing their OWN women and children by not allowing them into places of safety, and by using them as HUMAN SHIELDS. Get real. Thanks to the sensible New Zealanders, be wary you will soon have trouble from that quater yourselves just because you are Christians.
10. Dear Kiwis
Backpacker   (01.16.09)
I know that NZ is not like that. Please don't tell me that I'm wrong!!
11. shit
israeli ,   teal aviv   (01.16.09)
this looks like the beginning of something worse. there is a report about boycotting of israeli agricultural produce. we may have shot ourselves in the foot by dragging the war on too long. we're going to be an isolated country soon and we won't be welcome anywhere and our economy is going to get screwed. shit. i'm scared.
12. Let's not criticize New Zealand en masse.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.16.09)
True New Zealanders are quite kind and affable people, only those Muslim immigrants over there hate Israel with such passion and behave like this. I know NZ has a tough immigration policy. How did these Muslims manage to settle there then?
13. From someone who knows New Zealand
Proud Israeli, Jew. ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.16.09)
I am of an Israeli origin but lived in New Zealand over 20 years. Take my word when I say that Anti-Semitism & Anti-Israeli prejudice have been in New Zealand well before the Gaza Operation. New Zealand is heavily dependent on trade with Arab countries and Iran, so why are we surprised? My hope is that it will wake up before radical Islam will take over there too. Not to mention that considering its past treatment of the Maori people, New Zealand is in no position to comment on Israel's attempts to defend itself. Sham on you Kiwis!
14. #11
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
Oh please! Have a little bit of faith in us and in our wonderful country and the wonderful people who live here. If everyone had your attitude, we might just as well as hand over the keys right now and go and live somewhere else.
15. Regarding the maori people
Lou the kiwi ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
new zealand has been paying a huge price for what happened. Maori tribes are being compensated in the millions. But just like the palastinians, the maori need to move forward. whats done is done.. Enjoy what u have now and stop hating. BTW im a proud proud Maori Girl
16. Saw it before
17. no israelis allowed = non jews allowed
Eduardo ,   Mexico   (01.16.09)
definately! its pretty much the same when has anyone seen a "no muslims/arabs/palis allowed" in a jewish owned pub or restaurant when a bomb goes off in a bus, or a rocket falls on a shool, a hospital or a house? it makes you wonder doesn't it?
18. Tell Me Why It Is Fine To Have Jews Only Roads
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.16.09)
in the occupied West Bank and it is not fine to have shops ban Israelis? When faced with the same sort of racist, apartheid behaviour Israelis seem shocked that anyone would treat them unfairly. You must understand that this kind of treatment will become the fate of all traveling Israelis ,and Americans for that matter. You cannot act the way you towards the innocent civilian population of Gaza and occuppied West Bank and not expect to be treated as pariahs in the world community. So you face two choices. It's simple. Either change the way you deal with all of your neighbors in the Middle East or stay at home in your zionist paradise.
19. "Anti-Semitic" behavior ?!
Libyan Guy ,   Ialy   (01.16.09)
Come on, i'm arab and i'm Semitic like a Jew and this has nothing to do with antisemitism, which Jews use as an emergeny exit button when needed. forget it, its too much old fashion these days, maybe if you killing more children tahter showing your ugly faces as poor jewish victoms that suffered (and will always suffer!!!)
20. #11
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.16.09)
If they don't buy our produce it means export quality fruits and vegetables will be available on the local market. That scares you? Good, then leave, it will mean more tomatoes for me.
21. #14
john   (01.16.09)
i think you mean "hand the keys back"?
22. No one ever got away doing this to Russians
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.16.09)
As if Chechnya or Kosovo was a picnic, but no one would dare discriminate against Russians or Europeans.
23. What a load of crap!
Moshe ,   Atlanta   (01.16.09)
So a New Zealand pub is banning Israelis and Turkey is now calling for Israel to be banned from the UN. No one banned any Saudis from anywhere after 911... it just shows how much the world hates Jews and Israel!!! Syria is okay; Iran is okay; Iraq with Sadaam Hussein was okay; but Israel defending herself is not okay! What a load of CRAP!
24. Banned form a pub? That's collective punishment!
Vered, Israel   (01.16.09)
25. No New Zealaners welcome here either!
Israeli's don't visit New Zealand and boycott their products. Let them be with Hamas Islamic Terrorist group!
26. most western countries have laws against discrimination
virginia orrall   (01.16.09)
is new zealand the exception to the rule? if not then their government itself should be fining these businesses for breaking the law even without 1 of us having to complain.
27. whatever
mouse ,   New Zealand   (01.16.09)
Yes of course New Zealand has laws against this kind of discrimination. The article conveniently chose to omit that this was an illegal act on behalf of the owners of the pub, presumably this was to encourage the tirade that has resulted. This has little to do with New Zealand. Personally I feel glad that at least they felt secure in expressing their views and the Israeli's were also able to complain. This is what the mayor said regarding the news: "Generally speaking I am against all wars and I suppose people have got a right to protest. I couldn't really deny that. It would have been upsetting for the women and I feel sympathy for them." It should still be noted that they are in fact disallowing Israeli nationals from entering their pub rather than Jewish people in general, so it may not technically be anti-semetic. It appears to be an unfortunately misguided protest, though it still raises issues that would be legitimate if protested in a more appropriate way. There is some anti-semitism in New Zealand, there probably is also even in Israel, but would you consider offensive acts by individuals a fair representation of your country? Personally I am glad for diversity and freedom of expression, so that people can think about all sides of an issue, in the open where they can be dealt with rather than swept under the carpet to grow out of sight.
28. In no way is this reflective of New Zealanders
John Cully ,   auckland, new zealan   (01.16.09)
Except for a few crazies, and of course the "mainstream" journalists,NZ-ers support the Gaza op, this is clear if you listen to radio talk shows. It's true that the Immigration department has unfortunately allowed many Mohammedans in, and they irritate everyone with their full-towelhead regalia, but this is the same in every country now. Israelis should continue to feel welcome here.
29. Maori
David S ,   USA   (01.16.09)
New Zealand is a European Colonial state built on the back of the Rape and Destruction of Maori Culture and people. New Zealanders should go back to England where they belong and let the Maori have their land back.
30. #18 world citizen
PW ,   Virginia USA   (01.16.09)
Get your facts straight first...There are no Jewish only roads, only Israeli only which any citizen can use...which is also the 20% arabs citizens. As to world citizen status I guess not.... you don't identify yourself so you probably a muslim or a leftist, another word for terrorist sympathizer,...I ask you this "world citizen" what have the Arabs done to build a country, what institutions, roads, industry, etc...look at what Israel has done in 60 short years in industry, agriculture, technology...and ask yourself who serves the Arab populations of the area...the ones that promise death and poverty!
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